Best Cologne for Men: Find Your Perfect Fragrance (2019)

Choosing a cologne can be a daunting task!

When asking people their opinions, each will have reasons why they insist that they use the best men’s cologne money can buy. You will also have as many differing opinions as the number of people you ask. The reason for this, at the end of the day, is that the fragrance you like is very personal.

Furthermore, a fragrance that works for one person, may very well not work for you. This is because everyone is made differently. Also to consider, is the fact that some fragrances work well at night, for those calm candle lit dinners, whereas others are designed for day time use, for when a person is working hard but needs to remain fresh all the way to five o’clock. Adding to the confusion is that some fragrances work better in different seasons.

With all this in mind, if you find yourself standing in front of a fragrance stand at a store, or you are trying to select a fragrance from an online store, how on earth do you make the right decision?

To help you in this task, there are a couple of basic things you need to consider.

How to pick the best cologne:

    • Credentials: The following question needs to be asked – which fragrance or fashion house has it in its line of products? A recognizable brand is usually a safe bet, however it is useful to research the lesser known brands too. Some have a history of producing quality products. Often there are master perfumers involved – if there is such a person involved, it is a good start.
    • Scent: Familiarize yourself with what the different notes in a fragrance. The top notes are what you smell first, for a short period of time, the middle notes come through later with the base notes being the “foundation” and long lasting scents. How long the scent lasts on the skin also needs to be considered.
    • Price: Do not be fooled into thinking that the best men’s cologne is going to be the most expensive. The generalization that you get what you pay for, does apply here, however, there are some gems that would rate up there with the best that are very reasonably priced.
    • Personal Choice: This is probably the most important aspect to consider. Once you have found a cologne that makes you feel comfortable and confident, stick with it. A cologne can become an important part of who you are.



Happy By Clinique For Men. Cologne Spray

3.4 Ounces



Liz Claiborne

Curve Connect

Curve Connect by Liz Claiborne for Men Cologne Spray

4.2 Ounce




Gendarme For Men

Gendarme By Gendarme For Men. Cologne Spray

4 Ounces



Tommy Hilfiger

For Men


3.4 Ounces



Lucky You

Lucky You For Men

Lucky You Lucky Brand Cologne Spray

3.4 Ounces



Elizabeth Taylor


Passion by Elizabeth Taylor for Men

4 Ounces



Tommy Bahama

St. Barts

Tommy Bahama St Barts Cologne Eau de Cologne Spray for Men

3.4 Ounces



Estee Lauder


Pleasures by Estee Lauder for Men

3.4 Ounces



Sex Panther

Non Growl Box

Sex Panther Cologne Spray Non Growl Box

1.7 Ounces



Hugo Boss


Hugo Boss Cologne for Men, Element

3 Ounces



5 Best Men’s Cologne

Clinique Happy

    • Clinique Happy is a men’s cologne that has been designed to have a well-balanced fragrance with a strong leaning towards citrus. Launched in 1999, it has been on the market for a number of years and wearing the “Clinique” brand gives it a certain quality assurance. Clinique market phrase is “Wear it and be happy”.
    • The price will play into this as the cost is not exorbitant for the size bottle (100ml, 3.4 ounces). 
    • It is a spray cologne which is packaged in a well-designed bottle which makes it easy to apply and have with you when you need it most. It has a citrus fragrance that comesout strongly when first applied, and continues as it is worn. It has a base of masculine woody fragrances of cedar, Mediterranean cypress and Guiacwood.

Features of Clinique Happy

      Citrus fragrance with woody base

      It is packaged in a 100 ml (3.4 ounces) bottle


      Clinique Happy has a well-balance fragrance with both masculine and sweet aspects to it
      It is priced reasonably when compared to other colognes


      This fragrance of this cologne has been known to dissipate quite quickly when applied and the consistency of the liquid seems watered down
      Because of the above mentioned point, it has been said to be over-priced
      The spray mechanisms does not give a fine enough cloud


      The Clinique Happy cologne for men is a cologne that is well-balanced in terms of fragrance. The citrus fragrance comes out strongly when first applied and continues for some time. It is backed by a woody tone.

      On the down side, the longevity of the fragrance on the skin is something that could be improved. It is felt that it does not last long once applied. Furthermore, the watered down nature of the cologne is area for concern. Lastly, the spray mechanism can be improved to produce a finer spray.

      With all this in mind, and considering that it is a mid-range men’s cologne product, it cannot expected to have the quality that top range men’s colognes have. It has, as a major plus, a very well designed fragrance. The longevity of the fragrance on the skin is the main cause for concern.

      Overall, it can be considered as a fair buy.

Liz Claiborne Curve Connect

    • This men’s cologne has the distinct mark of Liz Claiborne on it. Ms. Claiborne is well known for her positive influence on the fashion and personal image industry, and this cologne seems to follow those trends. 
    • The Connect Cologne is part of an established product line. Designed for the everyday, casual wear, it is a well-designed cologne that has sweet as well as masculine tones. These are derived from the Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, tobacco flower and tea notes that are included in this simple, yet effective design. 
    • The cologne comes packaged in a bottle which is the favorite color of Liz Claiborne – red. In it, one will receive 4.2 ounces (125 ml) of cologne. For this amount of cologne, the price point is very competitive.

Features of Liz Claiborne Curve Connect

      A 4.2 ounce (125 ml) bottle of cologne.

      The bottle is in the color red.

      The scent of the cologne is simple yet effective with notes of Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Tobacco flower and tea.


      The product is priced very competitively when considering the amount of cologne one receives
      The simple design of the notes are well designed for everyday, casual use
      The fragrance is useful for use on hot days
      The packaging, in a red bottle, is eye-catching


      The fragrance does not last too long on the skin before having to be reapplied
      The cologne can seem watered down.


      The Liz Claiborne Curve Connect cologne for men is a simply designed fragrance that has its place among any man’s collection of colognes.

      Known by its bright red bottle – a link to Liz Claiborne, who was known for her love of red – this men’s cologne fills the space of everyday, casual cologne very well. The uncomplicated fragrance design, which is a contrast to many competitive products, is designed to produce a masculine scent.

      The fragrance is known not to last too long on the skin, something which other colognes in this price range also fall short on. It has to be remembered, however, that this is an entry level cologne and it is a cologne, not a perfume.

      When compared to other colognes in this price range, the larger 125 ml (4.2 ounces) bottle makes this cologne a great buy.


    • Designed by respected fragrance maker Topper Shroeder, the Gendarme cologne for men is used by A-list Hollywood celebrities and appears in exclusive boutiques. In a search for best men’s colognes, this one is sure to be near the top of the list. 
    • Gendarme is known for its crisp, clean, fresh, “directly out of the shower” fragrance that does not have one tone that overpowers any of the others. It has a citrus and fruity fragrance that has a long lasting effect on the skin.
    • Like the product, its packaging is clean and crisp. A simple bottle with clean black graphics gives it a classy appearance. 
    • It is priced near the top end of the cologne range

Features of Gendarme

      It has a fragrance which is crisp, clean and fresh.

      Tones of lemon and lime as well as lavender and bergamot make up the fragrance.

      Hints of jasmine and lilac are also noted.

      The cologne is known to last a long time on the skin once applied.

      It comes in a simple yet classy bottle with black graphics.


      The cologne has a fresh, clean fragrance which is suitable for all occasions
      The cologne has a long lasting effect on the skin
      The packaging is clean and classy
      It was initially designed to not cause irritations on the skin – a major advantage in a cologne
      It is available in 4 different sizes, both to suit your need and pocket


      The only disadvantage is the price of the product – however, it must be remembered that this is a top end product.


      The best men’s cologne line up would most definitely include the Gendarme cologne.

      When looking at the product itself, the clean, crisp and fresh tones that are released when being worn distinguish it from other colognes which often have an overwhelming tone that comes through. Furthermore, the long lasting effect that one application of this cologne has, places it ahead of most men’s colognes which need reapplication more frequently.

      Being a top end product, it will naturally be more expensive than most colognes, but with the 4 different sizes, purchasing it, for most people in the market for a cologne, is doable.

      If you are looking for a quality men’s cologne, you would do well to consider Gendarme.

Tommy Hilfiger

    • Tommy Hilfiger is an American and worldwide recognized brand name. Since 1995, when they launched the Tommy for Men fragrance, they have been making fragrances that have captivated the attention of not only the common man but of the stars and celebrities too. 
    • That first fragrance – Tommy for Men - produced by the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation is the fragrance that is under discussion here. 
    • It is packaged in the distinctive red, blue and white box – which links it to the American flag. The bottle is simple but classy.
    • Known as a day time fragrance, this men’s cologne is not overpowering, yet has a scent that is warm and comfortable. 
    • With the choice of 4 size bottles and a price tag that is very reasonable, this is a men’s cologne worth considering.

Features of Tommy Hilfiger

      The cologne comes in the distinctive red, blue and white box that is known to the Tommy Hilfiger brand.

      The fragrance itself has base notes of cinnamon and apple pie, with middle notes of bluegrass and lavender, and top notes of tangy citrus and cranberry.

      It is available in 3 size bottles – 1 ounce, 1.7 ozs and 3.4 ozs.


      Tommy For Men is a scent that will be recognized because of its longevity and popularity in the marketplace.
      This men’s cologne has a warm and comfortable fragrance.
      The cologne is backed by a respected brand name and “endorsed” by various well-known celebrities.
      It is available in three sizes.
      The price point is very reasonable.


      The scent doesn't last too long on the skin once applied.


      When trying to establish a list of best men’s colognes, Tommy Hilfiger may be considered to be on that list.

      Firstly, it has the backing of a very well-known brand who has a great history in the personal image sphere, and is used by many celebrities – something which other colognes cannot always claim.

      The fragrance is also well designed, not being too strong – which can be a problem with some colognes.

      Lastly, it is reasonably priced for such a respected brand in the industry. You would do well to have a bottle of this men’s cologne on your shelf.

Lucky You

    • The Lucky You cologne for men is one of the products offered by the renowned Liz Claiborne fashion house. The credentials of this toiletry are even more impressive when one realizes that the nose behind this cologne is the master perfumer Jean-Claude Deville. Without even looking at the details of this fragrance, one should already be convinced that this is one of the best men’s cologne on the market.
    • The scent itself has been described as fresh and clean with a definite musk note to it. The design gives it a masculine fragrance. 
    • Not only does this cologne have a great scent, it also is long lasting. It is known to last all day, something unusual for a cologne, especially in this price range. 
    • On that note, the price point of this men’s cologne is very good for what you get.

Features of Lucky You

      A 3.4-ounce bottle green bottle with lucky clover image embossed on it.

      A fresh, clean, musky and masculine scent.

      A long lasting scent on the skin.


      A quality looking bottle with extra details to link it to the brand.

      A well liked fresh, clean, musky and masculine scent.

      A scent that lasts a long time on the skin.

      A very reasonable price.


      With everything this product has, there is nothing that can be said against it.


      The Lucky You men’s cologne is designed by one of the top perfumers in the fragrance world and bears the name of Liz Claiborne – both of which give this cologne amazing credentials.

      The scent, which is fresh and clean with definite musky and masculine notes, is well liked among users of this cologne. It is also known to last long once applied, which is unusual for colognes which usually need to be re-applied during the day. This is a major plus, for obvious reasons, but also making it even more reasonable as it won’t need to be sprayed as much as colognes in a similar price range.

      The price, for a men’s cologne with these credentials and quality, is very reasonable.

      This one is definitely in the running to be the Best in Men's Cologne.​

Final Verdict: 

Choosing the best men’s cologne is not as simple as that! The reason for this is that a fragrance is a very personal thing.

Having said that, there are a couple of aspects that need to be considered when making a decision. Looking specifically at the 5 colognes reviewed here, the most expensive cologne per ounce is the Gendarme cologne. This one, however, was specifically designed, has endorsements from well-known personalities and has the credentials of a great cologne.

The least expensive is per ounce is Lucky You. This cologne surprisingly has virtually no negatives against it.

The other aspect that needs to be mentioned in these reviews, is that apart from the two mentioned above, all the others scents do not seem to last long once applied. Having said this, colognes are designed to not last as long as perfumes.

Considering all the above, it would seem, from the colognes considered here, the Lucky You cologne would be the best men’s cologne to buy. This, however, cannot be set in stone because the personal taste of fragrance is the most important factor to consider, and that is something only the individual can determine.