Drum & Bass Producer Wilkinson
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Drum & Bass Producer Wilkinson Goes “All For You”

If you’ve only stuck with mainstream EDM, Wilkinson is the best-selling producer you’ve never heard of. Of course, drum-and-bass listeners already know him. Along with last year’s Radio 1-played “I Need,” he’s sold over 1.3 million records, including the platinum-selling “Afterglow” and top-10 “Dirty Love.” Originally from Southwest London, Wilkinson […]

Producer Blinkie
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Producer Blinkie Gives Us a “Little Love”

Can an electronic dance music artist cover a spectrum of subgenres while still keeping the same moniker? It’s a question that remains up for debate: Martin Garrix, for instance, turns into GRX when he wants to get away from vocal-driven big room, and Richie Hawtin has long used Plastikman to […]