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Questioning Chest Hair: To Groom or Not To Groom

We all know fads and trends change like the wind, and those who are swept up in them are often found sporting the trendiest fashions and looks. Sometimes that is an accessory, a hairstyle, or a clothing style, but here, we’re going to deep-dive the ultimate trend—chest hair.

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Some believe there is a connection between chest hair, testosterone, and fertility that makes a furry collar attractive to partners. Biology aside, the exposure of chest hair in many cultures and the western world has fluctuated since the beginning of time.

So, what should we know about chest hair and its many sides, lengths, and styles? Walking you through every step in an ever-expanding, and changing, world of follicle freedom.  

Chest Hair Growth and Age

Puberty determines the growth of hair on the body, particularly in glandular areas such as pits, pubes, and various patchy places on the body.

Think of every inch of your body as a linen cloth where needles of every size and shape spring forth, uprooting little hairs of masculine charm.

Usually, puberty hits in the teen years, but more and more often, puberty has come earlier and earlier, resulting in pit hair, stubble, and wispy curls on your back as early as 10! Depending on your diet and genetics, you could be rocking an amazing tuft of hair between your pecs in your freshman year of high school.

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Are There Any Benefits of Chest Hair?

According to biologists, and deodorant developers around the world, hair in the more private regions of your body reduces unwanted smells. The hair itself acts as a sanitizing cloth. However, that doesn’t apply directly to your chest.

After all, keeping it clean, trimmed, and visible is the goal of those who prefer to show off their proud curls and waves. So, are there any biological benefits to chest hair?

Well, according to a study published in Evolutionary Psychological Science, the visual prescience of body hair is salient information that reflects a potential mate’s reproductive potential and is therefore attractive or desired by women.

Is Chest Hair Attractive?

Another study, published in 2016 by Archives of Sexual Behavior, determined that facial and body hair are some of the most visually affirming sexual traits men possess. This doesn't mean that just because you have hair, women will throw themselves at you.

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Depending on the woman’s own fertility and her cycle, she might be attracted to chest hair one day and a few days later be completely repulsed by it. This study found that having chest hair, in particular around the pecs, sternum, and areolae, was more attractive than a clean shave.

The Best Ways To Remove Chest Hair

Like back hair removal or any hair removal, there are various ways to remove unwanted hair.

Overall, there are two main options for chest hair removal. You could grab a razor or a kit and do it yourself, or you could pay for a professional who uses radiation and lasers to remove pesky hair. 

Neither is proven better or worse than the other, but we do have some opinions about when and how you should use these services.  

At Home

Of course, the first option is to go to the nearest store, buy a razor or a set of clippers, and smooth yourself out at your own pace. Like your face, you go against the grain but be prepared for itchy and scratchy irritation your first time.

You can do the same with waxing kits available wherever razors and self-care items are sold. There are also online box options for razors or waxing kits, and they all range in price for every budget.

These are the simplest forms of hair removal and are most personal - you determine speed, look, and tools used. This gives the control freak in all of us a high. However, be careful if this is your first time. You might want to watch some YouTube tutorials or check out an article like this


This is the most impersonal way to do it, but it is very quick, convenient, and thorough. If you're looking for quick removal and long-lasting smoothness, this is our recommendation. You can set up appointments with your local dermatologist or spa treatment, and they will take care of the rest.

Chest Hair Removal

You don’t have to know too much except any styles or lengths that you prefer. If this isn’t easy enough, you can also choose to remove hair from other areas such as your back, neck, ears, nose, and pubic region. This gives endless options for customization and a nice clean feeling.

Style vs Upkeep

We do want to make it clear here that styling your chest hair with a product is not the same thing as upkeep. You may not have thought about this, but we have got your back on this.

Upkeep means trimming, cleaning, and maintaining a standard for your body hair. Chest, chin, or any other region, maintaining upkeep is vital. This should be your priority when it comes to growing and showing off your curls. 

Secondly, and more exciting, is the style. Whether you're adding products for curls, coloring for a younger and more vibrant hue, or you're just being natural, it is always a good idea to find your style. Trends and fads are fun but ultimately, what is most attractive is to be yourself.

Final Thoughts

Biologically, chest hair has always been attractive. It is a symbol of masculinity, virility, and mating potential. However, in this new millennium, chest hair can also symbolize so much more.

It can symbolize confidence, protest, education, personal preference, and it can ultimately define a person’s view of their attractiveness. There is a lot to be said for confidence, but even more can be said about a well-kept, well-groomed, and well-researched tuft of chest hair. 

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