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Swiss Made Style: Jowissa LeWy 9 Watch Review

There’s no time like the present to add a new accessory to your collection, and what better item than a Swiss-made watch from Jowissa. For nearly 70 years, Jowissa has created high-quality watches that feature creative designs and glass cutting, a technique that is not common across watchmakers. 

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We were lucky enough to get our hands on the LeWy 9 and are excited to share more details about it with you.


LeWy 9 brings together a dressy and sporty look- making the watch highly versatile and perfect for day, night, or weekend wear. The stainless steel case and 42mm diameter size make the watch a standout (and easy to read).

Additionally, the luminous hands paired with the blue dial make the watch easy to read at night adding to its diversity and ease of use. Finally, the LeWy features a silicone strap which is extremely comfortable and sporty.


Put simply, the LeWy 9 has it all. No matter your preference for time-telling features, most are included such as chronograph, date display, and day display. The hands sport an obelisk shape and are polished and luminescent- making them easy to see no matter the time of day.

The surface is gloss polished adding a little flair to your look and overall shine to the watch. The stainless steel back cover is easily removed for battery changes, and the band can be interchanged should you want to move from silicone to leather, etc.


Despite its size, the LeWy 9 is not overly heavy and sits comfortably on the wrist. Its large and clear face makes it easy to read- so no squinting at tiny dials and time indicators. The many features (as outlined above) add creative flair which is sure to attract attention and intrigue from those nearby, adding an element of sophisticated complexity to your style.


This holiday season whether you're looking to spoil yourself, or need a gift for a special guy in your life- look no further than Jowissa. Their affordable, stylish, hand-assembled Swiss-made watches are sure to please.

Their durability, paired with a generous warranty means that whoever receives this watch will be sure to have it for many years to come. While we tried the LeWy 9- there are many unique styles to explore that are sure to fit your personal preferences and style goals.

Learn more about the Jowissa LeWy 9

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Jowissa Lewy 9 Watch

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