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Givenchy Pi Review: A Spotlight on Sweetness

At the time of Pi’s inception, Givenchy was led by Alexander Mcqueen, known for his fearless designs that immediately left a mark on fashion.

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It’s no surprise, then, that Givenchy would release a fragrance as distinct as Pi. Since its release in 1998, it has inspired several successors, including Pi Fraiche, Pi Metallic Collector, and Pi Neo.

Givenchy Pi EDT

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Does this Eau de Toilette’s performance match its standout reputation?

Scent Notes (according to the brand)

Mandarin, Pine needle (top notes); Infinium (heart notes); Ironwood - Benzoin Crystals (base notes).


Born in Seville, Spain in 1950, Alberto Morillas began working in a perfumery at age 20. He is credited with developing nearly 7000 perfumes across his career, and he received the Prix Francois Coty in 2003.

Some notable fragrances of his include Calvin Klein CK One (1994), Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio (1996), and Marc Jacobs Daisy (2007).

The success of Pi marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between Morillas and Givenchy, who have gone on to develop eight other fragrances together.


On their website, Givenchy describes Pi as a “woody and magnetic fragrance for a man who aims to exceed his own limits.” 

Packaging & Presentation

The box is simple, featuring a golden pi symbol, and the brand name in black typeface over a white background.

Givenchy Pi EDT for Men

The reserved packaging acts as a canvas for the bottle itself, which ups the complexity with a multi textured glass surface and metallic gold nozzle that offers an appearance as memorable as its aroma. 

Who Would Like Givenchy Pi Cologne

Pi is a sweet and inviting fragrance directed towards men, though it could comfortably pass as a unisex scent.

It suits the colder seasons best, with the almond, basil, and rosemary notes delivering a warmth most commonly associated with the fall. 

Where To Wear Givenchy Pi Cologne

If you’re headed to an intimate gathering, you’ve found the right choice. Whether you’re on an evening date, or among friends and family for dinner, this fragrance will fit right in.

family dinner

The freshness it brings adds versatility, and would not seem out of place in a corporate environment when applied delicately. 

Givenchy Pi Review: Personal Impressions

Notes of mandarin orange take the forefront after the first spray. There’s a welcome addition of herbal flavor too, with accents of rosemary and basil making themselves known, while still allowing the sweetness to hold the spotlight.

Despite not being listed, there’s a distinct smell of coconut as well. Pi is an irrational number, meaning it's ever evolving, never reaching a conclusion. Similarly, the fragrance unfolds over the course of the day.

Following the dry down, notes of vanilla, benzoin, and almond rise to the forefront. After an initial adjustment period, the fragrance maintained a consistent level of intensity for eight hours after its application, with almond increasingly becoming the primary note over time. 

Givenchy Pi EDT Spray for Men

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Similar Fragrances To Consider

For a brighter, spicier, option that maintains the same base of benzoin sweetness, consider Givenchy Pi Air. It’s the perfect counterpart to the original EDT to wear during the warmer months. Fourreau Noir Serge Lutens presents similar almond accords, with the addition of lavender and musk. 

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