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Guess Man Review: A Gentle & Balanced Green Cologne

Guess is a fashion brand known for making bold statements, and its fragrance line is no exception. They helped transform popular denim styles in the 80s, and beginning in the 2000s, Guess broke into the fragrance market with the same intention of setting trends.

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Guess Man

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Guess Man is one of the first fragrances the company debuted, and it’s a classic scent that never went out of style. 

Who Makes It?

Guess was formed in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, who enlisted Steve Demercado’s help to develop Guess Man in 2006. Demarcado is known for working with a star studded list of both brands and celebs.

Steve has developed perfumes for Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Jean Paul Gaultier, to name a few. He’s also helped Paris Hilton, Michael Jordan, and Billie Eilish design their own signature scents, proving that Demarcado knows how to capture an individual’s sense of style. 

What Does Guess Man Smell Like?

Guess Man is a gentle and balanced EDT with fresh spicy, aromatic, woody, lavender, and amber accords. If you’re looking for something green and easy to wear, you’ve come to the right place. 

Scent Notes

Guess Man is an aromatic, spicy fragrance that projects freshness and vitality from the moment it’s applied. It features a distinct topnote of wormwood for a green, herbal opening.

Soon after, middle notes of black pepper, lavender, ginger, and nutmeg spice things up with some welcome complexity.

Guess Man EDT For Men

The drydown reveals notes of fir, musk, amber, suede, peru balsam, and sandalwood, providing a nice woody base for the fragrance to linger on. 


  • The fragrance is versatile and easy to wear, especially in the springtime.
  • After the drydown, Guess Man lasts for hours without being overbearing, making it well suited for the office or casual social gatherings.
  • It’s a fun throwback to notes that were popular throughout the 90s and early 2000s.


  • Guess Man’s projection is fairly reserved.
  • Sillage: Good
  • Longevity: Very Good
  • Scent Potency / Appropriate for: Office
  • Price: $

Who Would Like it

Guess Man is great for someone looking for a unique fragrance for the daytime or office that will help him leave an impression.

It’s a fragrance that borrows ideas from some classics of the 90s and 2000s, while still doing it’s own thing.

It’s fairly masculine, and could be a great way for a younger man to add a touch of maturity to his style. We feel Guess Man is perfect for anyone in their 20s to mid 30s. 

When to Wear It

We picked Guess Man as the best choice for a springtime / day fragrance, as its composition evokes a breezy, cool morning spent near greenspace or a forest.

man in forest

These evergreen, woodsy accords wouldn’t feel out of place during the fall or winter months as well.

Where to Wear It

The organic freshness of fir and wormwood are a welcome addition to an office that help make this fragrance a crowd pleaser.

Its initial spiciness creates an invigorating aroma that will help you bring energy and confidence to the workplace. The base notes of amber and musk add some versatility to Guess Man, making it a solid option for a coffee date at a cafe or bistro. 

Packaging & Presentation

When looking for affordable fragrances, you’ll want to find a presentation that’s toned down. There’s no need to include gaudy packaging, and the fragrance should speak for itself. Guess Man’s box is simple and to the point.

Guess Man Box

It bears a green color and minimalist logo, but once you pull the bottle out, the design is sure to catch your eye. The bottle has a metallic, almost mirror-like plastic finish that’s clean and futuristic.

The green liquid of this fragrance is visible through the transparent center of the bottle, and it’s well suited for the fresh and masculine notes you can expect to smell.

The cap was securely fixed to the bottle, and the atomizer worked quite well, especially when compared to other choices at this price point. 

Personal Impressions

We found Guess Man to be pleasantly natural smelling.

Its use of classic notes like fir and sandalwood, combined with its clean and striking bottle design make it the perfect accompaniment to anyone looking to join in the trend of 90s fashion revival.

Guess Man EDT

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When we wear Guess Men, we’re transported to the Seattle Grunge scene: earthy and original with a bit of a masculine edge. 


This fragrance opens with a burst of spice, and it smooths out during the drydown. The notes of suede, sandalwood, and amber will linger for upwards of 8 hours.

Guess Man will project about an arm’s length for a few hours after application. Those close to you will certainly notice it, but you won’t overpower the room, making this a safe choice for the office.

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Guess Man
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