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Male Waxing: How To Get a Nice and Tidy Brazilian

Whether you want to call it grooming or manscaping, the practice of trimming and controlling one’s hairs has extended from the face to the chest area and now encompasses male waxing.

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Call it a bikini wax or a full Brazilian, male waxing has seen its popularity soar over the past couple of years. Behind it is the practicality of having to shave less - and feeling coarse and prickly hair as it grows back - and cleaning yourself up down there.


If you’re inexperienced, though, an at-home waxing kit is one of the worst places to start. You’re not used to the pain - it’s a factor many guys perceive as intense ahead of time and find it’s not as worse as it could be - to the waxes and application methods used.

Rather than taking off a section of your skin (yes, this is a possibility), get yourself to a professional for your first few treatments to understand what’s done, how it feels, and how to maintain your recent male waxing job. 

What is a Male Bikini Wax?

Not to be confused with hair wax for men, a bikini wax isn’t drastically different from what women undergo when they request this treatment at the salon. 

Male Waxing_-_Sally_s_Bikini_Wax

Male swimmers and body builders have been selecting this hair maintenance option for years to increase their speed or comfort ahead of a competition, but as grooming now encompasses more than a quality trimmer and beard oil, more and more guys have sought out male bikini waxes. 

What Does a Male Brazilian Wax Include?

It’s up to you to determine how much hair you want taken off - and where - and we’ll get to that shortly.

In general, a waxing technician will use a combination of hard and soft waxes, depending upon the area, to remove all hair from the scrotum, perineum, and anal region and, if requested, the landing strip above.

Unlike with a razor, where you’ll feel the five o’clock shadow and all its prickliness after a couple of days, the result can last four to six weeks, depending upon how your hair typically grows in. 

male waxing

If you’re going in for a male Brazilian wax:

  • You have to do some preparation: Not showering for a few days or applying lotion ahead of time makes the procedure more complicated and likely won’t deliver the results you’re looking for. Instead, shower ahead of time, make sure you have at least a quarter-inch of hair down there, and forego the lotion before and for a few days after. As another tip, avoid shaving this region for at least two weeks before the treatment. 
  • Realize it will take some time: Despite the popularity of lunchtime Botox procedures, male waxing doesn’t fall within this scope. Prepare to carve out a whole day, have loose clothing available for afterward, and take a few hours to get use to the potential irritation and new sensation following. In this line, don’t have any exercise scheduled after, as sweat and chafing can irritate the region further.
  • Prepare to feel vulnerable: It’s a sensation many men describe after their first waxing procedure. You’ll sit in stirrups, and the technician will essentially handle your junk to apply and then remove the wax and strips. 
male waxing 2

During your first appointment:

  • You’ll be asked to remove your undergarments. This way, nothing gets in the technician’s way when they’re applying wax to your nether region. However, you may be given the option to wear a disposable thong.
  • To make sure the area is fully clean, the technician will cleanse the area. This step helps with preventing ingrown hairs after the procedure.
  • If your hair appears out of control, the technician may trim it down first. At this stage, you’ll be asked about which areas you would like waxed and where you would like to leave hair. 
Clean + Easy Sensitive Microwave Wax, Soft Wax for Facial and Full Body Waxing
  • The technician will use two types of waxes during the procedure. Soft wax has a sticky, more pliable consistency and will require a strip to remove the hair. Softer waxes tend to be used for less-sensitive areas or spots with finer hairs, while a hard wax is used for more sensitive spots. With hard wax, the technician will apply it to the hair and wait for it to harden before pulling it off. Strips won’t be used for hard waxes. To reduce damage to the skin and lessen the pain, the technician may also apply a pre-waxing oil, which prevents the wax from sticking directly to the skin. 
  • You will feel some pain - although it likely won’t be to the intensity you had in your head. This sensation can feel more extreme if you have more sensitive skin.
  • Once all waxes and strips are removed, the technician will show you the work. If the job is to your liking, they’ll trim away any stray hairs. 
male waxing 3

Following your first appointment, realize that all of your pores will be fully opened.

To prevent ingrown hairs or clogged pores, both of which can exacerbate irritation down there, you’ll be recommended to avoid exercising and any physical activity involving a significant amount of sweating for at least 24 hours after. 

Also, male waxing serves as an exfoliant. If you tend to use physical or chemical exfoliants here, stay away from them for at least a week after your appointment.


As another tip, you’ll be getting used to the sensation and also want to eliminate chafing and irritation. For the next few days, consider wearing looser-fitting undergarments and pants. 

After the getting-used-to period, you’ll find that the waxed area seems frictionless and smooth. The hair that grows in won’t feel as prickly as it does when you shave, but to continue controlling sweat, you may want to use baby powder or a similar anti-chafing product. 

Men’s Waxing Prices

While prices for male waxing vary upon where you are in the U.S., they typically range from $65 to $85. As we mentioned earlier, due to the risks listed, it’s a good idea to have a professional do the waxing, rather than attempt it at home with a kit. While cheaper, you risk experiencing irritation, ingrown hairs, and skin damage. 


Benefits of Brazilian Male Waxing

Post-waxing you may find:

  • That the area looks more aesthetically pleasing, and you may even appear bigger down there. 
  • Along with exfoliation, waxing stimulates the collagen production process, which helps your skin regenerate and reduce wrinkles and age spots. 
  • You have fewer ingrown hairs, which lessen irritation and infection. Shaving, by contrast, cuts the hair straight across the top and creates microtears along your skin. Both factors lead to irritated, uncomfortable, and unsightly red bumps. 
Male Waxing_-_Manscaped

Male Pubic Hairstyles

For male waxing, men choose between two types of pubic hairstyles. One involves removing all of the hair from the bikini area down but leaving more natural yet trimmed growth above. The second option involves removing all hair - even the landing strip - for a completely smooth appearance. 

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