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5 Beard Styles For Your Shaved Head: The Classic Combination

A shaved head is a cool, clean, and masculine look—and far more versatile than many guys realize.

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If you don't have a lot of (or any) hair on your head, but you want to add some personal style to your appearance, grow a beard. A shaved head with a beard is a classic combo that works for practically anyone.

Does a Shaved Head With a Beard Look Better Than Without One?

shaved head with beard

Yes, a shaved head with a beard often looks better than a shaved head without one. Many guys rock a shaved head with a clean-shaven face, but others choose to augment their bald look with a beard.

Here's why a buzzed or shaved head with a beard works so well:

  • A beard can help your face appear thinner, fuller, or otherwise accentuate your most attractive features.
  • It allows you to express your personal style. You can grow a beard in many different ways, whether you want to look professional or go full-on mountain man. 
  • It’s easy to maintain. You can maintain most beards yourself at a solid level, even if you're a beginner. 

If you grow out your beard but find you don’t like how it looks, you can return to a clean-shaven appearance quickly.  

Best Beard Styles for Bald Men

Is there an ideal beard length for a shaved head? Not particularly. Many different bald head beard styles are available to choose from:



One of the easiest options is to simply let your hair grow naturally. If you have light stubble visible on your head, you can grow the stubble on your face to match. Jason Statham is known for this look.

You can maintain this look yourself easily with any home clippers. Just note the blade setting used so you can maintain consistency.

Bald Guy with Goatee Beard


A goatee is a versatile option that fits well with a wide range of face shapes. There are two different types of goatees:

  • Pure Goatee: No mustache, small chin beard, and a shaved jawline.
  • Full Goatee: The addition of a mustache turns it into a full goatee, also known as a Circle Beard

Another type of goatee is the extended goatee, which is basically a full beard without sideburns. It adds volume to weaker chins and thinness to the face overall.

shaved head beard


The scruffy style is basically letting the beard come in naturally. Aside from general maintenance, your beard can end up looking pretty wild. 

A scruffy beard doesn’t need to be long. A shaved head with a beard, a short one, that isn’t kept closely manicured can help you look casual and contemporary. 

shaved head beard 2


The Balbo is a lesser-known style that deserves a closer look. It's ideal for guys with sharper, squarer heads.

It's a full mustache, with an inverted t-shaped beard underneath the lip and across the jaw. While it takes about four weeks to grow and does require daily maintenance, it looks cool and sophisticated.

self portrait of a man with beard and wearing glasses

Beard and Glasses

A shaved head with a beard and glasses is a classic style sure to make you look smart and professional. The right pair of glasses helps add visual stability to your face. 

If shaving your head makes your face look round, you want glasses with rectangular or square frames. If your head looks sharp and angular, try rounded glasses. 

How to Fade a Beard with a Bald Head

The transition between your beard and scalp is instantly noticeable, so you want to ensure it's done well. Fortunately, you should have no problem performing a basic fade at home with your beard trimmer.

First, Prepare Your Beard

Brush your beard thoroughly. You want to untangle it as much as possible. Applying a beard conditioner is also recommended.  

Next, trim your beard. Even if you have a wild style, you'll need to tame that mane before you fade. Trim and shape your beard on your face and jaw first. Then finish up by fading your sideburns.

bald man with beard

Where Should a Beard Start with a Shaved Head?

Start at the middle of your ears. That's the easiest way to keep your hair even on both sides of your face. It also looks great with basically any type of beard.

Of course, you can start your beard below or above your ears if you want to.

Go Slow

You know your hair and beard trimmer best, so trust your judgment. Generally, you want to start with the smallest trim possible. 

Always trim from the bottom to the top. Start near your neckline and move up your sideburns. Trimming in this direction helps prevent accidentally cutting your hair too short.

If you have a full, long beard, start with the number one guard, which should leave about a finger-width of hair. Then, switch to a number two guard. You'll likely never need to use any guard higher than a two.

bald man with beard

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick answers to common questions about shaved heads with beards.

Is a Shaved Head with a Beard Suitable for a Professional Environment?

Yes, in most cases. As long as your beard is neat and well-maintained, you should have no problem attending formal or professional events. Even a large, full beard can look professional if kept clean and groomed.

Is a Shaved Head with a Beard Suitable for a Professional Environment?

Yes, in most cases. As long as your beard is neat and well-maintained, you should have no problem attending formal or professional events. Even a large, full beard can look professional if kept clean and groomed.

What Do I Do With My Sideburns?

For a full beard that connects directly to the sideburns, the most popular option is a fade. It's aesthetically pleasing, stylish, and looks good with practically any type of beard.

You can also let your sideburns end abruptly. It's often a cool look if you have a goatee, Balbo, or other facial hair that reaches up the sides of your jaw.  

Is a Bald Head with a Beard Attractive?

Many people find it an extremely appealing look.

It’s popular among models, movie stars, and other celebrities. Plus, it allows men to display their personal style in a low-key, masculine way. 

Will a Shaved Head with a Beard Look Good on Me?

The look can suit just about any man. Adding a beard is often a great option for guys with weaker chins. It also helps lengthen your face, as sometimes shaving your head can leave your face looking rounder.

Keep in mind that beards do require maintenance. While daily upkeep is minimal, it's still more than a shaved head alone needs.

attractive man lying on grass

Final Thoughts

A beard looks awesome with a shaved head. Facial hair helps add masculinity and personality to your style. You have many beard types to choose from, including options that look good on any face shape.

A shaved head with a beard is an attractive, easy-to-maintain, and stylish choice you’re sure to love!

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shaved head with beard

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