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Scott Petinga on Testicular Cancer and Socialpreneurship

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and we're raising awareness with Scott Petinga, testicular cancer survivor, activist and social entrepreneur.

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I wanted to know how the experience having cancer changed his outlook on life. Scott Petinga explained, "I'm so f*cking thankful to be alive. I also realize I am never guaranteed waking up in the morning. If I do - I'm one lucky bastard. And with another day comes another opportunity to make a significant impact."

According to a new study by CACTI (Center for Advocacy for Cancer of the Testes International), two-thirds of men are unaware that testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men ages 15-44 and close to 50 percent of men surveyed do not perform self-exams for testicular cancer - a simple act that could save their lives.

Here are some additional highlights:

  • More than 1-in-3 of all men polled have never been told about the importance of a monthly self-exam.
  • Nearly half of those surveyed do not perform self-exams.
  • More than 60 percent of those surveyed say they would perform a monthly self-exam if someone told them it could save their life.
  • Even though close to 100 percent of those surveyed believe that testicular cancer is curable, 80 percent are still afraid of dying from it.

To learn more, visit Movember Foundation

Scott Petinga Testicular Cancer and Socialpreneurship

Petina's extremely dedicated to making an impact through building charitable businesses with a blend of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. I asked Petinga how his approach differs from a traditional entrepreneurial approach.He explained, "We put people before profits. A "socialpreneurship" approach that fuses my business and philanthropic initiatives into one cohesive mission and vision."

"For too long entrepreneurship and philanthropy have existed as two separate entities; one building a business, the other donating money from business.Blending the two, along with the added commitment to social responsibility, creates a self-sustaining and more impactful entity that simply works better, has real meaning and fosters an enduring effect."

Petinga's new approach was born from years of struggle trying to raise charitable donations and seeing the limitations of the current system.He explains,"I started a 501(c)(3) in 2014 and struggled for years trying to gain financial momentum in order to truly make a difference."

"It turns, out as a society we only show interest in a cause if we have been personally affected and therefore if you are spearheading a foundation which only helps so few individuals your fund-raising abilities become limited."

Scott Petinga Testicular Cancer and Socialpreneurship

Petinga's also building a legacy for the next generation. His proudest career moment "would certainly be my most recent venture, wynnr. Being able to work alongside my three young daughters to create a philanthropic line of golf clothes for children."

Like many guys, Petinga's personal sense of style has been a gradual development, often favoring practically and efficiency. He explains, "for years, I took the Steve Job and Mark Zuckerberg approach to style - a bland graphic T-shirt and a pair of worn jeans. It allowed me to focus on more meaningful decisions. But now divorced and in my mid-40s I evolved because quite frankly, I as a person have.My closet now consists of an ensemble of items from Express, Zara, Charles Vane and G-Star."

For grooming, Petinga's priority is brushing his teeth and flossing. "Smiling has a tremendous amount of personal and societal benefits and I want to always make certain my pearly whites are worth showing," he says, pointing to articles on the myriad benefits of a good smile.

For guys going through their own cancer experience, Petinga suggests, "find a mentor atImerman Angels. No one knows better  what you are experiencing than someone who has already gone through it - it will categorically play a critical role in your treatment plan."

Favorite 5 Grooming Products

Scott Petinga Testicular Cancer and Socialpreneurship

Coconut Oil

My skin is as dry as the desert surface.

Every morning I simply daub my face and the oil provides the necessary hydration my skin needs.

Scott Petinga Testicular Cancer and Socialpreneurship

Wahl Beret

This cordless shaver fits snuggly in my carry-on and allows me to look like a bad-ass with the perfect 5 o'clock shadow

Scott Petinga Testicular Cancer and Socialpreneurship

Sam's Natural Original Deo

It keeps me dry without exposing me to dangerous chemicals.

Scott Petinga Testicular Cancer and Socialpreneurship

Thayer's Witch Hazel

What I love about it: I use it every night prior to bed as part of my skin care regime.

Scott Petinga Testicular Cancer and Socialpreneurship

Dove White Beauty Bar

What I love about it: I've been using Dove for over 2 decades.

Scott Petinga Testicular Cancer and Socialpreneurship

Scott Petinga is currently the Chief Troublemaker of The Scott Petinga Group where he is a pioneer in the development of businesses that make a lasting impact on society. When he's not busy saving the planet he uses his acquired wisdom, knowledge and experience to help others make their mark in the world.

Scott Petinga Testicular Cancer and Socialpreneurship


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