Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas for Men

Looking for some Halloween or costume party makeup ideas for men? Makeup Artist Samuel Rayy from Pout gave us a step-by-step how-to for guys to achieve a modernized Day of the Dead skull or a haunted spider look. Modern Day of the Dead or Neon Skull Makeup WHAT YOU NEED: […]

Best Smelling Men's Body Wash

The 10 Best-smelling Men’s Body Washes

Our olfactory senses are powerful. Stimulated in just the right way, they can relax, invigorate, attract, repel and even dredge up memories of times long since gone. Seeing as most of us shower daily – 66%, according to YouGov – it would seem a missed opportunity to use just any […]

Man with dapper hairstyle
Grooming, Hair

10 Best Hair Pastes and Pomades for Men

In our recent article on washing out pomade, we briefly touched on some of the finer products available to the discerning gentleman. Truth is, buying hair products can be something of a mind-boggling experience. Unless it’s something your barber or stylist has used on your hair, it’s hard to know […]


Anal Douching 101: How to Do It Properly

When it comes to sex, the majority of gay men don’t have access to proper sex education, nor has there been safe and appropriate anal douching products, both of which can have real consequences. As a result, we’ve all been douching wrong. Let me break it down. Should I Use […]