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Best Fall and Winter Colognes for Men

The season is changing, and your cologne should be too. As summer turns to fall, you may notice that scents that were overpowering throughout the warmer months become lost with the chill of the air. This is because the temperature has a big impact on the way that cologne is perceived. While hot weather intensifies certain fragrance notes, cold weather makes it more difficult for them to evaporate. This may leave you wondering which fragrance families are ideal for winter and fall, and what fall colognes or winter colognes will best fit the seasonal occasions.

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Fragrance Families of Fall and Winter

If you really want to make an impression, you should carefully consider the scents that you choose in accordance with the current season. Cologne is a fashion statement and you want to keep your style fresh and current! Certain fragrance families simply make more sense for different times of the year. The fragrance wheel can help you see the way the fragrance families transition as the year wears on. 

Wood: The Fragrance Family of Fall

When autumn rolls around, one of the best fragrance families to go with is wood. You can choose from dry wood scents like leather, or mossy wood scents like oakmoss and amber. This scent family brings feelings of tranquility and familiarity that fit well with the longer nights and colder temperatures of the season. Warm and musky notes like patchouli, vetiver, and sandalwood also make fantastic options for fall colognes. 

Oriental Scents: Ideal for Winter

As Fall turns to winter, choosing a cologne in the oriental scent family is a good idea. Winter brings the nostalgia of the holidays and wearing the appropriate scent can truly make a lasting impression. Cold temperatures help those delicate and sophisticated notes to shine as they linger in the chilly air. Exotic oriental scents will have the chance to be fully appreciated among the muted colors and sensory numbness that overcast days and long winter nights may bring. Strong comforting winter colognes with scents like cinnamon, vanilla, incense, and spice will make you stand out in a crowd, and may even help you to build stronger and more sensual memories.

Best for a Night Out

Best Fall and Winter Colognes

​Angel Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

The perfect masculine fall scent for date night. Angel Men Pure Malt was inspired by the bold and bracing notes of Scottish whiskey. It has a smoky, woody-spicy aroma that's surprisingly appealing, sophisticated, and elegant. It's a strong scent, so you won't have to use much in order to make a lasting impression. This sexy and sultry cologne is reassuring, bracing, and enticing. It also lasts for a very long time and evolves as the night wears on. Evolving each hour, this fragrance helps you to make the most of every moment with your special someone. 

Best for Work

Best Fall and Winter Colognes

Burberry London for Men

As the season wears on and fall begins to transition into winter, Burberry London is ready to transition with you. It's the perfect blend of woody and oriental scent families to help you transition into the winter season. Burberry London blends juicy green mandarin and freshly cut ginger with wild rose and hints of spicy cedarwood for a confident and masculine scent. Like all the Burberry fragrance line, it's a high-quality fragrance that comes across polished and professional — perfect for work and the office. 

Best for Everday

Best Fall and Winter Colognes

​John Varvatos: Vintage Eau de Toilette Spray

JV Vintage is unique, comforting and one of my all time favorites. It's just subtle enough to keep from being overpowering, and uniquely blended to give a sensuous, aromatic and warm impression. The rugged authenticity and enduring appeal are perfect for mingling with a crowd. Top notes are of rhubarb, quince paste, juniper berries, and cinnamon tree leaves. It's a smooth dry down. The Varvatos fragrance line creates an old world feel with a subtle modern edge. 

Best for Date Night

Best Fall and Winter Colognes

Dolce and Gabbana: The One EDT for Men

D&G: The One  is ideal for everyday wear throughout winter. It's an oriental spicy perfume which blends of tobacco notes and refined spices perfectly together to give a subtle and sultry impression. Top notes include a combination of grapefruit, coriander, and basil. Heart notes are of cardamom and ginger. Base notes focus on cedarwood and amber for a masculine and authentic scent. Subtle enough that it isn't overpowering; strong enough to make an impression.

Best for Special Occasions

Best Fall and Winter Colognes

Calvin Klein: Euphoria for Men EDT

If you are looking to make a lasting memory, CK's Euphoria will be the cologne for you. Save it for your truly special occasions this Holiday season. Masculine and sexy, this intense scent is fresh and oriental. It blends crisp and modern freshness with aromatic spices and a creamy signature base. Top notes include a ginger-pepper cocktail, raindrop accord, and chilled Saduchi. Middle notes are black basil, sage, and cedar leaf. Base notes are made up of amber, patchouli, redwood, and creamy suede.

It's important to keep in mind that every cologne will smell differently on each person. The natural composition of your skin, mood, stress levels, age, body chemistry, and diet can all affect the way a scent may be perceived. Knowing which scent family to work within based on the season can help you find an aroma that will fit the atmosphere around you. If you're new to cologne or unsure, try sampling a few different colognes in order to help you decide which scents fit you best as an individual.

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Fall and Winter Colognes for Men

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