Your Stubble Strategy: How to Do Stubble Right

Stubble is cool. It's timeless. It’s the look like "I’m not trying too hard" and it’s actually a low maintenance substitute to having a longer beard or baby face. Want to grow your own? The barbers at Baxter Finley showed me the easiest way to grow stubble and maintain it. 

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Stubble Strategy

Step 1.

Start with a shaven face or if you have a beard take it down with a pair of clippers at the shortest setting.

Using a razor, feel free to touch up and loose hairs you see on your cheek or low on your neck: MAKE SURE you stay outside of your natural hairline. (We want this stubble stuff to look as natural as possible.)


Step 2. 

After 3-4 days your hair will have grown a  small amount.

A.  If you like the length you started with, take your clippers out and repeat the steps. Take the stubble DOWN and SHAVE ( lightly) away from your natural hairline.

B.  If you like the beard you've grown, you can keep it...while keeping it looking maintained and natural.

Using your clippers, lightly clean up your neck area and cheek areas and flick with a scooping motion on the area you want the short hairs to blend into the long. The more often you do this, the easier the blend will be. This is where your skills will evolve. Pay attention and actually try.

If you run into any problems, shave your face and start over... try again. Or, of course, go see your barber. He's the one who does this everyday.

Thanks to all the Baxter Finley barbers who contributed their superior stubble expertise to this piece. If you're in W Hollywood, stop their barber shop. Your face will thank you.