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Jimmy Choo Man Reviewed: Fresh and Sweet But Is It Grown-up Enough?

Jimmy Choo Man is the first men’s fragrance released by Jimmy Choo in 2014 with an ad campaign that featured Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington. With its fruity, sweet, and woody notes, the cologne quickly established itself as a fresh and modern fragrance for men.

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Who Makes It?

The brand behind this fragrance, is a well-known company for luxury footwear. You’ve probably seen this designer’s creations in cult classics like Sex and the City or The Devil Wears Prada.

jimmy choo man box

Jimmy Choo is a British company that has been around since 1996. The designer behind the shoes that established this brand as a luxury company is originally from Malaysia. He is the son of a shoe cobbler and started making shoes when he was only 11.

He opened a store in the UK in the 80s, and Vogue featured his creations only a couple of years after his store opened. The brand has won several awards over the years and established itself as a staple of the fashion world with its daring designs.

Fragrances are a fairly recent addition to the Jimmy Choo product catalog, but they reflect the creativity that has helped set the brand apart.

Scent Notes

Jimmy Choo Man delivers an interesting mix of fruity and woody notes. It has a freshness you won’t find in most men’s colognes and an aromatic profile that creates a unique effect in a world where most men’s fragrances play the musk card.

The main accords are sweet and fruity with notes of honeydew melon, pineapple, lavender, or pink pepper. You’ll find underlying notes with a hint of leather, suede, and musk to establish a more masculine profile. There are also some patchouli and spice notes present. 

You’ll notice the fresh notes first, then the heart notes will reveal themselves, including the spicy and fruity smells of the cologne. The base notes will come last, and that’s when the woody and patchouli notes will become noticeable.

Due to the success of the Man cologne, Jimmy Choo released different versions of it. Here are the other products you can find in the Man lineup:

jimmy choo man blue

Jimmy Choo Man Blue EDT

Jimmy Choo Man Blue is a more aromatic take on this scent. It preserves the pineapple and lavender notes of the original scent, but you’ll also find notes of vanilla, amber, bergamot, or black pepper for a versatile and modern fragrance.

jimmy choo man ice

Jimmy Choo Man Ice EDT

Jimmy Choo Man Ice emphasizes freshness and crispness with dominant citrus notes. It mixes citrus with a musky and woody profile for a clean scent that is less complex than the original Man fragrance.

jimmy choo man intense

Jimmy Choo Man Intense EDT

Jimmy Choo Man Intense is a more daring and seductive cologne. It mixes fresh and warm spicy notes with herbal accords, hints of amber, mandarin orange, melon, tonka bean, and patchouli.

Who Would Like It?

Jimmy Choo Man cologne is a good option for men who want a safe, go-to fragrance. The mix of woody and fruity notes is pleasant, and you can project the image of a man who takes care of himself and who has good taste without taking a risk with an unusual scent.

It’s great if you want a modern and sweet scent and like colognes that don’t rely on classic notes like leather or musk. It’s a popular option among young men because of the fresh notes and well-balanced profile.

Where Should You Wear It?

This is a versatile fragrance. The fresh notes of Jimmy Choo Man are great for the spring and summer. If you’re looking for a winter scent, we recommend looking for a cologne with strong woody notes.

It’s a fragrance you can wear during the day. The mix of sweet notes and patchouli makes it suitable for evening wear as well.

However, the fruity notes and intermediate strength might be too much for daily wear at the office. Think of it more as a casual occasion scent, or as a fresh scent for a night out with friends. The Ice or Blue variations might be better for something to wear in professional settings.

It’s potentially something you could wear on a day if the sweet profile matches your personality, but Jimmy Choo Man Intense might be a better option.

Packaging and Presentation

The bottle looks fairly traditional with its square shape. It features thicker glass at the bottom and a smoke tint that creates a modern and masculine look. The cap and packaging use a crocodile scale texture and black color for a more luxurious touch. This textured look has become one of the signatures of the brand’s fragrance line with other products using it.

jimmy choo man

The Intense and Ice variations use a similar packaging, except for the tint of the bottle. The Intense version uses a darker glass while the Ice cologne comes in a bottle with a frost effect that evokes the crisp citrus notes of the scent.

The Blue variation replaces the crocodile scale texture with a smooth surface for the bottle cap. The bottle features a blue gradient, and the packaging uses stripes to mix different shades of blue that is reminiscent of the packaging for Nautica Voyage. The packaging still uses the scaly texture with a blue tint, as you can see with this Jimmy Choo Man Blue gift set.

Personal Impressions

Jimmy Choo Man is a fun, sweet, and fresh men’s fragrance. It’s perfect for young men who want something that feels more modern and that is lighter than traditional colognes. The intermediate strength makes it very versatile.

The balance between the sweet and fresh notes is where the interest of the fragrance lies. Few men’s fragrances use fruity notes as their dominant accords and tend to rely on more masculine notes like sandalwood or boozy fragrances instead.

The main downside of this cologne is that the fresh and sweet profile doesn’t make a strong statement. If you want a scent that helps you stand out or that feels more mature, Man might not be the right option for you and you should consider an alternative like Lagerfeld Cologne.

lavender & man jimmy choo


You’ll notice the fresh and fruity notes at first, with lavender and honeydew melon being the dominant aspects of the fragrance. As the day progresses, the scent will evolve and reveal its woody aspect before the patchouli note becomes more noticeable.

It’s an intermediate scent, which means people will get the full effect if they’re close to you and notice the top notes as you walk by.

Where Can You Buy It

You can purchase Jimmy Choo Man on The Aromi. This site offers different sizes, including a one-ounce bottle if you want to test the fragrance.

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