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Full Beard Styles and How to Care for One

Full face beard styles have been one of the hottest men’s grooming trends for years, and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of beard styles you can wear that allow your personality to shine through without looking the same as every guy with a scruffy face. 

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Today, we’re going to cover some of the hottest full beard styles and share some tips on how to care for and maintain a full beard. 

Full Beard Styles

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the hottest full face beard styles for this year. 

man in hoodie full beard

The Long Beard

Always in style, the long beard is a bold look that helps elongate your face. For this style, allow your beard to grow long and full, and avoid trimming for several months until it’s long enough to shape.

Then, trim down the sides from your cheeks to your jaw, allowing the bottom to grow longer. Ensure that the chin area is left longest to pull off this Hardenesque beard style. You may want to invest in a good beard straightener to make your beard look even longer.

man beard trim

The Egg Beard

This style helps elongate square faces, and it’s an easy way to slim out a square jaw. For this style, allow your beard to grow long and occasionally trim the sides to keep it looking neat. Once you’ve achieved a good length on your chin, round out the corners of the beard to give it an egg-like oval shape. 

full beard

The Square Beard

The opposite of the egg beard, this is an ideal beard style for thin faces. Instead of trimming down the sides and rounding out the bottom, you’ll allow the sides to grow a bit longer while keeping the chin at the same length. Square the beard out at the bottom instead of rounding it. 

viking beard

The Viking 

This always-popular style will have you channeling Jason Mamoa in no time. To grow a Viking, Allow your beard to grow unchecked for several months before reaching for the scissors. Occasionally trim up any unruly hairs, but forgo any serious grooming or trimming. 

defined beard

The Defined Beard

An evergreen style that lends a sophisticated look to any man, the defined beard is a great choice for any man who grows a thick and full beard. To achieve this style, grow your beard to your preferred length, leaving all the hair the same length. Then, define each line of your beard with a straight razor to keep it looking sharp and clean

Full Beard Styles for Black Men

While black men can look dapper wearing any beard style, the styles below look especially sharp.

faded beard

Faded Beard

A faded beard follows the same premise as a faded hairstyle where the top is left long, with the bottom gradually fading to nothing. To wear this style, you’ll want to fade out your sideburns and beard to below your ears, allowing the hair to get longer as it reaches your jaw. 

chin strap

Thick Chinstrap

This style has been put on the map by Lebron James, and it’s an ideal way to create a more defined jawline. Once your beard has grown to your preferred length, round out the top portion of your beard using a beard shaping template. Shape the bottom of the beard so that it ends just below the jawline. The mustache can either be completely shaved or left thin and well-defined. 

How to Grow a Full Beard 

Growing a full face beard is simple, but it’s something that many gentlemen struggle with. The truth is, if you follow the tips below, you’ll be well on your way to growing an amazing beard. 

The Golden Rule 

The success of your beard hinges on one word. 


To achieve a great-looking beard, you need to give the hair time to grow and fill in any bare spots on your face before you can trim it to your desired style. Most men require a month or more of growth before they can begin shaping their beard to the desired style. 

trimmed beard

Trimming a Full Beard

Regardless of the style you opt for, trimming a full beard always follows a similar formula. To keep your beard looking its best, the first thing you’ll want to do is invest in a quality beard trimmer or hair clippers. You don’t have to spend much. In fact, you can find excellent beard trimmers in the $20-30 range. Once you have your trimmer handy, follow the steps below. 

  • Take a shower, or wash your beard.
  • Detangle your beard with a hair pick or wide-toothed comb.
  • Hold the trimmer upside down, with the back of the buzzer facing your beard. Angle the clippers so that the blade is parallel to your face. Starting with one side, carefully run the buzzer down towards your shoulders to trim any stray hairs that extend beyond the “wall” of your beard. Do this carefully and avoid cutting into your beard. 
  • Brush that side of your beard down, and repeat step three to trim any remaining hairs that extend beyond the beard wall. 
  • Repeat steps three and four on the opposite side of your beard.
  • Repeat steps three and four on the front of your beard. 
  • Trim the underside of your beard. Hold the trimmer on an angle with the blade parallel to the underside of your chin, and carefully trim any stray hairs under your beard. 
  • Using the trimmer, carefully shape the angles of your beard and round out any areas where the angle appears sharp or unnatural. 
  • Hold the trimmer perpendicular to your face to remove any stubble that extends beyond your natural beard line. Do the same for your mustache, neckline, and the sides of your beard. 

Products That Would Help Grow, Maintain a Full Beard

There are several products on the market that can help you grow and maintain a thick and full beard. Consider adding these to your grooming arsenal to define your new look. 

Beard Wash 

Beard wash is like shampoo for your beard, and it gently cleans and hydrates your beard. 

beard oil

Beard Oil 

Beard oil is a hydrating oil that helps to soften and condition your beard. Beard oil also adds shine and makes the hair more manageable. 

Beard Balm or Wax 

Beard balms and waxes are styling products that help define your beard and keep it looking neat. Beard balms are lighter and are often used in place of beard oil. They provide hydration and light hold. Beard waxes are a heavier product, similar to pomade, and they provide the most hold and control against flyaways.

Beard Roller

Beard rollers create microscopic punctures on the surface of your face, which helps promote blood flow and increases collagen and keratin production. If you grow a thin or patchy beard, this tool is a helpful way to encourage growth

Beard Brush 

A beard brush is a bristle brush that’s typically made from boar or badger hair. The bristles help to distribute oil or balm through the beard follicles, and they make it easier to style your beard. 

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