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15 Best-Smelling Men's Colognes Women LOVE

Let's face it — most guys probably don't care what they smell like as long as women like it. We decided to get the truth on women's favorite men's cologne.

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We asked real women for their top picks on the sexiest, best-smelling, and completely irresistible men's colognes you can wear to feel sexy... and women will agree.

Our Recommendations For Women's Favorite Men's Colognes

Coach for Men Cologne

Best for Everyday

I love Coach For Men EDT because it can be used as an everyday cologne as well as for special occasions without being too overpowering. It has an earthy base of vetiver with hints of suede. It is also a very affordable cologne to gift.

—Shelby Vert | Instagram

Notes of pear, citrus, cardamom, coriander, vetiver, suede, and ambergris.

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Allure Homme Sport Cologne

Best Subtle Cologne

Chanel Allure Homme Sport is VERY subtle, smells like “home” to me and if I’m honest, I’ve been known to wear it myself.  It smells different enough on everyone… and I always get compliments when I do wear it. Again, not a big cologne or perfume fan, but this one deserves some respect, in my opinion, at least.

—Julie Carlson LinkedIn | IMDb

Notes of citrus, aldehydes, pepper, cedar, vanilla, tonka bean, and musk.

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Bleu de Chanel Cologne

Most Attractive Cologne

I come from a huge family of men… and I date a lot. I’m also nosy so I ask. Bleu de Chanel: Smells good in general, bold, but not overpowering.  When it’s melted and mixed in with the person’s body temperature, it’s subtle and attractive.  

—Shin-Di Lai, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., RN Website

Notes of grapefruit, lemon, mint, pink pepper, ginger, nutmeg, jasmine, incense, vetiver, and cedar.

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Best Work Cologne

I love Kenneth Cole Vintage Black because it is simply sophisticated, not overpowering, and surprisingly versatile. The multi-dimensional cologne starts off with a sharp yet classy citrus smell but eventually fades into an intriguing oak and tequila scent. It’s casual and modern but also professional, so it’s perfect for any occasion.

— Samantha Morrison, Glacier Wellness and Instagram

Notes of green lime, greens, pink grapefruit, white pepper, lavender, oak, sandalwood, and tequila.

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Most Complimented Cologne

I bought Le Labo Santal 33 for my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary after smelling it on a gentleman while at a dinner party. This man got so many compliments on his cologne that he actually carried the bottle with him! My husband doesn’t do that, but he does get lots of nice comments on how good he smells.

—Laura Lyn Donahue Website | Instagram

Notes of sandalwood, leather, papyrus, cedar, violet, cardamom and iris.

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Calvin Klein Obsession for Men EDT

Most Sexy

Calvin Klein Obsession is the iconic sexy fragrance that burst onto the scene in the 90s and continues to be one of the best-selling men’s fragrances today. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart but if you want to make an impression, spray this on. It’s a sensual classic. Read our full review here

It’s almost over-powering but so confident and sexy. — Amy

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Clean Smelling and Subtle Mens Cologne

Runner Up for Best Office

Jimmy Choo Man EDT is an interesting combination of scents with the pineapple leaf, suede, and lavender notes. I love the opening and it feels like a great daily cologne for the office or casual. My main complaint is just doesn’t last very long so be prepared to reapply after 3 hours or so. 

I bought this for my boyfriend as a joke since I love the shoes. But now I actually love the scent on him. — Lisa

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John Varvatos Vintage women's favorite men's cologne

Best for Winter

John Varvatos Vintage is commonly women’s favorite men’s cologne for winter. Sensuous and warm, it’s a unique blend of rhubarb, quince paste, juniper berries, and cinnamon tree leaves that have a great duration. Great for cool weather.

It smells like winter snuggles by the fire. — Monica

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perfume bottle named Creed Millesime Imperial

Best for Summer

Creed Millesime is a perfect scent for the warm, summer months when everything else feels too heavy and overbearing. Its salt air edge and sweet, summer melons are a well-balanced pairing of scents. Definitely worth having in your collection.

It’s how a guy should smell. —Erin

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Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men

Best for First Date

Burberry Brit Rhythm EDT Intense is a vibrant woodsy scent with notes of sandalwood, basil, and leather. It’s an interesting combination of freshness (basil verbena), comfort (cedar), and sensual (leather). Altogether it feels like a great cologne for a young guy out on a date where he wants to make a good impression but also hint at a little edginess.

It smells sexy but not over the top, like a nice first-date cologne. —Ericka

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Amouage Reflection Man

Best for Black Tie Event

Even if you’ve never strived to smell like a 1990s Richard Gere, Amy assured me it was a compliment. Amouage Reflection Man, unfortunately for her assessment, was released in 2007, about 17 years after the film. However to her point. It’s a woody, floral musk that feels formal and elegant like a black-tie event.  

If I had to guess what Richard Gere’s character was wearing in Pretty Woman, it would be this. Appealing yet professional. —Amy

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Boucheron Jaipur

Best Classic

Boucheron Jaïpur Homme is a classic, sweet vanilla scent with a spicy cinnamon opening. It also has some nice floral heart notes that feel a bit unisex and not overtly masculine. It also lasts FOREVER so if you have a long day ahead of you, this is a great pick. This is one of the classic and refined women’s favorite men’s colognes.

It’s very charming. Not really sexy but more a comforting and friendly vibe. —Danielle

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Hermes Terre D' Parfum Spray for Men with chypre

Best Versatile

Terre d’Hermes is one of those great, versatile fragrances that could fit almost anywhere. It’s a woody fragrance that’s good for spring, fall, and summer, professional or casual use. It’s got a refined quality that makes me think it’s more appealing for the 30+ crowd. Good wear-to-work fragrance.

I had to ask the IT guy at work what cologne he wore because he smelled good while fixing my laptop! — Michelle

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Rituals Sultan De Muscat

Best Patchouli Scent

Sultan de Muscat is a cologne that’s basically patchouli with a few woodsy and leather notes on the side. So, evaluate your (or your date’s) love of patchouli and proceed accordingly. 

Even though it’s technically unisex, this feels like a very manly, warm scent to me. It’s got moderate sillage and is very long-lasting.

My husband’s date night perfume! I love this stuff. — Lana

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Clean Smelling and Subtle Mens Cologne

Best Crowd Pleaser

Of all the women’s favorite men’s cologne on this list, Curve is one of the cheapest. While it’s a bit sweet, if you’re looking for a crowd-pleaser on a budget, try this one out.

I don’t know why I like it so much, it just smells so sweet and inviting. — Anna

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Coach for Men
  • Very versatile
  • Not overpowering
  • Affordable
  • Iconic
  • Sexy fragrance
  • Classic best-seller
Creed Millesime Imperial
  • Warm weather cologne
  • Light fragrance
  • Unisex scent

Hopefully, this list helps you find a fragrance that not only you enjoy wearing, but you get loads of compliments (maybe you can even look for signs she likes you). If you’re still undecided, you might try finding a sample of your top picks to try them out.


Are there any specific factors or qualities that make a cologne appealing to women beyond just its scent? For example, do factors like packaging, brand reputation, or marketing play a significant role in women's preferences?

The answer is yes - other factors apart form scent can definitely influence a woman's preferences for men's cologne. While scent is undoubtedly crucial, an attractive bottle or a well-known brand can enhance what the person favors. Marketing messages, associations with certain lifestyles or values can also resonate with women and affect their perception of a cologne.

Are there any considerations or recommendations for men with specific skin types or sensitivities when choosing a cologne? For example, do certain colognes work better for people with dry or sensitive skin?

A guy definitely needs to consider his specific skin type or sensitivities when choosing a cologne. Some colognes could contain ingredients that irritate sensitive skin or exacerbate skin conditions. Generally speaking, men with dry or sensitive skin should look for colognes labeled as hypoallergenic or formulated for sensitive skin. And always remember that opting for colognes with natural ingredients or avoiding certain common irritants can help prevent skin reactions.

How do personal preferences and individual chemistry impact the effectiveness of a cologne? Any tips or strategies to find the best cologne for my unique body chemistry, specifically to maximize its appeal to women?

Personal preferences and your unique chemistry definitely play a significant role in a cologne's effectiveness and the way it smells. Each person's body chemistry has a unique interaction with a scent - meaning scent development and its longevity will vary from person to person. To find the best cologne for your unique body chemistry, try experimenting with different scents to see how they evolve throughout the day. Sampling colognes before buying full-sized bottles can help you find fragrances that complement your natural scent and get the most positive reactions from women.

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Women's Favorite Men's Cologne

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