Dreamer by Versace outdoors

Dreamer Cologne by Versace Review: A Unique Aromatic

Versace is a high-quality designer fragrance brand that has been famous for their scents for both men and women. Most of their colognes tend to be crowd-pleasers and safe as blind-buys. The exception to this rule is Dreamer By Gianni Versace For Men Eau De Toilette Spray which was launched in 1996. Dreamer Cologne is a unique scent, fitting for outdoor use. 

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The Dreamer Cologne by Versace is an option that people tend to love or hate - with very little in between. To help you decide if it could be on point for you, Versace Dreamer review gives you the insight on the fragrance's base notes, presentation and usage. 

Dreamer by Versace is an unusual (and potent) combination of floral and tobacco. Personally I enjoy the balance they created between these two very unusual scents. With that combination, it could be a great candidate for fragrance layering. To some people, it just smells like extremely strong soap gone bad.  

Versace Dreamer Cologne

Fragrance Notes

This fragrance starts sweet and gradually dries down to a warm woody scent. Top notes include clary sage, lavender and mandarin. The heart (which seem to be what most people object to) is a combination of geranium, rose and tobacco. However the tobacco is more freshly-picked and sharper than you usually smell in colognes. Is it a strange pairing? Yes — but I think they pull it off. The basenotes are tonka bean and cedar. 


Like the rest of the Versace fragrance line — this bottle features the Medusa logo prominently. Compared to many of their other bottle designs, this one is more subdued and subtle with a light gold and silver theme. The sprayer is solid and since this fragrance is so intense, one to two squirts should do the trick.

The Dreamer cologne is also available in a 3-piece men's gift set. The Versace Dreamer gift set includes the cologne bottle, foaming gel and after shave - all with the same notes. 


I would say Dreamer is more of a fall/winter fragrance — definitely well suited to cool weather. I wear it primarily for casual weekend wear but it's polished enough, I could see it working for evening/romantic wear — less clubbing and more walks in the snow and gathering around the fire. 

Sillage/ Longevity

The Dreamer cologne lasts pretty much forever and has strong projection. I've woken up the next day still smelling like it. If you're looking for something that lasts all evening, this is a great bet. That said, I don't like wearing such a strong fragrance to the office or meetings.

Dreamer Cologne Verdict

Personally, I enjoy the scent of Dreamer by Versace. With rose, geranium and tobacco it's a truly unique balance of scents and stands out with its originality. That said, I know it isn't a crowd-pleaser. Recently it's been on heavy discount from Amazon — if you can get it for half-off it might still be worth a blind-buy. Otherwise it might be worth seeking out a sample

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