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Mercedes-Benz Cologne Review: 9 of Our Top Picks

Mercedes-Benz is renowned worldwide as the epitome of class, culture, and luxury. It's no surprise that the company would also produce some of the best scents for men. 

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If you drive a flashy car, you want a smell to match your aesthetic. You want to create a brand, leaving an impression on people that they won’t forget.

You’re a man of class and sophistication, who never settles for second best, so you need a cologne to match that energy. 

Here are nine of our favorite cologne choices from Mercedes-Benz that are sure to help you exude the energy you’re looking for.

Our Top 9 Mercedes-Benz Cologne Review Picks

Mercedes Benz Intense EDT

Best Cologne To Make a Statement

Mercedes-Benz Intense is sure to have people remembering your name. The peppery and spicy notes of this scent are as enchanting as they are memorable.

This exotic fragrance creates a warm feeling of nostalgia and warm summer mornings, so we recommend it for any man on the go, as the scent is reminiscent of brand-new leather seats in a top-of-the-line car.

PROS: The smell is very distinctive and will linger for a long time

CONS: It can be an overpowering scent for those sensitive to smells.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Spring/Summer
  • Wear It: In the early morning when you’re going around the town or on an afternoon coffee date
  • Launched: 2020

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Mercedes Benz Club EDT

Best Cologne for a Clean, Light Feeling

With the tantalizing fresh scents of rhubarb and citruses, Mercedes-Benz Club is a cologne that knocks it out of the park without trying too hard.

Distinctively masculine, the juniper berries and cardamom add a little something extra to this amazing scent to make it pop. This fragrance creates a warm feeling of nostalgia and warm summer mornings, so we recommend it for any man on the go.

PROS: The clean smell will leave you feeling refreshed and empowered.

CONS: Customers have indicated that the smell isn’t as bold as would be preferred, so if you want something super strong, this isn’t the right choice.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Fall/Spring
  • Wear It: For a late-night meeting or an afternoon meal with friends
  • Launched: 2013

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Mercedes Benz Man

Best Date Cologne

A uniquely woody sensation, Mercedes Benz Man is for the daring men out there. An irresistible concoction involving cedar, oakmoss, and pear, this fragrance is a bold statement.

Should you dare to don this exquisite scent at your next gathering, be prepared for many people to ask you what scent you happen to be wearing.

PROS: It's very bold and energetic.

CONS: Not as unique and original as other scents on the market.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Spring/Summer
  • Wear It: For a romantic evening or a night on the town.
  • Launched: 2015

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Mercedes Benz Select Night EDP

Best Energizing Cologne

Mercedes Benz Select Night is one of the best-smelling fragrances for men that the company released in 2020. Black currant and Bergamot meet mint and apple notes for a seductive, fruity smell that will make people remember you. This is definitively a man’s cologne, as the masculinity in the bottle is palpable. 

PROS: The scent is very versatile and can be layered with other fragrances to mix things up.

CONS: Doesn’t last as long as other available fragrances. 

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Spring/Summer/Fall
  • Wear It: At lunch with colleagues or at your early morning gym session
  • Launched: 2020

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Mercedes Benz Private

Best Cologne To Wear to Work

No one can resist the sumptuous lavender and patchouli notes that make Mercedes Benz Private an amazing addition to any modern gentleman’s cologne collection.

With just a suit, a smile, and a spritz of this engaging fragrance, you will be sure to impress everyone and radiate charismatic positivity in and out of the office

PROS: Smooth and creamy notes make this scent amazing for a pick-me-up bit of freshness whenever you desire.

CONS: People consider this scent more mature than your average cologne, so it may come off as grandfatherly or outdated. 

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Fall/Winter
  • Wear It: To ace the job interview or at your best friend’s wedding
  • Launched: 2018

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Mercedes-Benz Cologne Review: Mercedes Benz Silver EDT

Best Light and Breezy Cologne: 

A high citrus fusion of bitter orange, grapefruit, and rhubarb, Mercedes Benz Silver is very light and clean. Perfect for when you don’t want to go overboard or be too brash, this scent provokes feelings of peacefulness and clarity. 

PROS: The crisp, clean notes make this fragrance as enjoyable as the scent of a freshly-mowed lawn.

CONS: Many consider this scent to be too weak for casual wear.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Summer/Spring/Fall
  • Wear It: To make a good first impression or to keep things fresh and fun.
  • Launched: 2017

Mercedes Benz The Move

Best Cologne To Pamper Yourself With

When you mix notes of apple blossom, grapefruit, and cardamom with salt, geranium, and Tonka bean, you know you’re in for a luxurious scent experience that will leave everyone breathless. 

This entrancing smell of Mercedes Benz The Move is as decadent as it is refreshing. Your sense of smell is the sense most closely linked to your memory, and with this cologne, you can bet your bottom dollar that no one will forget you anytime soon.

PROS: This scent is very smooth and charming, so it can easily be your signature scent.

CONS: The sweetness in this scent can prove to be rather cloying after an extended period.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Spring/Summer/Fall
  • Wear It: To keep everyone on their toes.
  • Launched: 2019

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Mercedes Benz Club Black EDT

Best Classic Cologne

Jasmine and incense are entangled with amber and vanilla to create a rugged, enduring scent that will last for a long time.

Mercedes Benz Club Black is one of the more classic scents, as every man should have at least one amber-based cologne in his collection. A true gem, this delightful scent will keep you feeling manly and authentic throughout all situations. 

PROS: Very powerful and memorable; this is not a scent to mess around with!

CONS: People have suggested that the scent is reminiscent of booze or someone who’s had a few too many drinks.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Fall/Winter
  • Wear It: For romantic nights by the fire or wholesome family get-togethers 
  • Launched: 2017

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Mercedes-Benz Man Grey EDT

Best Masculine Cologne

Mercedes Benz Man Gray is an oh-so-very-musky scent that will entrance anyone that comes close to you. The crisp notes of citrus and pink pepper pair with elements of sage, musk, and amber wood for a very sentimental and appealing result. 

PROS: Very rugged and long-lasting. A classy scent for the mature male.

CONS: It’s rather simple and lacks complexity.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Winter/Spring/Fall
  • Wear It: To important events and places where you plan to take charge
  • Launched: 2018

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Final Notes

No matter where you’re planning to wear your signature scent, you know that you want to leave an impression. With Mercedes-Benz select colognes, people will be sure to take notice of you as soon as you arrive, and remember you long after you leave.

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