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Qaveman Swiss Natural Skincare For Men Review

It’s about to get fresh in here! The Swiss skincare brand Qaveman has developed a range of products especially for men, inspired by ingredients found in the Swiss Alps and the southern Swiss region Ticino. 

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Qaveman Swiss Natural Skincare

For this review, Qaveman provided their Discovery Kit — a collection of their four core products, in travel-size. The cute little travel-sized (75/100ml) tubes are very practical and may look small at first glance but will last a long time. I used the Qaveman range exclusively for a week and didn’t once need another cleaning or shaving product since the range covered all my skincare needs. The four essentials are packed with nourishing and lovely smelling gels and foams that will make you feel like you’re standing on top of a Swiss mountain — which I know since I live here  in Switzerland. 

Here’s a breakdown of the four grooming essentials included in my tester kit:

Qaveman Face Wash

Qaveman Swiss Natural Skincare

I usually need a lot of product to clean my face but a little bit of this face wash goes a long way — Swiss efficiency at its finest. The foam smells like the Alps, revitalizing and refreshing. After using it my skin feels clean but not too dry. Thanks to the natural ingredients, I can use the wash a couple times a day and not dry my skin out. I placed it in the shower to be able to wash my face while getting ready for the day. Made in Ticino, this product is inspired by the clean waters and the gentle energy of the southern region of Switzerland.

Qaveman Face Moisturizing Cream

Qaveman Swiss Natural Skincare

To nourish and comfort the skin the whole day, Qaveman developed this facial cream for an instant and long-lasting moisturizing effect. It’s made in Bern, the capital of Switzerland, with natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, sunflower oil and chamomile. Good news: even though it’s packed with oils, the cream has a matte effect and will not leave your skin shiny like a disco ball. A lot of my creams make me feel greasy and leave an unwanted shine on my face. I enjoy using this cream in the morning and would use it as my everyday moisturizer.

Qaveman Shaving Cream

Qaveman Swiss Natural Skincare

How many times have you cut yourself while shaving? My skin is very sensitive to shaving and I frequently end up with little cuts all over my face. This shaving cream doesn’t foam and is instead completely transparent. Thanks to the transparency, I could see exactly where my razor was going and I didn’t cut myself once this week. Furthermore, since I only need a thin layer of the cream on my beard area, this small tube will last me forever — no need to buy foaming shaving cream constantly. Finally I didn’t have irritated skin or breakouts — a real success!

Qaveman After Shave

Qaveman Swiss Natural Skincare

Nothing makes me feel more fresh and elegant than a nicely smelling after shaving. Qaveman’s aftershave is is very light, moisturizing and leaves my skin protected for the day. If I ever do accidentally cut myself while shaving, this after shave will disinfect and heal the cuts. It adds a nice finishing touch to my morning routine and leaves me smelling like a shea butter bar.

Final Thoughts

My favorite product is the shaving cream, it’s transparent and let’s me see exactly where I’m placing my razor  — hooray to no precision and no more cuts! My results after using Qaveman for a week are positive: my skin is soft, nourished but not greasy and I am looking forward to the fresh Alpine smells every morning when I’m getting ready for the day.

I would definitely recommend Qavemans cleaning and shaving products for men who like efficiency, a nice smell and happy skin.

To learn more, visit them on the Gentleman's Corner website.


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