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Is Scentbird Worth It? The Monthly Fragrance Subscription

This innovative perfume and cologne subscription box is revolutionizing the discovery of new scents. Let’s find out how—and see if it’s worth the hype. 

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What is Scentbird

is scentbird worth it

Scentbird is a fragrance subscription box that delivers new, designer perfumes and colognes to your door every month. Expert fragrance curators carefully choose from a wide variety of luxury and niche brands to provide you with a perfectly-paired fragrance experience. 

Your first scent comes with a chic carrying pouch as well as an atomizer case featuring a secure, twist-to-lock mechanism. Each 8ml vial contains about a month’s worth of sprays so you have plenty of time to test out your new fragrance before the next one arrives. 

How the Scentbird Subscription Box Works


New members begin with a quick and easy quiz on the Scentbird website. Don’t worry, it’s not a test of knowledge. Rather, this quiz helps Scentbird to create a scent profile based on what you like—or dislike. The questions are simple, so whether you’re a fragrance aficionado or you don’t really know what kind of scents you prefer, the expert algorithm will find the perfect fragrance family for you. 

Then, after reviewing your quiz results, you can activate your subscription and receive your first sample of cologne! The shipment arrives in a small bubble package and includes instructions to use and refill the atomizer case. 

Like your fragrance? Great! You can rate it to let Scentbird know, and they’ll tailor your fragrance profile so receive similar scents in the future. Love your fragrance? You can purchase the full-size version from your profile and add it to your fragrance collection. 

Scentbird allows you to look ahead on your profile to view upcoming shipments if the anticipation of waiting for each scent to arrive is too much to handle. However, you aren’t limited to only fragrances. Scentbird has a vast collection of luxury skincare and beauty products to offer, too. So, if you want to take a break from fragrance and explore a new skincare product, you can do so with just a few clicks.  

Scentbird Review & Personal Impression


I’m the type of person who knows what I love when I see it, taste it, or smell it—but, otherwise, I have a difficult time matching words with my preferences. So, I really appreciated starting my fragrance journey with the quiz. That way, I knew I would receive something I liked. And, as it turned out, I love my scents so far. 

The Fragrances

With over 600 scents available—and new ones added all the time—there truly are so many new fragrances with which you can fall in love. Scentbird makes it easy to enjoy luxury scents, no matter if you’re newer to the scent world or an avid fragrance collector. 

The first scent I received was Au Naturel by Christian Siriano. It’s sensual but luxurious, delicate, and silky. It’s the type of natural scent that I’m drawn to, something that enhances, rather than overpowers. I was so impressed with how well the quiz answers translated to scents that I just adore, and I eagerly anticipate next month’s shipment.

I also love the handy, helpful cards that come along with each fragrance. They provide thorough descriptions of each scent, including starting and finishing notes, as well as delicate little icons depicting the main aromas of each fragrance. It is just another way that Scentbird enhances the fragrance experience—I feel as if I’m learning more about colognes and scents with each delivery.

The option to try out many different fragrances over time is so appealing for those who, like me, enjoy “switching things up.” Purchasing full-sized bottles can get expensive, especially if you don’t use the same fragrance every day. However, with Scentbird, I can build my fragrance collection, finding scents for every mood or situation, without breaking the bank—or needing to find new storage! 

Casing & Extras

Not only is Scentbird a great way to test out new fragrances, but the thin, sleek bottles are the perfect size to stash in your bag, briefcase, purse, pocket, desk drawer, or glove compartment—pretty much anywhere you might need an extra spritz of scent.  

I was pleasantly surprised with the engineering of the atomizer case. The locking mechanism is great so you never have to worry about the fragrance accidentally spraying or leaking in your bag.

Plus, the magnetic closure snaps together so beautifully, keeping your vial contained while maintaining a sleek, streamlined design on the outside. And, can we have a moment of appreciation for the matching drawstring dust bag? It’s a simple, yet elegant upgrade that I’ll definitely use to protect the gorgeous gold Scentbird logo.

Final Thoughts: Is Scentbird Worth It?


Scentbird is a refreshing, innovative way to discover and experience the best luxury fragrances on the market. Whether you’re an established aroma pro or just looking to venture into the world of fragrance, Scentbird is the perfect way to do so.

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