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10 Most Unique Watches for Men: Stylish & Impressive

Managing your style while also making the most of our accessories’ functions is a tough task. Men’s watches need to be built with durability, style, and affordability in mind all at once.

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Each piece of a man’s outfit, from his work shirts to other extra style choices needs to fit with those three principles.  

Our Shortlist of Affordable and Unique Watches for Men

The following selection of ten unique luxury watches is where we’d start our search. This list should help you find something special for yourself, regardless of your style and reasoning.

We’ve sorted them into unique categories to display what each of these creative watches does best.

Diesel Men's Mr. Daddy 2.0 Watch

Best for a Strong Look

The Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 is a behemoth among creative watches. This imported men’s watch is capable of telling four distinct times at once while delivering on fine details with an aggressive design.

We love the intricate aspects of this watch’s maximum efficiency style. For a professional on the go, it’s nice to never lose track of time regardless of time zone.

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MJSCPHBJK Men's Unique Analog Watch

Best for Affordability

The Mjscphbjk Men’s Unique Analog Watch is a luxury product with a stylized black face and coaxial rotary design.

Despite the precision of the watch and its classic design, it retains the title of the best affordable unique watch. We think the name could be easier to say, but that doesn’t stop this watch from being a viable contender on this list.

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Mr. Jones Last Laugh Tattoo Edition Automatic Watch

Best for Artistic Flair

The Mr. Jones Last Laugh 31-M4 takes uniqueness to a whole new level. As one of an assortment of creative Mr. Jones watches, this accessory is no exception to the aggressive style and artistic dedication to the face display.

This is one of many designs to feature the hours and minutes on the teeth of a skull. If that doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of Mr. Jones timepieces that feature other unique designs.

SINOBI Business Watch

Best for a Creative Conversation-Starter

The Sinobi Business Original Masculino Wristwatch is a striking handless design with quality construction.

Thanks to precise time-keeping capabilities, this unique luxury watch can act as both a suitable accessory and a useful tool for years. The added benefit of its unique design makes a fantastic way of striking up a conversation.

Xeric Trappist-1 NASA Edition Watch

Best for a Knowledgeable Look

The Xeric Trappist-1 NASA Edition, also called “The Eagle,” is a dignified and smart luxury watch for intelligent men. The roman numeral face and glow-in-the-dark vista of space combine to sell the image of a knowledgeable but fun man.

The usefulness of seeing the watch’s face in the dark is not to be underestimated either, as many luxury watches stay away from digital numbers.

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The Electricianz Carbon Z Mens Designer Watch

Best for a Durable Style

The Electricianz Carbon Z Men’s Designer Watch is another strikingly creative timepiece that oozes creativity.

The multilayer skeleton dial and abrasion-resistant design guarantee safety no matter your lifestyle, and that comes combined with an iconic Swiss design and LED dial. 

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Ziiiro Saturn Z0008WSS Watch - Unique Watches for Men

Best for Precise Style

The Ziiro Saturn Z0008WSS sports a luxurious silver body and high-quality strap while standing out from competitors thanks to its unique face design.

Every hour and minute are displayed on this unique luxury watch by a green bar populating the face, letting you keep exact track of time while sporting a striking accessory and tool.

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Bauhaus Century Steel Watch

Best for a Minimalist Style

The Bauhaus Century Steel 40MM is a watch that immediately hits you with its artistic vision and style. This is one of a few affordable unique watches with a price and style that represents a collective of craftsmen, designers, and architects putting together a truly unique accent to our wristwear.

Like many aggressively unique pieces, this one takes some getting used to as far as telling time goes, but once you understand, it quickly brings together a striking look.

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Fossil Men's Townsman Stainless Steel Watch

Best for Customizability

The Fossil Men’s Townsman is an automatic mechanical watch made by an age-old brand that has gained trust and respect.

This cool accessory brings together the class of an intricate series of gears and roman numeral face and the modern accessibility to customize the watch at any Fossil store. We value the detailed work seen from the transparent face. 

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Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

Best for a Classy Style

The Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph is a stainless steel men’s watch that immediately projects class and professionalism.

No matter the need for a watch in your life, we recommend this Michael Kors original blend of modern sensibility and old-school class. Watches with the Michael Kors name come from an award-winning series of designs that are guaranteed not to disappoint.

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Brands that Create the Most Unique Watches

Even if none of these ten watches don’t strike inspiration for you, we would still highly recommend checking out some of their brands. Mr. Jones watches, for example, never skimp on personality in their wide selection of artistic faces.

watch in air

Other brands like Electricianz and Ziiro always put their utmost effort into crafting the most unique luxury watches possible. 

All three of these brands go to great lengths to make the most of their face and strap designs.

Three of the Most Creative Luxury Watches

Unique luxury watches don’t come around often. We recommend accessories like the Jowissa Lewy 9, Ziiro Jupiter Black Rose Gold, and Project Unisex Crossover 40mm for their uncompromising dedication to providing us with creative watches.

These three run the gamut of accessible style and unique design while remaining viable contenders for wrist space for the professional man.

Final Thoughts

Whether you wear a watch to be more professional at work, present your best self to others, or for any personal wants, you should be able to find something that meets affordability and style.

It’s important to remember that the type of watch you get should work with the other trends in your style for the season or occasion. Stay true to your sense of comfort, but don’t be shy to check out ways of tying together your look, from accessories to footwear.

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