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The Best Aramis Cologne From Vintage to Modern

Create your signature scent with one of the best Aramis colognes. From vintage to modern, each scent is full of nostalgia and reverie.

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Scents are really special in how they bring back vivid memories and remind you of a place or a different time. Not only that, a pleasing scent from Aramis can set the mood and change the ambiance of a room. 

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Fragrance is also a unique part of your style. Much like grooming, you want to look your best and smell your best. With Aramis long line of classic men's cologne, you can select from traditional musky liquor-infused scents to lighter, more botanical aromas like nature. But with 38 perfumes, which one should you choose?

Unfortunately, Estée Lauder have announced that they will discontinue Aramis from 2023. And, starting with the earliest edition in 1966 all the way up to 2019, it will be a big loss to the industry and lovers of the brand.

With such a vast range, it can be hard to find the right scent among all of Aramis iterations. These are eight of the best Aramis colognes. Tried and tested, we've described the experience each one exudes. Use this as a guide to find a cologne that matches your lifestyle and personality.


Aramis By Aramis Cologne EDT

Just imagine the scent of freshly chopped trees that lingers on a new leather jacket while you're sipping on some hot cinnamon tea. That's basically what Aramis by Aramis Cologne is in a bottle.

It has grassy and fresh undertones with strong woody notes, the most intensive being leather, oakmoss, and amber. There is both a floral spice and a masculine musk that makes this a timeless classic. It keeps the fragrance light and airy with artemisia, bergamot, cinnamon, thyme, and gardenia. 

Created in 1966, it is a little more old fashioned, but it's a scent you can't go wrong with. Like scotch, it's traditional yet remains modern and contemporary.

Who can wear it: 

  • Anyone can pull this off, but men over 50 might like this more.

Where to wear it: 

  • Work, dinner, casual outings - not exactly romantic as it is more brutish with the more pungent musky scent

Aramis Voyager

Aramis Voyager EDT

Think spice, spice, spice. Aramis Voyager has top notes of ginger, juniper berries, and black pepper. The middle notes recall nutmeg, sage, and lavender. Its base, however, is tonka bean. This is a more sweet, trendy, soft scent with a smooth and creamy character.

The smell is a lot weaker from a line of strong masculine Aramis men's colognes, but that's intended to give off a more discreet aroma. Hints of gourmand-oriental bring warmth and character to this one. The best if you're looking for subtle charm.

Who can wear it: 

  • Younger men in their 20s especially one who likes whiskey

Where to wear it: 

  • Work and casually daily a scent that lingers but doesn't overpower


Aramis Adventurer EDT

Adventurer is especially for the dads who like to take their families out sailing every weekend. With notes like seaweed and driftwood, it gives a more sporty scent and delivers a salty ocean vibe.

Aramis adventurer is relatively safe and versatile, which is surprisingly contradictory to the name! The longevity of the scent is outstanding, lasting up to five hours. This is a modern take on the classic Aramis cologne and won't fill the room since it has a weaker projection. It makes for a unique and sophisticated summer fragrance.

Who can wear it: 

  • Dads or men over 30s

Where to wear it: 

  • The office or gym 
  • Perfect for hot days in the summer or while playing sports.

aramis 900

Aramis 900 Herbal EDC

So did your girlfriend buy this one for you? 

Aramis 900 is like the more sexy and mysterious brother of the original Aramis cologne. It leans very heavily on the romantic, elegant scent of rose. As a woody chypre fragrance, chypres usually come with citrus top notes, floral middle notes and are often derived from oakmoss. This one exudes confidence as it is bold and masculine, but not macho.

Who can wear it: 

  • Boyfriends for their girlfriends older men might like this one, and let's be honest, your girlfriend probably bought it for herself.

Where to wear it: 

  • Romantic dates, dimly lit rooms with the ladies. We wouldn't wear this one to the office unless you're trying to set the mood with your boss.

Aramis devin

Devin By Aramis

Devin is an intriguing scent like you've just finished riding horses and spent a lot of time in the saddle. Very herbal, earthy, and smokey.

Both animalistic and classic with the smell of pine, leather, and oakmoss. This is essentially a vintage 70s and 80s fragrance for the countryside's outdoorsy types old school and natural.

Who can wear it: 

  • Unisex for the country girls and boys

Where to wear it: 

  • We could see this being worn in the office, but it might be best for the great outdoors.

aramis tuscany1

Tuscany By Aramis EDT

And he smelled of Tuscany distinctly Italian with dry citrus and limes. 

Tuscany is a fougre, which comes from the French language meaning "fern." This spray is sweet and woody with hints of spice the strongest being lavender and anise. Popular in the '80s and early '90s, it's vintage; it's nostalgic. It's a man's best friend in the fragrance world.

Who can wear it: 

  • Anyone

Where to wear it: 

  • Anywhere you can wear this daily.

Aramis new west

New West By Aramis

New West is a real herbaceous 90s kid. Rugged and sophisticated, it's a green scent for spring and summer with the smell of melon, mint, pine, and lime.

The dry-down can be a bit abrasive, leaving you with scents of dry herbs, but it is a fresh and fruity aquatic fragrance. I'm not sure how they can capture the marine in the bottle, but this epitomizes the era and reminds me of holidays and vacations on the beach.

Who can wear it: 

  • Anyone it's light and green.

Where to wear it: 

  • During the summer on the beach

Aramis Havana

Havana By Aramis EDT

The best ashtray we've ever smelled. And we mean that in the best possible way!

Havana is one of the few beautifully done tobacco-based perfumes. It's oriental and spicy due to the mandarin orange, cinnamon, and tobacco. The scent is as if you've just walked out of the smoke room after smoking a few cigars and drinking.

It's deeper and richer and warm, made for suits and uptowners. Very powerful, masculine, and sophisticated. We like to think of this as an old school Aramis aftershave.

Who can wear it: 

  • Suits, uptowners

Where to wear it: 

  • High power work events, cigar rooms, sophisticated cocktail parties
  • Friendly, casual black tie events

The Verdict

You can't go wrong with any of these Aramis colognes! 

While we're not usually fans of traditional musky scents, Aramis offers a great line for those who are in love with classics. We lean more toward nature-esque and long-lasting yet not overpowering colognes, something to suit my needs for smelling my best at the office or any event. 


Our favorites have to be Tuscany and New West for their lightness and greenness of fragrance, especially suitable for everyday wear. 

What are some of your favorites?

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