Emmy award-winning Brian Corsetti on Staying TV Ready While Working on Cars All Day

Whether it be interviewing the latest celebrity or traveling to Australia to restore a classic 60's Land Cruiser, Brian Corsetti is always on the go. Hosting multiple television shows and running a classic car restoration business can take a big toll on the body and mind. That's why Brian follows a daily regime of exercise, smoothies and skin care products to keep him feeling fit for auto repairs and looking dapper for TV.

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Below is Brian's list of tips and tricks he uses everyday:

1. Pay Attention to Your Hands and Feet

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If you're constantly on your feet or work with your hands like me, it's important to show them some love! Start by washing your hands and feet with a great exfoliating product like Kiehl's Grooming Solutions Bar Soap. Follow with Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve to moisturize and repair from a long day's work.

2. Dump Your Barber!

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If you're too busy to sit in the barber chair for an hour, try doing it at home. Invest in a pair of good-quality hair clippers like the Wahl Elite Pro, a comb, scissors, a hand mirror, and an excellent razor blade like Gillette Fusion. If you like to keep it scruffy like me, finish off with some Rocky Mountain Barber Beard Balm. You'll save money and avoid those monthly appointments!

3. Preserve and Protect

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For me, working on cars in the sun can be very damaging to my skin, that's why I stick to a daily routine of damage-preventing products. If you spend your days outside or just want to remain youthful, try applying an SPF moisturizer every morning like Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20. You'll not only prevent sun damage and discoloration, but you'll keep yourself looking younger as well.

4. Smoothies

I swear by smoothies. I make one every morning with spinach, almond milk, bananas, blueberries and protein powder. Making one at home is always the best choice, especially if you want to avoid any unwanted sweeteners you can get from a store-bought one. I can actually feel the difference in my energy levels when I have my daily spinach smoothie.

5. Vinyasa Yoga

Don't knock it until you try it! Working on cars all day can be stressful on my body. Before yoga, I found myself waking up with stiff joints in my arms and legs almost every morning. Try signing up for a free class at your local gym and see how you feel. I do vinyasa yoga because it's a little harder than regular yoga.

When Emmy Award winner Brian Corsetti is not in random café’s and airports around the world, he can be found overdosing on Double Stuff Oreo’s. This gives him enough of a sugar burst to work with some of the world’s most iconic brands and cultural authorities, both as a producer, writer, and host.

 ABC, CBS, NBC, HGTV, and Discovery are just a few networks that make Brian a true innovator and an advocate for unplugging from our overly connected world in order to drive clarity, creativity, and authentic human connection.

Learn more on his website: http://corsetticruisers.com/
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