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Halloween Makeup Ideas for Guys: Spiders & Skulls

Looking for some Halloween or costume party makeup ideas for guys? Makeup Artist Samuel Rayy from Pout gave us a step-by-step how-to for guys to achieve a modernized Day of the Dead skull or a haunted spider look.

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Modern Day of the Dead or Neon Skull Makeup


  • Blue and pink eyeshadow, and white water-based face paint (you can use any color of eyeshadow; the white paint I recommend is by Mehron).
  • Brow pencil - to map out the design.

Note: I always incorporate glam into each of my looks - however, false lashes might not be everyone's style, you can certainly do this look without the bold eye.


  • I always make sure I am clean-shaven before any makeup application. 
  • Then apply a primer/moisturizer that best suits your skin.


  • I recommend lightly sketching out your style of skull first, using the brow pencil.
  • Then go in and apply the eyeshadow following the pattern you made, using a small blending brush.
  • Once you have all the shadow applied in the lines you chose, it's time for the white face paint. With a skinny liner brush, trace the paint over all the lines, and between the teeth you applied - this will give the skull a neon look!


Makeup Ideas For Guys - Spider Pout by Lipsticknick

Creepy Haunted Spider Makeup


  • Black water-based paint, black and white eyeshadow, white eyeliner, fake blood.
  • Brow pencil (to trace/map out design).
  • A foundation that matches your skin tone (optional).
  • Make sure you have small, thin brushes for precision.
  • For those who don't want to go full glam, you can skip the faux lashes.


  • Apply moisturizer or primer that best suits your skin, to a clean-shaven face.


  • Apply a foundation if you feel comfortable wearing - this will help even skin tone, and create a base for your look. 
  • I recommend mapping out where you want the spiders to be lightly with a brow pencil.
  • After that, use the black face paint to create the spider body, and trace out the legs. 
  • With black eye shadow, create shadows under the legs to make them POP! 
  • With a white liner, go over the joints on the spider's legs to make them look shiny and 3D. 
  • Finally, apply the fake blood by the spiders head - to make them look like they are having a snack on your face!


  • A makeup wipe (my go-to: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes) to remove the face paint, and then continue with your nightly skin routine after.

Feeling inspired? Check out Samuel's Instagram for more great Halloween makeup ideas for guys!

All photos and how-tos from Pout Pro Artist Samuel Rayy, Makeup Artist at Pout by Lipsticknick.


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