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Extra Manscaping: Should Men Shave Their Legs?

Men's hair is a hotly debated issue. When it comes to our heads, how long or short should it be? Is coloring an option?

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How frequent should someone visit the barbershop or salon, and a suite of other perspectives and opinions come into play. 

When it comes to facial hair, there are more definitive opinions about whether we should have any. In an age where grooming and styling are more nuanced and opinions are very particular, it's hard to please everyone.

should men shave their legs

When you take the time and energy to clean and groom, do you do anything with your legs? Here's a bigger question: Should men shave their legs?

Why are we quick to take a razor or trimmer to the face, our heads, chest, back, and our privates, but not our legs? What's the harm in taking our tools and shaving cream and making our calves and thighs as smooth as we do our faces and chests? 

Swimmers, bodybuilders and triathletes shave to help their performance, so why is it frowned upon or seen as effeminate? Some women will say it's a hard no, while there are women (and men) who are more open to the idea. Just like many things in this world the answer to whether men should shave their legs is a matter of personal opinion.

should men shave their legs3

Why Should a Man Shave His Legs?

Should men shave their legs? It depends on who you ask and why you need to. Depending on whom you ask, it may be frowned upon if you're not a swimmer or a bodybuilder to take a razor to your legs. Know that it's okay to trim or shave your leg hair. It's your skincare routine, so do what you will with it. Plus, there are women out there who will love it!

If you're getting a leg tattoo, then do yourself (and the tattoo artist) a favor and get rid of all the hair on your canvas. If you don't walk into a tattoo parlor with a clean-shaven area, they're going to do it for you. Save some time and take a razor to the leg you're getting inked.

If you want to have silky smooth legs for the thrill of it, live your best life! It's going to grow in like facial hair and be coarse and itchy for a few days. Lotion, aloe vera, and exfoliants exist to help reduce the itch.

It's on you to make the personal choice to continue shaving and keeping the legs clean or endure the days of cruel stubble and let the hair run wild from there. Only you know what you like and what you don't. Whether your legs are like the Wolfman or the runway model, own that look.

should men shave their legs4

How to Shave Your Legs

Now that you've opted to clean up the calves and thighs, you may be wondering if what you have for your face is good enough for your legs. The shaving cream or butter may be right, but you may want to upgrade that razor. If you have a trimmer, you're in good shape as you can elect to throw a guard on the blade and go for a shorter leg mane. If you don't have a trimmer, double-check how many blades your razor has.

If your razor has below four blades, that's far too few. The skin on your legs is thicker than your face or arms, so you'll want a four- or five-bladed razor to maximize the hair removal. But, before you do anything, take a shower. Open and clean the pores, exfoliate, ensure maximum cleanliness as you would your face.

As you prepare to remove the hair, know that you'll want to go from the top of the leg downward instead of going from the foot upward. Going with the grain/with the hair's direction allows for getting the hair at the follicle and a stronger pull from the pore.

There is one alternative you can take. It's effeminate yet effective, painful yet longer-lasting, and expensive, yet worth every penny. Treat yourself to a spa day and get a professional to wax that mane off. It won't be like the 40-Year-Old Virgin (or maybe, depending on how hairy you are), but after you walk out of the treatment center, your legs will be smoother than movie theater popcorn butter.

should men shave their legs1

Best Hair Removal for Men

Once you commit to shaving your legs, it's time to do some research on what to use. If you decide to get a professional wax, thumb's up, and hat's off to you, sir. If you want to opt for the in-house treatment while you manscape the rest of your body, invest in the right products. Your body is your temple, your canvas, your investment, so gather the right tools and invest in yourself.

Some of the products on the market include:

A few more products and brands on the market are for trimming and grooming body hair. If you want an entirely hairless leg, consider using any of these products:

There's also the at-home waxing kit or depilatory cream, but it's probably best to leave that treatment to the professionals. Only you will know what's best for your skin, but hopefully, any combo of those products above will get the job done for you and satisfy your manscaping needs!

What Do Women Think of Shaved Legs?

The answer to the question above will yield an answer if directly asked. According to opinions from these 20 women, their consensus opinion is that it's generally frowned upon. Conversely, there are opinions illustrating the opposite. A survey from 2016 showed that 22% of women would love men with completely shaven legs and over 28% would appreciate trimming at the least.

should men shave their legs2

A Women's Health Magazine survey shows that 56% of women say it's alright to shave your legs if it's for sports or you have good-looking legs. If you're already grooming your legs as part of your hair maintenance routine, then continue to shave your legs. There's an audience who will appreciate your progressive manscaping routine and will want to see what the bare legs look like. 

Conversely, there's opinions that men should maintain the caveman/hairy leg look. Whether it's seen as too effeminate, If you haven't shaved your legs and are considering doing so, what you hear in response is simply a roll of the dice. Whether it's a lucky 7 or a snake eye, there's only one way to find out.

Final Thoughts: Should Men Shave Their Legs?

60 or 70 years ago, whether men should shave their legs or not wouldn't even be up for discussion. The hairier, the manlier. Today is a different time, and what was once "unacceptable" from a grooming standpoint is worked into our hygienic routines. We're not all athletes, drag queens, or runway models who see shaving our legs as necessary. 

Many of us are just regular curious guys looking for a way to optimize our grooming habits. If we happen to go down the road of trimming our leg hair, we do it because we want to see how it looks and feels. Should we happen to shave it all off, more power to us?

There's no right or wrong way to answer the question of "should men shave their legs?" It comes down to, "can you handle the itchiness of the hair growing back in?" Are you about that life? Some of us are, and many of us are not. It's your world, sir, and everyone else is along for the ride!

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