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How to Style Hair for Men Using the Best Products

From pomades to putties, waxes to gels, there’s no shortage of options for guys when it comes to how to style hair for men.

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In fact, unless you’re a barber or a hairstylist the long list of brands and products, can become quite daunting.

Lucky for you, however, we’ve done our research and put together a guide to show you our favorites from each category and how to get the most out of them.

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel red tube

The Best Hair Gel For Men

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel: When You Need A Strong All-Rounder That’ll Suit Almost Any Hair Type

American Crew’s Firm Hold Styling Gel is a favorite among many men for many reasons. This gel has a military-grade hold without that annoying rigidity that tends to come with gels of this strength. What’s more, it’ll suit any hair type and gives hair a great blast of added texture for a healthier, thicker look.

Squeeze out a small amount and apply to wet or dry hair for a great, textured look with massive hold.


The Best Wax

Paul Mitchell Dry Wax Firm Hold: When You Need Strength And Flexibility.

Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wax Firm Hold is another beast for holding power that somehow avoids creating a stiff, unnatural feel in your hair. When pondering the question of how to style hair for men remember that adaptability is key. And this product lets you readjust your hair throughout the day with no problems. It has a nice neutral smell and provides great natural texture while working well on all hair types.

Don’t go overboard with this one. A small amount is all that’s needed. Apply to your hair for a long-lasting, natural look.

Fat Boy Sea Salt Pomade

The Best Pomade

Fatboy Hair Sea Salt Pomade: When You Need Subtle Yet Strong Hold With Extra Cool Factor

An awesome pomade that specializes in giving you a piecey, post-beach look. It gives you a fantastic amount of volume and texture and it smells great, too. The beachy beauty is perfect for getting a strong hold with subtlety. Just be careful not to get it wet, as this may swiftly destroy your glorious hold.

Scrunch a small amount into dry hair for a textured finish or blow-dry into wet hair for a natural and lightweight matte finish.

American Crew Forming Cream

The Best Cream

American Crew Forming Cream: When You Want To Give Hair a Thickness Boost

This cream is one of the most popular out there and with good reason. It’s great for giving you a natural shine with a pleasant light hold. It’s great at adding fullness and thickness - perfect for those of us who are beginning to lack in the hair department. It’s a no-brainer for how to style hair for men as it never gets annoyingly stiff, just stays bouncy and light throughout the day.

To apply this cream simply take a small amount and work it evenly through damp or dry hair.


The Best Paste

Sachajuan Fibre Paste: When Your Coarse Hair Needs Strong Hold

This one is for guys with coarse or thick hair. The fibrous paste is great for taming those stubborn clumps of thick hair and giving it shape. It smells brilliant and has huge holding power while adding a subtle shine. The paste also adds a great texture and remains flexible so it can be easily reshaped throughout the day.

Grab a moderate amount and work into your hair while dry or wet.

Green Bottle of Sachajuan Ocean Mist

The Best Sea Salt Spray

Sachajuan Ocean Mist: For When You Want A Sea-Spray Look Without The Sea

Want that salty sea sprayed look without ever having to step foot in the sea? This multi-award-winning spray is your friend. It’s a crisp and light offering makes how to style hair for men so easy it’s almost a kind of magic. It gives you a messy do that oozes personality and cool.

Simply spray on dry or wet hair to lock the desired style.

Baxter of California Clay Pomade | Firm Hold

The Best Clay

Baxter of California Clay Pomade: When You Want Natural, Flexible Hold

This clay is great for when you want a reliable firm hold but also want the freedom to reshape throughout your day. This clay does both, and all that without leaving a shiny or greasy finish, instead it looks natural and smooth. One thing that sets this one apart is its ingredients. It’s packed full of good stuff like bentonite and beeswax, lemon peel, fennel, and safe oils - all great things for your hair.

Rub together a fingernail’s worth of the clay in your palms then apply evenly throughout damp or dry hair with your fingertips.

R+Co outer space hairspray

The Best Hairspray

R+Co OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray: When You Want A Hairspray Without The Usual Hairspray Stiffness

This baby does the miracle of keeping hair in place without ever leaving it crunchy or stiff - not easy for a hairspray. It smells amazing and is perfect for all hair types. R+Co call this one a working spray because it’s what stylists use on set to constantly change looks of their clients throughout the day, and we can certainly vouch for it.

Shake well before use, style your hair to the desired shape and then spray on to hold. There’s very little buildup so you can respray and reshape as the day goes on.

And that, my fine friend, is how to style hair for men.

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