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The Simple Hair Care Routine for Men

Whether it be skin, a dessert, an animal, smooth is a characteristic we naturally agree on. It’s in our blood to believe smooth means safe. There is an immense comfort when engaging with smooth textures on the day to day. Luckily, or unluckily, smooth goes great for the body as […]

Best Smelling Men’s Deodorants

Pit Squad: Best Smelling Men’s Deodorants

Deodorant isn’t something we used to give much thought to. When I was growing up, I didn’t even know what it was until the morning my mother presented me with a bottle of Lynx (what you call Axe in America), an overdue gesture that basically said: “Puberty stinks, douse yourself […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide (2019)

Dapper Dads: Father’s Day Gift Guide (2019)

Looking for an unique gift for the dapper dad in your life? Go beyond the argyle socks and themed ties. Dads are notoriously impossible to shop for, so we explored presents for every sort of interest from tech to outdoors, grooming to accessories, you’ll find the perfect gift for Father’s […]

Christian Bale Oscars 2019

Get the Look: Christian Bale Oscars 2019

For the Oscar Awards, celebrity groomer Diana Schmidtke gave Christian Bale an undone style that looks effortless and natural on the Best Actor Nominee. Diana noted, “I’m not into done hair on guys right now — nor is it the trend.” Get the Look Diana created a relaxed look for […]