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Everyday Makeup for Men with Makeup Artist Kasey Spickard

Everyday Makeup for Men with Makeup Artist Kasey Spickard

When I read how L’Oreal is predicting there will be dedicated men’s make-up counters within 5 years, I was intrigued. Clearly they’re seeing rising demand. It’s not like beauty giants make these decisions on a whim. And as the guy that always broke out right in time for my class pic, I can see the appeal of having tools to cover up problem areas. Whether it’s for a job interview, wedding, photos or just everyday confidence, there’s a lot to be said for being able to create a good complexion when you need it.

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I reached out to Kasey Spickard of Face by Kase, a New York City based makeup artist to find out how everyday guys are using cosmetics to make themselves look better. Here are his tips:

How-to Makeup Guide for Men

Makeup products for men should help to even out skintone, create dimension in the face, and hide flaws without looking like you’re wearing makeup. After washing and moisturizing your face you’re ready to apply makeup. This should only take 5-10 minutes maximum.

Everyday Makeup for Men with Kasey Spickard


Why to use it? Use concealer to hide blemishes or skin flaws as well as cover under eye circles.

ProductGivenchy Mister Light.  This product is great because the applicator brush is built in and the product last forever. You don’t need that much, a little goes a long way. It’s great at covering blemishes too.

How to use it? You should select a shade that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply under the eyes and up toward temple in very tiny dots. Then blend out with your ring finger with a gentle tapping motion. To cover blemishes, just tap a tiny amount over the blemish and blend out with your ring finger.

Everyday Makeup for Men with Kasey Spickard

Translucent Powder

Why to use it? Prevent greasiness and oiliness on the face and create a smooth skin texture by minimizing pores and lines.

Product:Makeup Forever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder.

How to use it? With a large powder brush*, tap 2-3 times into the powder and lightly dust the product over the entire face.

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Everyday Makeup for Men with Kasey Spickard


Why to use it? Create a healthy looking tan and glow as well as create dimension in the face.

Product: Hoola Matte Bronzer*. This product comes with an application brush which is fantastic!

How to use it? Tap and swirl the brush into the bronzer, then tap the brush on the edge to get rid of excess. Apply the bronzer where the sun naturally tan the face apply on the temples into the hairline, cheekbones, and top of the nose.

Everyday Makeup for Men with Kasey Spickard

Clear Mascara or Brow Gel

Why use it? Hold unruly brow & beard hairs in place, if you’re feeling really tired or hungover, apply lightly to lashes to open up the eye.

Product: Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara*. This product is great because it is inexpensive, you can get it at any drugstore, and lasts a long time.

How to use it? Dip the applicator into the product, and run through the top of the tube a few times to remove any excess.

  • Brows: Brush through the brows following the natural hair pattern (up and out) to define and tame brows.
  • Beard: You can run the clear mascara lightly through your beard to tame any unruly beard hairs.
  • Lashes: Start at the base of the lash and with a light back-and-forth motion work toward the end of the lash.

Favorite Skincare Products  

You really can’t do makeup without great skincare so first step is to improve your skin.

Shiseido Men's Hydro Master Gel

Shiseido Men’s Hydro Master Gel: It evens out skin texture and hydrates without feeling greasy. The scent is fresh and is extremely lightweight.

Everyday Makeup for Men with Kasey Spickard

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Skin Actives Scientific 100% Argan Oil: This product is inexpensive but so powerful. I use this as a second moisturizer, it’s a magic potion. It hydrates the skin incredibly well due to high concentrations of Vitamin E but also acts as an anti-inflammatory so helps reduce redness and calm acne.

Everyday Makeup for Men with Kasey Spickard

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD: This is expensive but so worth it. It dries up any pimples you may have and sucks out any excess oil and leaves your skin smooth and even. It is a game changer.

Everyday Makeup for Men with Kasey Spickard

Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen: everyone needs to apply sunscreen to prevent sun spots and sun damage, this is lightweight, doesn’t burn the eyes and isn’t greasy

Everyday Makeup for Men with Kasey Spickard

Kasey Spickard is a certified, professional makeup artist living & working in New York City. After working in the technology industry at Google and Pinterest for nearly a decade, Kasey decided to leave the corporate world to pursue his passion of makeup artistry. He has experience working with large global beauty brands like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder as well as on-air television and film personalities including Deepica Mutyala, Nitika Chopra, and Julianne Michelle.

Kasey’s passion for makeup artistry started early as a hobby exploring drag makeup and doing makeup for friends for birthdays and bachelorette parties. However, as he was working with beauty brands in the advertising world, his desire to pursue makeup artistry grew. He honed his craft at Makeup Designory in New York City and is now freelancing around the greater New York City area.

Visit him at FacebyKase.comFollow him on Instagram | Facebook