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Men’s Guide to Getting Ready for Date Night

You simply can't go wrong freshening up your look for before a big date. A little effort can go a long way to make you look and feel your best, and with that kind of confidence, you're sure to woo and win over your lucky date. Here are a few tips and tricks to get ready for your big night.

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Guide to Getting Ready for Date Night

1. Schedule a Haircut and Beard Trim in advance.

A lot of people think a fresh, day-of, haircut is the best haircut. Let's face it, there's nothing quite like that just left the salon feeling. However, that is not everyone's cup of tea. It's nice to go and enjoy a nice clean cut one or two days before your big date, so that all you have to focus on is how to wow your date the day of.

If you schedule a haircut a few days before your date, you will have a clean and natural look. Use a light pomade or gel to hold your style in place, we like Bumble & Bumble's Sumotech, to prevent things like static cling or wind from ruining your look.

This gives you a little more time to make your dinner reservations and order those beautiful flowers she will love!

Guide to Getting Ready for Date Night

2. Take Care of Your Skin

Take it from a woman, soft skin is touchable skin. Consider showering with a moisturizing body wash like the Jack Black Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser. This will give you a head start on soft skin, and at the same time have you feeling fresh.

Of course, lotion is the real trick for healthy skin. The problem is that most men (and women) don't like the sticky and wet feeling lotion leaves behind. The good news is that there are body lotions without the stickiness.

After you shower, use Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion. It will help you get super soft skin without the icky feeling most lotions come with.

Guide to Getting Ready for Date Night

3. Shave After You Shower

If you want to go out with a fresh shave, it is best to shave after a shower rather than before. I know, I know. You want to shave and then wash off all the hair. 

The thing is, when you shower, your skin and hair follicles soften, which makes it much easier to shave. You can combine this with a shave gel or oil like St. James of London's Post Shave Gel to significantly minimize your chance of nicks and razor burn, as well as add back the moisture that shaving sometimes strips from the face .

No nicks, no razor burn, added moisture? Sounds like you have a clean shave to me.

Guide to Getting Ready for Date Night

4. Fix Your Facial Hair

If you prefer the opposite of the clean-shaven look, you should set aside a few minutes to manage your beard and mustache.

There's a big difference between a tame and untamed beard. You can keep your beard looking impressive by having a stylist regularly trim and taper. This gets rid of the bushy look and will have you looking sharp.

For a finishing touch, rub some Beardbrand Beard Oil to tame frizz. It's worth it.

Guide to Getting Ready for Date Night

5. Don't Forget the Details

  • Wear clothes that are clean and ironed (or at least not wrinkled).
  • Make sure your nails are clean and trimmed. If you don't like taking care of your hands and feet, let the professionals do it for you.
  • If your lips are dry or cracked, use a lip balm bring them back to life. We recommend Jack Black Intensive Repair Lip Balm. It's minty as well.
  • Speaking of minty, carry mints to keep your breath fresh if needed.
  • Be on time.
  • And relax. You look great. You feel great. You've got this! The most important part is that you have fun spending time with your special someone.

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Guide to Getting Ready for Date Night

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