5 Best Celebrity-Inspired Men’s Hairstyles (2019)

What men's hairstyles and trends will be popular in 2019 and which celebrities will every guy be asking their barber to look like? Here are five hairstyles that we predict are going to be very popular in the upcoming year, all inspired by a celebrity. 

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Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Men 2019

Blake Shelton Haircut

Blake Shelton

Good for Most Hair Types 

Blake’s hair has seen it all. He’s rocked a mullet, curls, and longer hair. Most recently, his polished look features shorter cropped sides, while the top is left longer to be swept back with molding hair paste.

This cut is very flattering on most, works well from day to night and is very easy to maintain.

Bradley Cooper Men's Haircuts

Bradley Cooper

Good for Medium to Thick Hair  

Bradley’s natural wave is ideal for medium-thick hair. Its uniformed layers add a natural kink and is also easy to maintain. Learn about how he groomed for the Academy Awards.

Kumail Nanjiani Mens Haircut

Kumail Nanjiani

Good for Most Hair Types 

Kumail short cut is a classic. The back is cut short, while the top features several layers to give the swept to the side look.

Luis Fonsi Mens Haircut

Luis Fonsi

Good for Most Hair Types (Including Thinning Hair)

This look is on trend right now. Men seem to be going back to pushing their hair forward and up vs. the hard part and brush to the side. It’s cool look and even great for thinner hair.

The back and sides are cropped short, with top layers created for blending. All you need is a little hair paste for the front tips. This cut requires trim every 4 weeks to maintain.

Jason Momoa Mens Haircut

Jason Momoa

Good for Medium to Thick Hair  

Jason has the right hair for a longer cut. Be sure to check with your stylist to see if your mane can handle the length. Just remember, the coarser the hair, the bigger and bushier it will grow out. Also, a longer cut will draw attention to receding hairlines

Trimming is crucial if you want to grow your hair out. Also, you’ll need to invest in a sulfate-free leave-in conditioner.

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Joanna Klubek Pereira is the salon manager and lead stylist at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon (Morristown, NJ). With more than a decade of industry experience, Joanna is known for her expansive experience in hair cutting, men’s color correcting and barbering.