How Geir Ness Realized the Power of Scent

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Growing up in Norway, Geir Ness spend weekends in the pristine mountains outside Oslo, hiking, skiing, kayaking in the fjords and picking wildflowers. Decades later, after working with some of the biggest fragrance houses in the world, he returned to those mountains on a mission to develop a fragrance of his own, inspired by his mother.

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Then Geir shifted his focus towards creating a full complement of fragrance and body products for men and women. I asked him about his interest in fragrance, grooming and his own personal favorite products.

How did you first become interested in fragrance?

Ever since I was a young child, I always had an interest in fragrances. Growing up in Norway, I spent my childhood admiring the natural scents of the region, whether it was the cool smell of the mountains, the woody essence of the trees or the sweetness of the wildflowers that grew in the countryside.

I became really interested in men’s fragrances when I discovered how a scent could shift my mood and spark memories of my favorite people, places and times. Even if I’ve applied the same fragrance a million times, I can’t help but smile when a fragrance triggers meaningful memories.

Once I realized the power of scent, I never turned back.

How Geir Ness Realized the Power of Scent

Why is personal presentation important to you?

I believe personal presentation is an important story-telling vehicle. I’ve always used my personal presentation to tell my story, the story of a man driven by health, fitness and nature. When I started developing my own product lines, it was essential to me that everything with my name on it reflected that vision. All of my products, from skin care to fragrances, are fresh, clean and inspired by the essence of Norway.

How have your grooming rituals changed over time?

I used to spend a ton of time trying to find the “perfect” grooming products. Once I started my own business and became busier, I had less time, so I focused on finding products that were effective and easy to use. The biggest change for me has been shifting towards products that require less time but are just, if not more, effective.

How Geir Ness Realized the Power of Scent

Has working in the beauty business changed your personal routines?

Working in the beauty industry has taught me to look past expensive name brands and focus on finding quality ingredients that work best with my skin and hair.

What do you prioritize in your personal care routine?

I absolutely prioritize skincare in my personal care routine. Finding the right cleaner and moisturizer has been essential in keeping my skin hydrated. Hydration is the most important step in a skincare routine – once skin becomes dry, that’s when you can’t hide signs of your age anymore and lines and wrinkles take center stage.

What upcoming trends are you excited about in men’s grooming?

The most exciting thing happening in men’s grooming is that men are finally becoming excited about looking and feeling good! Gone are the days of heavily (and mindlessly) slapping on some aftershave before a big date. The result: men are taking time to research what’s best for their skin, hair and body and are more discerning in their product choices.

I think it’s great that men are finally beginning to see that there’s great pride in taking care of yourself.

Geir’s Favorite 5 Grooming Products

How Geir Ness Realized the Power of Scent

1. Surf Spray, Bumble and Bumble

When my hair is looking flat and I need to add some life to it, I use Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray. The product adds volume to my hair and provides great hold, without the stiffness you get from other lines. I spray it on my damp or dry hair and play with it until my fine hair looks fuller and texturized.

How Geir Ness Realized the Power of Scent

2. Geir For Men, Geir Ness

Before I created Geir For Men, I was constantly searching for a fresh, clean fragrance that stayed with me all day and was appropriate for all occasions – from hanging at home with friends and working out at the gym to going on a date. Geir For Men is a unique, light scent that’s not too sweet, or too strong — the combination of different herbs, wet woods and lavender never fail to make a statement.

How Geir Ness Realized the Power of Scent

3. Hair Recovery + Thickening Shampoo, American Crew

This is a fantastic shampoo that adds body, fullness and moisture to my hair — the peppermint scent is so refreshing, it makes me feel like I’m at the spa. The shampoo contains copper and zinc, both of which are important for healthy, strong hair.

How Geir Ness Realized the Power of Scent

4. BB Cream, Jan Thomas Studio Cosmetics 

I absolutely love this tinted moisturizer. It provides natural coverage and gives my skin a healthy glow that’s perfect for daytime use or when I make public appearances. Another bonus of this BB cream – it protects my skin from sun damage and has SPF 15.

How Geir Ness Realized the Power of Scent

5. Advanced Cell Repair Serum, Skin Of Norway

Without fail, the first thing I do every morning is cleanse my face and then apply Skin of Norway Advanced Cell Repair Serum. The product’s main ingredient is Arctic Cloudberry, an amber berry that grows in the Nordic woods that’s loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C. The serum provides amazing moisture, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps to energize and strengthen the skin.

How Geir Ness Realized the Power of Scent

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