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Hawthorne for Men: A Grooming Subscription Review

They say that the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

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There’s also the night owl gets the mouse and the young professional that works so much that he can’t even remember what sleep even is.

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, young professional or seasoned veteran — all guys are different and have different needs, all the way down to our grooming routine.

If yours could use an upgrade, Hawthorne for men delivers premium grooming products to your door that are customized to fit your needs, no matter what your schedule looks like.

A timber box with Hawthorne shampoo, body wash and conditioner bottles

Get To Know Each Other: Meet Hawthorne

Not sure what products you would need or where to start looking?

These guys get the ball rolling for you with their personalized customization quiz. They start with the basics — what type of hair you have, if you have dry or oily skin — and so on to get the right type of products started.

From there they go on to ask more about you as a person and what you like to do to get a feel for the kinds of fragrances you would enjoy. For example, some of their questions are on your drink of choice, the environment you work in, or if you’re a student.

After you’re done, they’ll compile a group of products together that fit your style and preferences. Depending on what you chose in your quiz, you’ll get a mix of different products such as shampoo and conditioner, two types of cologne (work and play), deodorant, body wash and/or bar soap, plus a lotion.

Hawthorne cologne bottle for work and one for play

Extra Perks

What I really loved about these products was that you can pick and choose what you want and take things out of the basket that you may not need at the time.

Here's another perk — if you want to order just once rather than subscribing that option is available. Though subscribing will definitely save you some dollars.

Subscription timelines can also be changed depending on the product. With this brand, you have the power to customize your subscription and this is what really makes Hawthorne for men stand out from the pack. Their fragrances are also out of this world.

Hawthorne cologne bottle for work and one for play plus a Hawthorne deodorant

Final Thoughts: Hawthorne For Men

There’s a lot to love about Hawthorne’s products, my personal favorite is having customized colognes that match my style delivered to my door.

They lean a little towards the pricier side rather than being budget-friendly, but their bundles are uniquely created to meet your personal preferences and geared specifically to your body’s needs.

Overall, their subscriptions are certainly worth it — their products are made exceptionally well, and a Hawthorne brand cologne is currently my favorite every-day scent. 


Hawthorne for Men: A Grooming Subscription Review

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