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Neck Beard Line 101 - How to Locate, Trim & Shape The Right Way

Are you having trouble finding the right look in your professional life? Let us help you!

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Neck Beard Line Getting You Down?

There you are, using the beard balms, the combs, the oils. Or maybe you're just rocking ‘n rolling in the mornings with your beard already glowing. Your reflection looks magnificent, and you feel sexy. 

There's just one small problem. Your manager mentions you’ve been looking scruffy. You examine it closely, and sure enough.

Under your beard is an unkempt shadow of hair on your neck. Where does your beard end?

Locating Your Neck Beard Line

As a general rule of thumb, look straight at yourself in a mirror. Any neck hair visible at that angle should probably go.

man trimming beard line

Using this front-facing reflection as a guide is also true of longer beards- if there are parts of the neck it doesn't cover, you should trim those areas for the cleanest look.

On average, the neck beard line stretches from the bottom of one ear lobe to the other, passing just above the Adam’s apple under the chin. 

The Right Way To Trim Your Beard Line

 Follow these tips to care for your beard-line in the best way.

1. Start with a clean beard

Treat your beard just as you would if you were shaving the hair on your head. Beard and all other body hair is best trimmed when clean.

Cleaning first removes oil, debris, and other things that could clog your clippers and irritate your skin.

Recently cleaned hair is best, as heat also softens each individual hair. That softness reduces the prickly sensation often experienced after a shave. 

2. Clean your beard appropriately

Use moisturizing agents that promote beard growth when washing your beard, such as Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo.

man applying moisturizer on face

Agents like these help smooth the shaving process while encouraging your nose tickler to grow to its full potential. Regular cleaning keeps your beard looking professional and purposeful. 

3. Confirm where you want to trim and how

Even if you’re not going for a complete shave of the neck hair covered by the beard, you can still trim it shorter than your facial hair.

In addition, you can design your line to compliment your haircut. If you have an irregular or asymmetrical hairline, you could have a beard neck line to match.

Trimming Tools

Depending on the goal length for your neck beard line, you will need either an electric trimmer or a classic razor.

Use a razor for the areas you are completely shaving off, such as the area on the neck directly beneath the ear. An electric trimmer is best when the goal is to leave some length on the neck hair.

Electric Trimmers

Cordless trimmers will make your life much easier. They allow for a much greater range of motion when trimming your hair, beard, and neck hair.

man using cordless trimmer

For serious horsepower, consider this professional-grade trimmer-- Wahl Cordless Magic Clip.

4. Shave your neck beard line

Use small motions tracing the line under the chin, above the Adam’s apple, connecting the ears.

Keep in mind, it's much easier to correct little mistakes than an over-eager gouge in your neck line.

Moisturizing shaving cream can soften the skin and make shaving a breeze. Cremo makes barber-grade shaving cream in a variety of scents. 

5. Clean up the area

Regardless of where you set your line, shave everything between it and your chest hair. Even if you don’t see any visible hairs, run your tool over the area just in case.

For lighter-haired men and older men, hair can be hard to see against the skin but still reflect enough light to make the neck look shadowy. 

6. Moisturize

The beard itself needs moisturizing. Handle this crucial task with balms like Wahl Beard Softener.

To reduce post-shave itchiness, moisturize the neck itself with a facial moisturizer. Rugged and Dapper makes a great, oil-free moisturizer perfect for post-shave care. 


Like all aspects of grooming, it’s likely that you won’t get your neck line perfect on your first try. If you’re struggling to nail that curve, try these alternatives in the interim.

Too high

Are you overzealous while shaving? It happens to the best of us. In the pursuit of perfection, your shave has crept much higher than your Adam’s apple.

Don't worry! With a bit of careful work, this is no irreconcilable mistake. Take the principles of fading a beard into a haircut and apply it to blending your neck hair into your beard line.

No, much higher than that

If you cut far too high on your neck or find that you prefer to shave your neck completely, there are beards compatible with a bare neck.

man adjusting his neck beard line

The circle beard has been gaining popularity as a mature, suave option with minimal facial hair. 

Too low

If your beard neck line continues to look too low, even though you’re shaving above your Adam’s apple, experiment with raising it in small increments.

While you try this out, it may be a golden opportunity to get a second pair of eyes on your look. There may be an angle that needs attention that you can’t see in your own reflection. 

In case of emergency

Go to the experts. If you find that you’ve shaved yourself directly into a pickle, there’s no shame in consulting a professional. We've all had to consult help!

If you’ve ever trimmed your hair at home between barbershop visits, you’re qualified to use a barber's advice and guidance to upkeep your beard neck line.

barber setting beard-line

As an industry professional, they will also have additional experience and expertise to offer you. 

Should I Shave My Neck When Growing a Beard?

The short answer is probably. Truthfully, it depends. The long answer is that everyone’s facial structure, hair density, and beard shape will differ.

Some men look untidy with stubble trailing down the neck, while others look dignified. Overall, analyze what look you’re going for and how your beard neck line can help you accomplish that.  

Final Thoughts

Trimming the beard neck line can be an intimidating task. But with the right tools, a little bit of time, and patience, you can have the polished look you've been craving to complement your beard.

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Neck Beard Line 101
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