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Mr. Burberry Cologne: A Review of the EDP

Mr. Burberry is a classic in Burberry's line of colognes for men and the EDP is an interesting departure from its predecessor. Released in 2017, Mr. Burberry EDP takes on a more mysterious, sensual vibe than the original Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette’s lighter touch. 

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It was launched by the brand with Josh Whitehouse as the face and evoked a dark and stormy, quintessentially British feeling through its marketing aesthetic. 

Mr Burberry Cologne

Along with the launch of this new Mr. Burberry cologne set, Burberry released a limited-edition line of Aftershave Balm, Face Scrub, and Hair and Beard Clay which carry notes of the original EDT.

Reimagining a classic is a bold move. Is this new rendition worth your cash?


This new take on the classic Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette was crafted by Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey and world-renowned French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.

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Francis is also the creator behind the original Eau de Toilette and the more recent Mr. Burberry Indigo.

Scent Notes

“What does Mr. Burberry cologne smell like?” Well, the EDP keeps to the roots of the original but takes on a darker, more sensual tone. 

Most noticeably, this Mr. Burberry cologne contains notes of cardamom, mint, tarragon, and grapefruit.

Beneath that, you’ll find notes of lavender, cedar, and nutmeg, followed by patchouli, cinnamon, amber, benzoin, sandalwood, and vetiver at its base.

While this cologne keeps the core scents of grapefruit, cardamom, cedar, tarragon, mint, lavender, and nutmeg that are present in Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette, the addition of amber, sandalwood, vetiver, and cinnamon enhances the depth and complexity of the Eau de Parfum.

The Who, Where and When of This Fragrance

Those who prefer darker tones and warm, earthy scents would love Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum. It's meant to evoke the feeling of mystery and luxury so often associated with London so it is perfect for those who like a bit of drama and mystique.  

Being as its goal is to evoke the anticipation and excitement of London nightlife - this fragrance is perfect for your evening jaunts. It’s a sensual, rich cologne that might be better suited for dates and evening events rather than the office

With its luxurious, warm undertones of cinnamon, cedar, and nutmeg, we think that this Mr. Burberry cologne would be best worn in the fall and winter

The colder months often spark the desire for scents heavy with spices and comforting warmth, such as mulled wine and wood smoke. Mr. Burberry EDP neatly falls into step with and compliments those classic scents.

Packaging and Presentation

As opposed to Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette and Mr. Burberry Indigo, Mr. Burberry EDP has adopted a sleek, refined, and dark presentation that evokes the image of the original Burberry black Heritage Trench Coat. 

The bottle is a solid, heavy glass with a weighted cap, giving a lovely, sturdy feeling when held. Burberry offers the option of a personalized monogram that can be etched into the glass for a more personal touch.

In addition, the cap is reminiscent of the horn-look buttons present on the Heritage Trench Coat

Uniquely, there is a small strip of black fabric tied around the neck of the bottle below the cap. This little piece of fabric brings to mind the image of a bowtie, but it is also a reference to the fabric invented by Thomas Burberry himself specifically for the heritage Trench Coat. 

Mr. Burberry Cologne

This fabric, called gabardine, was invented by Thomas to be breathable yet weatherproof in correlation with Burberry’s founding belief that clothing should be made to protect individuals from the harsh British climate.

The lettering on the bottle is an interesting mix as it consists of “Burberry” in a bold, traditional font with a freer, handwritten font used for “Mr.” The combination of the two conjures a feeling of old-world London academia.

This Mr. Burberry cologne is available in various box sets that include both the Eau de Parfum and the original Eau de Toilette, and are often packaged in an elegant black box adorned with the same brand monogram that is on the bottle itself.

Personal Impressions

As someone who favors dark, earthy scents reminiscent of spices and the colder months, Mr. Burberry EDP really appeals to me.


To me, the notes of mint and lavender seem a bit mismatched with the other notes of cinnamon and cedar. Though, it does offer a balance between light and dark scents as well as a callback to the original Mr. Burberry cologne. 


Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum is noted for having a strong, long-lasting scent that remains potent even after it dries. 

While this cologne is marketed toward men (and very popular among the women in their lives) this cologne appeals to a wide demographic beyond just men. 

Copies Worth Mentioning

If this Mr. Burberry cologne isn’t quite for you but you’re looking for something similar, there are other options out there at various price points. 

Sunrise in Cadaques by Salvador Dali, Black Label Eau Legere by S. Oliver, and UDV Action by Ulric de Varens are all comparable alternatives.

Sunrise in Cadaques by Salvador Dali carries similar notes of cardamom, nutmeg, cedar, and vetiver, but leaves out the mint and lavender.

Black Label Legere by S. Oliver leans more into the citrus and spice and keeps the woody base that is present in Mr. Burberry EDP.

UDV Action by Ulric de Varens has similar notes as Black Label Legere, with an opening scent of citrus and spice with woody base tones.

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