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What Does Gucci Guilty Smell Like?

A good cologne can really elevate a man’s presence in a room. So, a man needs to match his scent to his personality, the occasion, and his personal preference. A cologne that we believe covers many of those bases is Gucci Guilty

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What does Gucci Guilty smell like? It is a mild cologne, perfect for work at the office or on a first date. It smells like citrus initially, closely followed by lavender. It also has woody notes. This combination of smells makes it the perfect cologne for any occasion in various seasons. 

Gucci Guilty EDT

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Who Makes it? 

Gucci released their original Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette in 2011. The perfumer behind this scent is Jacques Huclier. Gucci has released a few other versions of Gucci Guilty in the past few years, including Gucci Guilty Black, Intense, Oud, Diamond, Platinum, and Studs. 

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There is also a Gucci Guilty Pour Homme (Gucci Guilty men) and a Gucci Guilty Pour Femme (Gucci Guilty women). 2022 brought the original Gucci Guilty scent in a more highly scented Eau de Parfum, which aims to last longer. 

What Does Gucci Guilty Smell Like?

Gucci Guilty smells like leadership. Leadership is the scent of a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. It smells of confidence and competence.

A man wearing Gucci Guilty has the base scent of the manly, woody fragrance, but the citrus and lavender add an intriguing variation to the mix. 

Scent Notes

Gucci Guilty is a layered cologne. The first layer smells like citrus, like lemon with hints of orange blossoms. Beneath that is a layer of lavender, followed closely by a woody and earthy smell. 

PROS: Works for a variety of men in a variety of situations

CONS: Not very niche

  • Sillage: Good
  • Longevity: Very good
  • Scent potency/ Appropriate for: The office
  • Price: $$$

Who Would Like It 

Gucci Guilty cologne is perfect for the professional man who wants to invest in himself. This fragrance is perfect for a day at work, an event, a date, or a night out.

It is perfect for a man trying to find his scent. It is not overly niche and does not stand out in a crowd. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on your goals for the cologne. This scent is perfect for the professional man beginning to invest in how he smells. 


If you have a significant other, this cologne is a great option! It was created to accompany the Gucci Guilty Pour Femme, the women’s version of the scent. This could be a significant anniversary, birthday, or Christmas gift. If you are getting married soon, these would be perfect options for your wedding day scents. 

When to Wear It

Gucci Guilty is a very versatile cologne. It can fit many different occasions. It suits a work day in the office but would also work well for nightlife. It is subtle enough that it can fit into any situation. 

This cologne is perfect for the office. It isn’t overpowering or loud enough to be distracting, but it still smells good. It will impress your office while giving you confidence. 

As for seasons, we can see it working very well during spring and summer, playing into the citrus and lavender notes. During the fall, the woody notes would be accentuated. There is probably a better option during winter, however. The dryness of the air would easily drown out the depth of the scent. 

Where to Wear It 

As we just mentioned, this cologne is so versatile. It could just as easily be worn to work as it could be to a night on the town or on a fancy date.


It would work for formal or casual, but we would place it closer to the formal side. Anywhere that you would like to appear confident and leader-like. This is perfect for the office, as it is pleasant and complex without being “in-your-face” and distracting. 

Packaging and Presentation

The bottle incorporates a combination of metal and glass in the design. It looks like a very high-end product.

The intertwining “G”s of the Gucci logo rest on the bottle, with the simple title “Gucci Guilty” printed underneath. The metal on the bottle is a dingy brass color with a steel-colored cap. The mix of metals, colors, and materials adds to the intrigue of the bottle. 

Personal Impressions

Gucci is a well-known brand, so I expected a good product. There is no disputing that Gucci is known as one of the most high-quality names in the fashion industry. Gucci came through; this cologne is versatile, it smells terrific, and it is a confidence booster. 

Gucci Guilty EDT: What Does Gucci Guilty Smell Like

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This cologne is an excellent starter for a man trying to find his scent. It is a great fragrance for a man to have in his inventory for its versatility. A man could wear this scent anywhere he goes and feel confident in it. 


Since Gucci Guilty for men is an Eau de Toilette, you should be able to smell it for around 4-6 hours. 4-6 hours is a decent length for cologne, but it won’t quite give you coverage for the whole work day. 

If you are looking for a longer-lasting cologne, it might be worth investing in the Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum, which should last 8-10 hours. The difference comes from the concentration of fragrance oil in the cologne. 

The sillage, which refers to the lingering scent, is good. It will stay with you for a while, leaving a trail for people to smell after you have left. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this Gucci Guilty review was helpful. In summary, this cologne is a great product. It is versatile without being boring, and we recommend it to any professional man looking to boost his fragrance.

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What Does Gucci Guilty Smell Like

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