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Cheap vs Expensive Cologne: What’s the Difference?

Budget Colognes

A budget-friendly cologne can sometimes be dicey so it's important to know which ones are the keepers. While you may be trading some qualities such as longevity or varying scents, these inexpensive colognes are solid scents that smell great without breaking the bank.

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Proper Cologne By Duke Cannon

Best Cheap Cologne: Proper Cologne By Duke Cannon

Hands down the best cheap cologne Duke Cannon provides a variety of men's fragrances ranging from woody to aquatic.

They have a stellar line-up that has a scent for any guy and can be found at Target or purchased online. Their bottles are modern, their products are straightforward, and their price is fair. They last significantly longer than most budget colognes and don't smell like rubbing alcohol or old man feet, ever.

Intense For Men By Bentley

Longest-Lasting Cheap Cologne: Intense For Men By Bentley

One of the longer-lasting budget buys comes from Bently. Their colognes tend to last a good amount of time and hold their scent well, but one of their highly-rated budget-friendly scents is Intense For Men.

This is a warmer, spicier fragrance with notes of bergamot, black pepper, and incense that heats up a little as the aroma settles in overtime. One of the main perks is that a little goes a long way, so it'll last a little longer than cheaper colognes.

Nautica Voyage Cologne

Best Bargain Price: Nautica Voyage Cologne

For those who prefer sweet over spicy, Nautica Voyage blends apple, cedarwood, and mimosa for a casual and clean fragrance.

Their price is absolutely unbeatable and can be found through multiple vendors. It doesn't last as long as other colognes, but it is definitely one of the freshest smelling ones.

Mid-Priced Men's Colognes

Middle-of-the-road will usually yield a cologne that lasts all day and evolves through different notes as well.

The price will be a bit higher, but chances are you'll use less of the product since the scents are stronger and longer-lasting.

Virtu By Vince Camuto

Longest-Lasting Mid-Priced Cologne: Virtu By Vince Camuto

This one takes the cake for the best versatile scent and longest-lasting fragrance.

Virtu is a mid-priced cologne that combines crisp notes like papyrus and birch with warm heart and base notes such as leather and sandalwood. This results in the fragrance evolving and changing throughout the day and pairing well for any kind of event.

Cheap vs Expensive Cologne

Best Mid-Priced Scent: 1 Million By Paco Rabanne

This cologne, sporting a sleek golden bar bottle, looks and smells like a million bucks.

With a full-bodied blend of peppermint, rose absolute, and tonka, this is one of the higher-end aromas without paying the higher-end prices. While you may not be spending an arm and a leg for this cologne, it'll still smell like you did.

Luxury & Expensive Colognes For Men

Life is short, sometimes it's good to indulge in the finer things. Cologne can be very expensive, but it does have its reasons for this.

Luxury colognes come with unique and bold fragrances, are usually in small batcheses, and sometimes use rare ingredients to create an aroma that is difficult to duplicate and even harder to forget.

Santal 33 by Le Labo bottle

Most Unique Fragrances: Santal 33 by Le Labo

Specializing in handmade fragrances with soul Le Labo is a modern take on old-world fragrance creation. After ordering, their team hand-blends your fragrance. Not many companies can say that their colognes are made fresh in-house upon receiving an order.

They offer a huge selection of scents from florals to musk and even the Marlboro cowboy. One of the biggest perks is that they offer samples at a low price so that you can try different scents and see for yourself which best fits your lifestyle, so you can buy confidently with no surprises.

Aventus Cologne By Creed bottle & box

Best Long-Lasting Fragrance: Aventus Cologne By Creed

Creed is known for its generations of master perfumers that continuously create both long-lasting and richly scented colognes.

Aventus provides an unconventional blend of ginger, mandarin, Indian sandalwood, and styrax for a unique combination that lasts throughout the entire day. The scent changes significantly from top to base notes, leaving a warm fragrance that is completely enticing.

Most Expensive Cologne  SHUMUKH By Spirit of Dubai Parfums elaborate bottle and case

Most Expensive Cologne: SHUMUKH By Spirit of Dubai Parfums

Rolling in at a whopping $1.295 million, SHUMUKH unisex perfume has been ranked the most expensive fragrance in the world.

Part of the cost is the bottle it comes in it's riddled with diamonds, 3,571 to be exact. It literally sits on a pedestal like the king that it is and is rumored to have notes of sandalwood, pure Turkish rose, and rare pure Indian agarwood. It is also said to last over 12 hours on the skin. I can't confirm any of this, I haven't tried it, but I believe in its power.

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