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Best Beard Straightener For That Crisp, Neat Look

Best Beard Straightener For That Crisp, Neat Look

Imagine having a crisp and impeccably coiffed beard. It is every beard-wearing man’s wish. Yet the frizz and tangles can be daunting, especially when it comes time to comb them out.

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The good news is that a beard straightener may be all you need to achieve a good-looking beard with less stress. We know what you’re thinking: really, straighten my beard? But straightening can lead to a smoother, well-manicured beard without a ton of effort.

Here, we’ll help you find the best beard straightener out there and teach you how to use it.

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Types of Beard Straighteners

Electric beard straighteners are classified into two: brushes and combs. However, there are sporadic cases where it’s a combination of the two. Beard straightening combs are usually smaller in size with an even surface and teeth placed closer to the heating rod. Beard straightening brushes are different and typically have a longer handle with larger bristles.

The two devices offer similar functions, however, so it may come down to personal preference when picking the right option for your face mane.

The 7 Best Beard Straighteners

Electric beard straighteners are specifically designed for facial hair. They give your beard a refreshing neat look.


1. Kuschelbar Beard Straightener*

This straightening brush designed solely for straightening hair gives a soft finish. It is one of my favorites because it’s not as cumbersome as a full-on straightener. It falls under the comb category more than it does under the brush.

With negative ionic technology, this brush concurrently helps hydrate your hair and gives it a smooth feel. The Kuschelbar also promises to leave you with less breakage and fewer split ends (crucial for that beard you’ve spent years growing out).

  • It is lightweight(15 ounces) so you can carry it anywhere
  • Easy to use (just like brushing, plus it comes with a guide)
  • Short bristles are ideal for guys with shorter beards
  • It only has one heat setting
  • Does not have an LED temperature display

aberlite beard straight

2. Aberlite EDC*

Your quest for the perfect grooming tool for your beard ends with this professional beard straightener. Its densley packed bristles make it good for all lengths of beard hair, from short to long. Plus, they also have an anti-static coating that reduces snagging during straightening.

This straightening brush is designed especially to protect you and the hairs on your chin – so even if you’re smoking up the bathroom in a beard straightening session it won’t burn your face or damage your beard. One drawback: users should have a beard at least two and a half-inch long to achieve the best results.

  • It is both lightweight with small features; hence it is portable
  • Fast heating with 6 settings
  • Effective on very curly beards
  • May not reach your finer hair

beard straightener
beard straightener

3. Grow Alpha Beard Straightener*

The Grow Alpha Beard Straightener comes highly recommended. It has higher heat settings than many alternatives, making it an excellent option for particularly tough beards of thick, coarse hair – with dual ceramic plates that will give you speedy heat distribution.

It also has an auto shut-off feature and three adjustable temperature range settings for safety and convenience. 

  • Three Adjustable Temp Settings
  • Ideal for Both Hair and Beard
  • Comes with beard growth oil and beard balm leave-in conditioner
  • Bear should be at least one inch

CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

4. Ionic Hair Straightener Brush, CNXUS MCH Ceramic Heating*

This iconic electric beard straightener is easy to use, and its LED display shows you what temp it’s at and whether it’s ready for action. Adjustable temperatures adapt to different hair types, even the hair on top of your head.

If you have long hair and a long beard, this ceramic straightener brush might be a handy part of your grooming toolkit since it can do double duty.

  • Bristles help distribute the heat evenly
  • Adjustable temperature settings work for all hair types
  • Heating time is a bit longer than alternatives

Arkam Premium Beard Straightener for Men

5. Arkam Premium for Men*

Ceramic plates help achieve a smoother beard with ease, and the accompanying comb helps you get snags out. The Arkam Premium is one of our favorite picks for guys who are new to beard straightening because you don’t have to spend a ton on it.

  • Cost-effective
  • Swivel cord helps you maneuver without burns or snags
  • Not great for shorter beards
  • Heating time is a bit longer than average

ccvo beard straightener

6. CCVOO Beard Straightener*

Multiple temperature settings and high-tech ceramic heating features make the CCVOO another of our top beard straightener options. The adjustable heat settings make it handy for all hair types, and it’ll automatically shut off to prevent accidents and overheating.

  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • 360 Degrees Cord Rotation
  • Automatic shut-off up to 30 Minutes
  • Not best for African American beard

Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb for Men

7. Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb for Men*

The Cayzor straightener has been voted one of the best in the market, with temperature settings ranging from 200 to 360 degrees making it ideal for all beards. Fitted with PTC heaters, this model takes about 60 seconds to heat.

  • Heat-resistant bristles
  • Versatile heat settings
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be tough to handle

Finding the Best Straightener

Before finding the right straightener for you, there are factors to consider:

  • Beard type: Confirm if the straightener is ideal for your hair type, whether coarse, curly, thin, or somewhere in between.
  • Length of your beard: The length of your beard is among the essential aspects to look at when buying a straightener.
  • Application time: How quickly do you need the straightener to heat up, and how much time do you have to get ready?
  • Ionic Technology
  • Weight
  • Temperature Control
  • Safety Features
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you venturing into straightening brushes for the first time?  Here are common questions about beard straightening and the brush or comb you’ll be using.

Do Beard Straighteners Really Work?

Just like hair straighteners work for ladies and gents of all hair types, beard straighteners do, too. It might take more effort to smooth over an unruly and coarse beard than one with a few flyaways, but every guy can have a smoother and more manageable beard with a beard straightener.

A photo of a man with long beard

How to Straighten Your Beard

Now you’ve got a straightener. How do you use it? Here are the steps to straightening your beard.

  • Start with dry hair, ideally clean!
  • Set your straightening device to its lowest temperature setting
  • Apply the heated straightener starting below your bottom lip, brushing or smoothing downward. 
  • Always go back to the top to make another pass (and it may take many!)
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Are Beards Straighteners Bad for Your Beard?

Heat can be damaging for your beard, but it’s not necessarily bad. All brushing and hair care can cause damage, so using the lowest heat setting that’s effective is the best move. You should also only straighten dry hair; wet hair can sustain more damage, and you may even fry it due to the water content.

If you’re interested in achieving a smoother and more polished beard, our beard straightener reviews have given you a lot to think about. Using a straightening comb or brush on your face mane might not seem like the simplest thing to do, but it’s the perfect way to smooth over your facial hair and look the way you’ve always wanted to.


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