Dr. Marc Lowenberg: Cosmetic Dentist to the Stars

When you think of a star-studded career path, dentistry might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However Dr. Marc Lowenberg has made a career treating some of the most recognizable celebrity smiles. Patients include 50 Cent, Liev Schreiber, Renee Zellweger, Roberta Flack, Brian Eno and the Rolling Stones. I was curious how he became the dentist of choice to the entertainment industry.

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From the beginning, his path to dentistry wasn't immediately clear. He explains, “I was a weird kid. I grew up wanting to be in show business, either an actor or director, but I had an uncle who was a dentist and at the same time I was great with my hands—always building things—and my dad kept telling me that I should be a dentist. I remember by the time I was 13, I was still debating which path to choose. ”

In fact, the final decision came down to an absent-minded comment. Dr. Lowenberg elaborates, “When I began college at American University, my dad drove me down to Washington DC. Somewhere along the Jersey Turnpike he turned to me and said, ‘So what’s it going to be? Acting or Dentistry? You're going to have to pick a major when you register.’ I still remember waiting on a very long line to register for theater courses, but when my turn came and the registrar asked me to declare a major, without thinking I just said, pre-med. When I graduated college, I went to the New York University College of Dentistry.” 

However another unexpected turn of events was also waiting for him.  Dr. Lowenberg explains, “In my junior year of dental school, which was during the Vietnam war, I volunteered as a medic during the Moratoriums in Washington protesting the war. It was there where I met the personal physician for the Rolling Stones who promised that he would send me the Rolling Stones when I opened my practice.” 

With another off-handed comment again altering the course of his career, the physician kept his word “and the Stones became my first patients. Roberta Flack, Brian Eno, Bryan Ferry and the Average White Band followed in the early years and as the years went by more and more entertainers and celebrities followed. As my mom would say, ‘I ended up with both my dreams—dentistry and show business.’”

As for his personal style, he likes to keep it casual. He explains, “When I’m not in my scrubs at work, you can find me in a casual  T-shirt with jeans and a sports jacket. I’ve become much more casual in my attire over the years. As I’ve gotten older, I have paid more attention to my overall grooming, particularly my skin and nutrition.”

When it comes to dental trends that we should keep an eye out for, Dr. Lowenberg points to, “smile makeovers that are natural looking and not ‘perfect.’” For guys wanting to improve their smiles, he suggests, “placing clean, healthy, natural looking veneers. The kind that only your dentist would know are veneers.”

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Dr. Marc Lowenberg is president of Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor. Dr Marc Lowenberg, Dr. Gregg Lituchy, and Dr. Brian Kantor are top cosmetic dentists who have transformed the smiles of many of the world's best-known actors, models, rock stars, authors, and other public figures. Since the 1980's, Dr. Lowenberg and Dr. Lituchy have been at the forefront of the field, with Dr. Kantor joining the practice in 2002.

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