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What Is The Best Face Wash For Men?

Do you know the best way to keep your face clean and healthy? 

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Choosing the best face wash for men isn't always easy, because no two faces are alike. You want to choose a wash that's made especially for the type of skin you have, whether it's oily, dry, acne-prone, or something else.

Don't worry if you're unsure where to start, because I've rounded up my five favorites. Each is specifically formulated to treat different conditions, so you're sure to find one that will leave your face feeling clean, clear, and fresh.

acne wash

Let's take a closer look at face washes you'll want to know more about.

6 Best Face Washes for Men

You'll find no shortage of face wash for men available. Here are the top five that I love because they're effective, widely available, affordable, and otherwise all-around good picks. 

Best Face Wash For Acne: Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Daily Acne Face Wash

Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Daily Acne Face Wash

According to Princeton University Health Services, approximately 85% of individuals between the ages of 12-25 will experience some form of acne. The skin's pores become clogged, which causes excess oil to combine with dead skin, causing a white plug to appear on the face. 

This unattractive blemish causes a man of any stature to become self-conscious of their face. Neutrogena has a specific product for men to reduce acne's effects and keep your face feeling and looking great. 

Acne is the combination of oil build up along with bacteria on the surface of the skin. This is one of the contenders for the best face wash for men because it targets the oil, explicitly leading to a reduction in pimple accumulation. Eliminating the oil on your face allows for healthier and brighter skin that you are proud to show off each day.

Time is always a factor when we do anything in our busy lives. This product is fast and convenient, which allows you to focus on anything other than your acne. Gently apply the wash to your face, then thoroughly rinse with cold water. Allow your face to dry, and you are off to accomplish your goals for the day. 

Best Face Wash For Oily Skin: The Classic Maintenance Collection for men by Lumin

The Classic Maintenance Collection for men by Lumin

According to MedlinePlus, genetics are the main factor in determining your skin's level of oiliness. This variable means we cannot fully control the amount of oil secreted on our faces. They recommend that regular face cleaning is the best practice when combating this daily issue.

If you are someone who continually suffers from oily skin, this is a product you should consider. This collection is excellent for guys who are active, work out, or frequently find themselves sweating. Our faces can get a build-up of bacteria quickly when working hard, and Lumin understands this. Exfoliate, clean, and moisturize your face so you can get back to work.

This once-a-day collection will last you around two months, which is great knowing you won't have to purchase face-washing products frequently. This collection does require a little extra effort, however, as it is three separate applications. If you don't mind rinsing and repeating a couple of times, this is a top face wash for men that will work great for you.

Best Natural Face Wash: Purifying Charcoal Face Wash for Men by Brickell

Purifying Charcoal Face Wash for Men by Brickell

Be conscious of the ingredients found in the products you use to find the best face wash for men. Some products may be using forms of plastic in their exfoliating ingredients, which means this toxin is going down your drain. Using a face wash that is natural means using only certified organic materials as the ingredients which are not harmful to you or the environment. 

If you put a high priority on your face wash ingredients, then Brickell has what you need. This face wash provides all the benefits without compromising the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

This wash includes activated charcoal to unclog your pores gently. It also contains several extracts and vitamins that your skin can absorb, leaving you feeling fresh. Other certified organic ingredients include olive oil, jojoba oil, and aloe vera, which work together to wash your face naturally.

Best Drugstore Face Wash: Nivea Men Moisturizing Face Wash

NIVEA Moisturizing Face Wash

Maybe you are in a pinch for a face wash or forgot to bring your own on a trip. Regardless of your situation, the local drugstore will have some options to choose from. The face wash by Nivea Men will satisfy your needs when you find yourself in demand for a face cleansing. You may even want to start using it as your regular face wash after reading many positive reviews about it.  

We are not always prepared for our face-washing needs, but that doesn't mean you have to skimp on quality just because you are buying from your local drugstore. This product can be found very easily in many different store chains, and it stands up to the test as reliable and on the shortlist for the best face wash for men.

Using this moisturizer once a day will leave your skin feeling hydrated and relaxed. It also contains aloe vera and vitamin B5, which protects your skin from dryness throughout the day. Don't be ashamed walking down the skincare aisles of your local drug store because this exceptionally well-formulated face wash is waiting on the shelf for you.

Best Gentle Face Wash For Sensitive Skin: Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash

Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash

Nivea may have an excellent drugstore product, but they also make a great face wash for those who seem to have that easily-irritated sensitive skin. This condition can also be referred to as contact dermatitis, a skin reaction that can occur when certain substances come into contact with your skin. 

This product has been dermatologically tested and is known to soften beard hair to promote more comfortable shaving. If you frequently struggle with skin irritation with face cleansing or shaving, this is a product to consider.

This face wash does not contain soap, dye, or drying alcohol that could trigger a skin reaction. Instead, it contains Vitamin E, chamomile, and witch hazel extracts that formulate a gentle and effective wash for your face. Us guys may put on a tough exterior, but even we have sensitive skin sometimes, and NIVEA sensitive face wash will take care of it. 

Best Face Wash For Blackheads: Viking Revolution Facial Scrub 

Viking Revolution Facial Scrub

This is the face wash for you if deep cleansing is needed for blackhead removal. Blackheads are similar to whiteheads, except the blockage is not beneath the skin but exposed to air, which creates a blackened appearance. These very noticeable blemishes are often deep and difficult to manage, but this facial scrub will do all the heavy lifting for you.

This face wash covers all the bases while targeting those nasty blackheads. It doesn't matter what your skin type is because Viking Revolution has considered it all to maximize your face's benefits. You will look clean, feel refreshed, and be ready to attack the day with Viking ambition after cleansing your face with this wash.

Viking revolution lives up to its rugged name, and if you aren't 100% satisfied, they provide you with a full refund as they stand by their work. Grab a bottle of this face wash today to see and feel the difference.  

Common Facial Skin Issues

Having acne, oily skin, or dry skin can be the result of several things. Frequent weather changes, indoor/outdoor air quality, or maybe it is just how your genetics behave. These reasons all have one thing in common, which is causing you discomfort.

Everyone has skin that reacts differently to the environment or products that we apply to it. Determining what your main skin issue is will assist you in finding the best face wash for men that works a miracle on you. The way your skin feels may be physically or mentally painful for you, but applying the proper face wash could make all the difference.

moisturizing face wash

Ingredients in Face Wash

There are several ingredients to look for and stay away from when searching for your next face wash. Those with oily or acne-prone skin should look for face washes containing benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient directly combats the bacteria that cause acne and dry skin. Vitamin B5 is found in many face washes, and for a good reason. This vitamin promotes softness for your skin, and its anti-inflammatory properties aids in skin healing as well. 

One thing mostly everyone agrees on avoiding is alcohol-based cleaning products. Alcohol does a great job of eliminating germs, but it can cause dryness and skin irritation. Some dermatologists recommend avoiding face washes that are oil-based and have added fragrance. Fewer ingredients are sometimes a good thing, especially for those with sensitive skin.

scrub face wash

Final Thoughts

All of these products listed above will help you clean your face, but there may be a specific need you have where one may be better suited for you than another. While all of the best face washes for men above have a lot to like, Viking Revolution is my first pick. It can handle the most difficult breakouts but also provides gentle cleaning for any skin type. Determine what your skin needs are, and pick one of these top-rated face washes. 

Don't let a breakout or large blackhead bring down your confidence the next time you walk out the front door. A freshly cleansed face is a great way to start your day and get you feeling refreshed and comfortable as you accomplish your goals.  

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The Best Face Wash For Men

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