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Escape Wispy Peach Fuzz: Know How To Style A Thin Beard

Especially if you’re intent on growing thick, full facial hair, seeing a thin beard – patchy, with areas of wispy peach fuzz – come in is more than a disappointment.

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But, as you can see from several celebrities out there, thin beards aren’t something that always needs to be covered up or shaved off. Instead, you can either attempt to grow yours fuller or effectively style what you have. Here’s what you should know.


What’s a Thin Beard?

Thin beards are often synonymous with “patchy” or uneven growth. You can sprout what appears to be a beard, but the hair is thin or lighter in color in certain areas. The result means that your beard, at least after growing it out for a few weeks, never seems full. It appears youthful to some degree, like a teen attempting to rock facial hair, or uneven, with noticeable parts missing.

To manage a thin beard, you have a few options:


How to Make Thin Beards Look Thicker

Grow It Out

Hair growth for all men changes and shifts over time. Yet, even at the same age, some guys can generate a thick, substantial beard with relative ease, while for others, it simply takes time. The longer you have your hair grow out, the thicker your beard may appear, with the patchy areas eventually getting filled in. 

As you grow out your thin beard, realize that the hairs may take on a dry appearance, as the sebum naturally secreted by the glands on your face can’t travel the full length. To avoid getting split ends, regularly coat the hair in a beard oil, which further works to prevent moisture and protein loss. 


Trim It

Here, we don’t mean shave it off. If you’re wondering about how to trim thin beards, you can work with the growth you have. Specifically, if the patchy areas occur closer to the jawline, you may want to trim and even these spots out, adding more defined angles in the process. 

What you don’t want to do is comb over the patchy or thin spots, expecting areas with thicker hair to simply camouflage them. 

Then, get into a grooming routine involving a shave gel or oil that hydrates the hairs and makes the beard seem more put together. 


Address Underlying Issues

A few factors within your control can affect beard growth, contributing to a patchy or uneven appearance. You may want to:

  • Assess your hormone levels: Lower testosterone can impact how quickly and thick your beard grows. Especially if you’re also experiencing lower libido, it may be time to discuss your testosterone levels with your doctor. 
  • Examining your lifestyle habits: If you consistently eat a less-than-optimal diet and live on six or fewer hours of sleep per night, your beard growth may suffer. As such, you may want to increase the amount of protein in your diet, in addition to Vitamin D and zinc, reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, and get in at least seven hours of sleep per night.
  • Start exercising more: Exercise can affect your beard growth, and if you have a particularly sedentary lifestyle, it can show. As such, you may want to start doing some resistance training and cardio a few times per week.

Learn How to Style Your Thin Beard

We’re not encouraging you to essentially do a combover. Rather, we’re suggesting products that help you shape your beard, particularly when the hairs are wispy or lighter in color and thus create a thinner, unintentionally patchy appearance.

To get started, consider a product with some hold, be it a beard balm with waxes that allow you to shape the hair or a pomade to give your facial hair more structure. 

Then, if the hair itself is evenly distributed but still lighter in parts, consider using a dye. Especially if your hair color runs dark brown but your beard sports patches of blonde, evening the color from the mustache down to your chin can create a fuller, more consistent appearance. In a pinch, an eyebrow dyeing kit can offer some assistance, if you can’t find something specific for your beard. 

As a tip, dyes can dry out beard hair when used frequently. So, apply them sparingly, or get in a routine to moisturize your beard. 


A Few Last-Ditch Efforts

If you’re still having trouble embracing your thin beard, you can beef it up by adding some body – literally:

  • Beard fillers use small pieces of keratin that can be sprayed or rubbed into the hairs and on the skin to give it more volume. As a note, these aren’t like the colored hairsprays designed to fill in bald spots and thinning hair back in the ‘90s and, instead, add some texture in the process. Note, this fix is temporary and will require regular application but is a more natural solution than a chemical-based dye.
  • Transplants have been an option for the scalp for a number of decades. Also available for thin beards, they can permanently change the appearance of your facial but come at a price (usually starting around $9,000) and require an area of skin from your body to be implanted onto your face. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly, and you need to evaluate all risks and possible outcomes. 
Thin beards

Thin Beard Styles

If you’re learning to accept your thin beard and want to get started with styling, think about the following:

Long Thin Beards

This isn’t growing your beard out, a la ZZ Top, but rather styling it for a longer effect. Also known as a box beard, you want to consider the line your mustache and beard make and shave your facial hair in a way to play up this connection. In the process, you end up shaving or shaping those patchy areas. 


Pencil Thin Beards

Going too far with this style can result in some early 2000s vibes – also known as the chinstrap. While you don’t want to get too thin, you want to shape your beard so that it travels in an even line along your jaw and through your chin – a look better known as the anchor beard for its more triangular configuration. 

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