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The Best Men's Cologne Sets and Coffrets Reviewed

What are Perfume Gift Sets?

Men's cologne sets, samples or coffrets are created as promotional items by fragrance brands to introduce their colognes. Generally they consist of three or more men's cologne samples organized around a theme, for instance, best sellers, summer scents, most popular, classics, and so on.

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Since experiencing fragrances is about getting to know how they perform over time and in different scenarios, perfume samples and small tester bottles like ScentBird offers are a great way for beginners to get to experience various fragrances first hand.

Here are some of the best fragrance gift sets currently available:

Best Cologne Gift Sets for Work

English Laundry: Men’s Coffret - 4 Piece Gift Set

English Laundry: Men's Coffret - 4 Piece Gift Set

This fragrance brand is about professionalism, trust and authority. English Laundry: Men’s Coffret gift set is perfect for the man who travels for work and isn't afraid to stand out.

This collection features English Laundry's most popular colognes. The set comes in a leather type case with the logo on the top with fitted space for each bottle; the bottles themselves are small so the entire set is very easy to travel with.

Set Includes:

Arrogant Eau de Toilette (20ml), Riviera Eau de Toilette (20 ml), Notting Hill Eau de Parfum (20 ml), and Oxford Bleu Eau de Parfum (20 ml).

Best Everyday Men's Cologne Set

Tommy Bahama Gift Set

Tommy Bahama Maritime Coffret  - 3 Piece Mini Gift Set

The Maritime line by Tommy Bahama is all about fresh and energizing aromas that remind you of the idyllic island life. What's more, the best part of buying a mini set like this is the fact that you can try out different types and then choose your favorite.

Another pro is that the set is travel sized so you can easily pack it in your gym or weekend bag. While the bottles are small, just 1-2 sprays will do the trick.

It's a great gift for the man who needs a high-quality everyday fragrance.

Set Includes:

Maritime Eau de Cologne (0.5 oz.), Maritime Triumph Eau de Cologne (0.5 oz.), Maritime Journey Eau de Cologne (0.5 oz.).

Best Sexy Cologne Gift Set for Men

Giorgio Armani Mini Attitude - 5 Piece Gift Set for Men

Giorgio Armani Mini Attitude - 5 Piece Gift Set for Men

Giorgio Armani has a long-standing reputation for excellence in men's colognes. This gift set is a testament to that reputation and comes with many of the designer's best-selling fragrances.

When you buy their Attitude Men's cologne set you are getting the chance to experience Armani's premium and most distinguished fragrances together in one box.

Each has a unique scent that makes this quite a diverse range. Please note, the bottles are very small and the relatively low star rating is mostly from reviewers disappointed by the sample size.

However it can be worth it for someone who wants to all of Armani's best colognes — just expect minis, not full-size bottles. They are also concentrated and last for a long time.

Set Includes:

Attitude Eau de Toilette Spray (5ml), Acqua Di Gio Eau de Toilette Spray (5 ml), Code Eau de Toilette Spray (4ml), Armani Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray (5 ml), and Diamonds Eau de Toilette Spray (4 ml).

Best Seasonal Collection

Best Men’s Cologne Gift Sets

Ralph Lauren Polo Variety - 4 Piece Mini Gift Set

Ralph Lauren has become synonymous with class and sophistication — whether in clothes or fragrance. The colognes in this refined gift set are no exception.

What we found particularly interesting is how each of these four scents matches with a season — fall a spicy red, winter a sophisticated black, spring an herbal green and summer a refreshing blue. Great for fragrance lovers who want a seasonal mix.

The scents come in perfect travel-sized bottles and are long-lasting, quality colognes. Each fragrance is unique, but a signature Ralph Lauren Polo cologne always has an undertone of leather, oakmoss, basil, wood, and tobacco — making for an unmistakably manly blend.

These splash-on colognes are best used in a casual setting and are classically understated and subtle. Nobody will be gagging when you walk past wearing one of these fragrances — in fact, many people remark on how many compliments they receive while wearing one of these scents.

Set Includes:

Red EDT Splash (15ml), Black EDT Splash (15ml), Blue EDT Splash (15ml), and Polo EDT Splash (15ml).

Best Cologne Gift Set for Young Men

paco rabanne coffret

Paco Rabanne Miniature Fragrance Set

Paco Rabbane is a French designer with Spanish origins. He is a giant in the fashion industry, but that is not how he started out. He started out as an architecture major, and through sheer determination, made a prominent name for himself and his fashion house.

Paco Rabanne is a determined man, and his fragrances are designed for truly remarkable men. They tend to be sweet crowd-pleasers that are especially well suited for young men. 

These five fragrances allow you to sample his five best men's fragrances in miniature form, perfect for travel, the gym bag or the man on the go.

This men's cologne set includes his popular Invictus and 1 Million — both perennially at the top of the men’s fragrance best-sellers list. 

Set Includes:

1 Million EDT (0.17 Oz), 1 Million Lucky EDP (0.17 Oz), Invictus EDP (0.17 Oz), Invictus Aqua EDT (0.17 Oz), Pure XS EDT (0.17 Oz).

Best Crafted Men's Cologne Set

coffrets cologne

Kenneth Cole Coffret - Set of 3

Kenneth Cole is a fashion house that expanded into men's colognes in 2002. The brand is uncomplicated and modern, with sophisticated sensibilities. The resulting fragrances are confident, relaxed, and simple while not being overly masculine.

This attention to detail can be seen in every part of their fragrances, from bottle to packaging and their unique ingredients. They are perfect for men who value creativity, heritage, and uncompromising passion.  

Set Includes:

Mankind EDT (0.5 oz), Mankind Legacy EDT (0.5 oz), and Mankind Hero EDT (0.5 oz).

Buying a fragrance men's cologne set or coffret is a great way to get to know a brand without a huge investment. You can get up close and personal with the most popular fragrances and designers.

Coffrets are also handy for frequent travelers who don't want to drag around full-sized versions. And of course, men's cologne gift sets are always a great idea.

They also make useful gifts. Another option is to try a service like that offers fragrance samplers on a monthly basis.

If you’re a frag collector, it’s an easy way to expand your collection on the cheap. Not all brands create these, but when they do, these cologne samplers are certainly worth checking out.

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Best Men’s Cologne Gift Sets

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