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Guide to the Best Beard Oils for Every Beard Type

So, you decided to stop shaving, grow a beard, and make your grooming ritual a bit easier in the morning. You have made a great decision!

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No more worrying about dull razor blades, shaving cream, or if you will nick your skin and arrive at work looking like Edward Scissorhands. This is a fine plan.

For a couple of weeks anyway. 

When should I start using beard oil?

Depending on your rate of hair growth, at some point you will need to trim your beard. There are many options and price points for hair trimmers, but you can’t go wrong with the Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000.

If you’re able to easily rein in your young beard with the trimmer and reset it to something you like, then you are all set. But if your beard tempts you to keep on growing it out, you will need to think about beard oils.

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Why should I use beard oil?

Beard oil is the number one beard additive for keeping your beard smooth and shiny, untangled and smelling good, and growing with vigor

And before you ask, no, beard oil is not magical. It will not accelerate the speed at which your hair grows. But it will stave off the conditions that make your beard grow slower than it could, namely: dry, damaged shafts, split ends, breakage, not to mention the dry, irritated skin of an under-moisturized face.

How do I apply beard oil?

Depending on the length of your beard, as well as personal preference, you can apply oil to your beard with your fingertips, a beard comb, or a beard brush.

A boar-bristle brush is preferred for beards, as the natural, stiff hair of the brush bristles absorb and redistribute the oil all throughout your beard.

To get the oil down to your skin, depending on your beard length, you need a porous comb, often made of wood, which also absorbs the oil and redistributes it to you hair follicles and the surface of your skin.

Here are 5 of my personal favorite beard oils followed by recommendations from regular guys.

My Favorite Beard Oils

Best Beard Oils for Every Occasion

Most Luxurious Beard Oil

The Martial Vivot Beard & Face oil is the one to apply before a night of fine dining, an opera or gala. The scent is pure luxury, with lavender, lemon and lime resting gracefully atop a base of sunflower, jojoba, shea, olive and hempseed oils. To be rubbed into a freshly cleaned face as well, this beard & face oil provides the essential finishing touch for the bearded well-to-do.

Best Beard Oils for Every Occasion

Most Manly Beard Oil

While the bottle of NOTO Rooted Oil – Hair + Scent 2oz – A Smokey Uni Sexy Blend for Skin and Hair says “a smokey uni-sexy blend” on the bottle, I find the aroma to be the most distinct and forward of the beard oils I tried, and most manly. Based on the shamanistic scent Palo Santo,  when I first apply it my daughter thinks it smells like a bicycle tire but the layers of aroma only begin there and unfold throughout the day. In the very handy glass roller bottle, this is the oil I use most often and grab on the way out the door.

Best Beard Oils for Every Occasion

Best Beard Oil for Coarse Hair

Captain Fawcett/Ricki Hall Booze and Baccy Beard OilI’ve been a long-time fan of the Captain’s Private Stock beard oil, but this new edition is my go-to for special occasions. It’s incredibly effective at smoothing and softening even the coarsest hair and the scent is a wonderfully intense combination that brings to mind pipe tobacco and expensive rum.

Best Beard Oils for Every Occasion

Most Moisturizing Beard Oil

Shea Moisture Beard Conditioning Oil has “moisture” in the company’s name, and for good reason. Based in marajuca and shea oils this conditioning oil attacks dryness. Also forward, the creamy, fresh scent smells great. The combination of oils softens extra-scruffy beards for greater manageability and style-ability.

 Barrel and Oak - Organic Shave Prep & Beard Oil

Best Undecided Bearded Oil

The 2-in-1 Shave Prep & Beard Oil from Barrel and Oak is the perfect oil for men who occasionally shave off all their hard work. For the bearded, use like the other oils: put a few drops on your fingertips to warm up, then massage it through your beard for a silky feel accompanied by the masculine scents of cedar and bergamot. For babyfaces, massage a few drops into your 5 o’™clock shadow to lift the whiskers, then lather your shaving cream over the oil to shave.

Best Beard Oils for Every Occasion

Best Scent-Free Oil

Not everyone wants their beard to have a fragrance of its own or you don’t want it to compete with your cologne or any other scents riding along with your grooming products. The unscented Revitalizing Beard Oil, by the Cremo Company, based on argan and jojoba oils, gives you the shine, moisture, and manageability of other oils, but with absolutely no scent at all. Does a great job without changing your smell.

Best Beard Oils for Every Occasion

My favorite is Jack Black’s Beard Oil. It uses 100% essential oils which leaves my beard soft and moisturizes the skin underneath. The scent is light but fresh and clean, making it easy on the nose too.

– Carmine Mastropierro / President / Pierro Shoes / Instagram / Facebook

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Best Beard Oils for Every Occasion

My favorite beard oil is Port Products Conditioning Beard Absolute. I like it because it moisturizes well, but doesn’t leave me with the dreaded shiny beard. It has a light smell and helps my beard not get poofy like a poodle. 

– Eric Anthony / Managing Editor / Houston On The Cheap

Best Beard Oils for Every Occasion

I use Fuel Around by BedHead TIGI to nourish and reduce dryness on my skin. It’s a product I recommend to any of my male Supercuts guests with beards because it conditions the facial hair while keeping it moisturized and feeling soft! I apply a small amount in my hands and massage it throughout my beard and then comb it to my desired look.

– Chris Morales / Stylist / Supercuts

Best Beard Oils for Every Occasion

I make my own beard oil. It’s super easy to make, I just blend specific proportions of tea tree oil, coconut oil, cacao, bee’s wax, rose water, and vitamin E.

– Will Benedetto / Cocktail Curator / In Good Company Hospitality / Instagram

beard oil

The only beard oil I’ve ever used is this tea tree oil. It made a considerable difference in terms of softness and it was truly the only scented facial hair product I’ve enjoyed. 

– Bryn Gelbart / Fueled 

Best Beard Oils for Every Occasion

I’ve used a bunch of different beard oils, but my favorite is actually coconut oil. It smells great, keeps my beard conditioned, and is inexpensive. A couple of quick tips for using coconut oil as your beard oil: Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees Fahrenheit, so sometimes it’s solid and other times it’s liquid (depending on your climate). When it’s solid, just rub the coconut oil in your hands before putting it into your beard. When it’s liquid, be careful with spills. I’ve had some doozies.

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It’s not always easy to get the coconut oil out of its container since it’s often sold for cooking purposes. I would suggest melting your beard oil in your microwave and transferring it to Tupperware. 

– Sam Schultz / Co-Founder / Honeyfi

So whether you want a luxury beard oil or prefer something homemade, there’s no excuse not to take care of your nourishing your beard.


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