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Hugo Boss Cologne Review: 11 of Our Top Picks

You are the daily man. Whether you walk to the grocer, go out for a jog in daytime weather, or meet someone for a coffee date, you are there to impress.

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Play the man you wish to be, and be the better you with fragrances described in this Hugo Boss cologne review.

About Hugo Boss

Hugo Ferdinand Boss was a German fashion designer who, in 1924, founded the fashion clothing line Hugo Boss.

Hugo Boss Outlet

The brand launched its first fragrance in 1985 with the Hugo Boss cologne original: Boss Number One. To date, there are approximately 100 Hugo Boss fragrances with scents that appeal to every taste and occasion. 

Our Top 11 Picks For Hugo Boss Cologne

Hugo is for he who can impress, for the man with the necessary confidence to grab the attention of everybody - now he just wants to smell the part. Let’s find the Hugo Boss man eau de toilette scent that’s right for you.

Hugo Boss EDT

Best Intro to Hugo Boss

HUGO Eau De Toilette Spray for Men will surely catch the nose of any lady; trust us, we know. And so does Chris Hemsworth, who's been known to wear HUGO as his signature scent.

It is, by far, our favorite: the subtle notes of lavender complimented by a spice to gravitate ladies towards yourself, and a refreshing amber fragrance wrapping around a blend of woods, citrus, and spicy leaves to keep them wanting more.

PROS:  Refreshing masculine scent.

CONS: Not ideal for evening outings.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter
  • Wear it: Day-time
  • Launched: 1995

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Hugo Boss Baldessarini Eau Fraiche

Best for a Warm Day

Baldessarini Ambre Eau Fraiche by Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette Spray complements any warm, summer day with a revitalizing burst of apple and watermelon and creates a chill from any heat.

This woodsy, original cologne by Hugo Boss creates a subtle warmth from its cinnamon and clary sage notes and the earthen tones of cashmere wood and patchouli

PROS: Cool for warm days.

CONS: Subtle smell. 

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Summer/Autumn
  • Wear it: Day-time
  • Launched: 2002

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Hugo Boss Dark Blue EDT

Best for the Casual Man

Dark Blue Eau de Toilette is an older fragrance for the casual man. Use it day or night, and allow the crisp Indian lime, ginger, cypress, sage, patchouli, and suede.

This balanced brew of smells will keep you smelling tasteful and attractive to any person. The citron of this eau de toilette refreshes any nose, yours or another’s, allowing the nearby company to feel comforted by your presence.

PROS: Good, casual scent.

CONS: Poor longevity.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Winter/Fall
  • Wear it: Day/Night
  • Launched: 1999

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Hugo Boss Boss Soul EDT

Best for Creating a Mystery

Boss Soul Eau de Toilette creates a mystery out of the average man. Its Eastern spice blend creates a question for you: “Who is he?”

Use this amber-spice fragrance on a night out and attract any conversation from those lucky gals. This scent features a blend of mandarin, pepper, anise, cardamom, and bergamot, as well as sweet notes from cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.

PROS: Layers of scents.

CONS: Poor longevity. 

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Winter/Fall
  • Wear it: Night
  • Launched: 2005

Hugo Boss Selection EDT

Best for the Boss Man

Envelope yourself in the citrus scents of Boss Selection Eau de Toilette Spray by Hugo Boss. This Hugo Boss man cologne for men lets you become the Boss Man: confident, elegant, successful, attractive.

It introduces you to the lively notes of juicy grapefruit and mandarin with the spice of pink peppercorn. The aromatics of geranium and cedar leaves are within its center, along with fragrant star anise. This masculine musk will carry your every move.

PROS: Wear it anywhere.

CONS: Not a strong aroma.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Spring/Fall
  • Wear it: Day/Night
  • Launched: 2006

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Boss in Motion EDT

Best for Energy

Blended with fresh aquatics and a fruit-infused aroma, the Eau de Toilette Boss in Motion Black by Hugo Boss will keep you energized and revitalized during any daytime outing.

The masculine spice from myrrh's ginger and earthy fragrance keep you on edge from hints of the aromatic grapefruit, bergamot, and kumquat citron. 

PROS: Will keep you energized for any outing with its masculine fragrance.

CONS: Weak longevity upon usage.

  • For: Men
  • Season(s): Spring
  • Wear it: Day-time
  • Launched: 2006

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Best for the Office

This woodsy fragrance by the Hugo XY Eau de Toilette Spray is perfect for the office man. It’s not too overbearing and complements any suit-and-tie occasion from its subtle hint of mint.

Feel the complements of musk and cedar, pear leaf, and bergamot to keep you feeling fresh and smelling good for those handsome business meetings. 

PROS: Can be used anywhere, especially in small spaces, given its subtle smell.

CONS: Not overbearing for the active lifestyle.

  • For: Men
  • Season(s): Spring/Summer
  • Wear it: Day-time
  • Launched: 2007 

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Hugo Boss Unlimited EDT

Best for Being Alluring

Bring success to any dinner date for all occasions with Boss Bottled Unlimited Eau de Toilette by Hugo Boss. Find that hidden layer of masculinity with one of the best Hugo Boss perfumes for men.

Allure your ladies with green notes of iced violet and mint with a blend of pineapple and grapefruit, including a lasting sandalwood spice.

PROS: Gain confidence and excitement for any occasion.

CONS: May attract too many people around your person, causing you to take care of too many women at once.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Spring/Summer
  • Wear it: Day-time
  • Launched: 2014

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Hugo Red EDT

Best for Some Spice in Your Life

Are you looking for that secret spice? Hugo Boss’ original cologne Hugo Red Eau de Toilette creates an oriental finish to your masculinity.

This fragrance creates spice in your actions with metallic notes and the citron aromatic grapefruit and pineapple. The pink pepper and hot amber make you hot and relaxed, so do not forget to bring that into your everyday flow.

PROS: The hidden fruit smell will complement your daily ventures.

CONS: May be an overly intimate smell.

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Spring/Summer
  • Wear it: Day-time
  • Launched: 2013

Boss The Scent EDT

Best for the Irresistible

Become one with seduction with Hugo Boss’ eau de toilette Boss the Scent and turn into the irresistible. Make all the ladies cat-call you once this spiced aroma touches your skin.

Empower your masculinity with hints of leather, wood, and ginger spice. Complement your nightly outings with a touch of subtle lavender and Maninka and the citron of mandarin and bergamot.

PROS: Women will never stop wanting you.

CONS: Too many women will want you from its lasting scent.

  • For: Men
  • Season(s): Fall
  • Wear it: Day/Night
  • Launched: 2015

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Hugo Iced EDT

Best for the Modern Man

A refreshing aromatic, Hugo Boss’ original cologne Hugo Iced is the modern man’s wingman. The notes of mint and tea create an icy freshness and energetic vibe for your everyday rhythm.

This sweet blend is complemented by the woody and green character of Indian vetiver root, creating an aquatic balance of aromas.

PROS: Creates a sweet and energizing aroma around your person, bringing confidence to you and others.

CONS: Does not project well but sits comfortably on your skin for smelling pleasures.

  • For: Men
  • Season(s): Summer/Spring
  • Wear it: Day-time
  • Launched: 2017

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