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Men’s Knitwear Trends for 2023 and 2024

Although leather pants and sheer fabrics continue to push boundaries, winter 2024 is all about men’s knitwear.

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Sweaters in psychedelic prints are a logical starting spot and mirror what we’ve observed from camp-collar shirts over the past three years.

Still, you have options, from color-blocked and printed polos and sweater vests evoking the 1980s through chunky fisherman knits, turtlenecks, and luxury materials like cashmere.

Why Men’s Knitwear?

Sweaters are one of those garments you just don’t think about. You have one in your closet, likely keeping it around for its coziness. As a result, knitwear itself didn’t directly disappear but is receiving a greater deal of interest for winter 2023 and 2024 due to a few factors.

man wearing green knitwear sweater

One, more possibilities exist. Whereas a gray cable knit sweater firmly fits into your classics and wardrobe staples, an explosion of colors and prints means you don’t just reach for this garment out of necessity.

Secondly, not everything has to be a long-sleeve sweater: layer over your button-down with a V-neck sweater vest or athletically styled cardigan, or let the color and cut turn it into the focal point of your outfit. 

Then, as a final factor, knitwear overlaps with the tech fabric trend. Tech garments have started moving away from synthetic materials coated to be waterproof, UV resistant, and moisture-wicking to more natural (and often longer-lasting) alternatives that deliver these properties by default.

Wool – particularly merino – presents a three-season combination by trapping warmth, diverting sweat, and controlling odors. As such, you’ll spot wool base layers, sweaters, cardigans, and gloves that offer a more practical alternative to acrylic and cotton fabrications. 


Polos saw their size expand and bag during the 1990s, likely influenced by the popularity of athleticwear.

Aligning with two more current trends, athleisure and slimmer silhouettes have transformed the polo into a more casual-active piece enhanced with bold prints and colors.

As high-fashion brands revisit and rework preppy staples, the polo’s revival is right on track. Consider some of the following recommendations:

Polo Ralph Lauren The Luxe Knit Polo Shirt - Men's Knitwear Trends

Polo Ralph Lauren The Luxe Knit Polo Shirt

Based on Ralph Lauren’s 1972 silhouette, this updated, more refined version goes for a softer, more upscale hand feel with a finer flat knit and casual-athletic character through nearly seamless cotton construction. 

Chequerboard Knitted Polo Shirt - Black

Fred Perry Chequerboard Knitted Polo Shirt - Black/Ecru

The knitted shirt was inspired by South-East England early '80s soul culture when the look was a mainstay on club dance floors and the excitement of dressing up and being a part of something. The pattern proudly replicates the 5-4-4 of Fred Perry's distinctive twin tipping with a twisted rendition of the traditional monochromatic checkerboard.

Sweater Vests

Another revived preppy style, sweater vests bring up associations with the ‘80s, be it jocks or Ferris Bueller.

Now, though, this isn’t a slimmer layer added over a T-shirt or button-down, enhanced with a V-neck, but instead has taken on a baggier form in line with streetwear trends from the past decade.

Consider some of these recommendations: 

Brooks Brother Fair Isle Sweater

Brooks Brothers Fair Isle Sweater Vest

For a preppy staple, go straight to the source. This multicolored sweater vest already starts elevated with a merino and cashmere blend.

A reworked Fair Isle print feels classic while popping with personality whenever you wear this over an oxford or polo. 

Wool Sweater Vest

Beams Men's 2Tone Cable Knit Wool Sweater Vest

A classic cable sweater vest made of warmth-retaining wool finished with yellow trim at the V-neck and armholes.
Style this vest with a turtleneck, pants, and penny loafers for a more refined appearance.


Although considered more of a “grandpa” than a “dad” garment, the cardigan experienced a revival a couple of years ago and continues to go strong.

The result isn’t soft or fuzzy but instead baggier, pocketed, and delivers statement appeal through contrast elements. Consider some of these recommendations:

Burberry Monogram Motif Argyle Intarsia Wool Cashmere Cardigan

Burberry Monogram Motif Argyle Intarsia Wool Cashmere Cardigan

Everything about this cardigan is a luxurious statement. Burberry begins with a wool-cashmere blend for a soft feel and lightweight warmth.

Across the body, a contrast-heavy argyle print creates a geometric appearance that’s further accented with a repeating embroidered monogram motif. 

Men's Vintage-Like Knit Cardigan Sweater

Cotton On Men's Vintage-Like Knit Cardigan Sweater

The knit cardigan's vintage-inspired style can spruce up any outfit and make you look your best with its retro vibes.

Pair with a T-shirt and ripped jeans for a modern interpretation of Grunge style.


With minimalist menswear on the rise, turtlenecks seem like a logical choice, both for their coverage and often neutral appearance. Like cardigans, the turtleneck has moved beyond this association, offering slouchier and more colorful alternatives. 

Soft Cotton Turtleneck

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Soft Cotton Turtleneck

Ralph Lauren revives a ‘90s staple with this fine, soft cotton, classic collar turtleneck.

This versatile turtleneck is constructed from the same silky interlock material as our Soft Cotton Polo shirts.

BOSS Men's Crewneck Wool Sweater

Hugo Boss Crewneck Wool Sweater

The two-tone effect is the highlight of this regular-fit sweater. This Hugo Boss crewneck creation is knitted in virgin wool with a super-soft texture and a characteristic micro pattern. With stylish solid stripes at the side seams - you can't go wrong.

Fishermen’s Sweaters

Picture yourself standing by the sea, on a rocky, almost barren landscape, about to head into the water. That thin polyester jacket won’t protect you from the chill.

Instead, for warmth and the ability to shed water, these chunky sweaters, often with thick, winding cable-knit patterns, deliver on both ends:

Construction is designed to keep body heat close, and the ability to repel water, so that the material won’t be soaked through. 

Ralph Lauren The Iconic Fisherman’s Sweater

Ralph Lauren The Iconic Fisherman’s Sweater

The defining characteristic of a fisherman's sweater is its intricate cable and textured knit patterns. Ralph Lauren is known for its luxurious and timeless designs, which often blend traditional aesthetics with modern sensibilities. The sweater features high-quality materials such as wool and cashmere, meticulous craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Hugo Boss Regular-Fit Sweater with Cable-Knit Structure

Hugo Boss Regular-Fit Sweater with Cable-Knit Structure

Add a heavy dose of texture and prepare for colder weather with this chunky cable-knit combination. While the exterior looks classic, Hugo Boss constructs it with ultra-soft yarn made with recycled wool and cashmere.

Bold, Patterned Knits

Checkers, stripes, florals, and landscape prints, the patterns added to fine to chunky knits show that not all sweaters have to settle for being a neutral layer. Make a statement while continuing your summertime momentum into winter.

Chain-link Detail Cashmere Wool Sweater

Burberry Chain-link Detail Cashmere Wool Sweater

An oversized Italy woven cashmere sweater with chunky rib knit accents and polished metal chain links.

The design contrasts metropolis with country, pageantry with punk, and other various perspectives and dualities that make up British identity.

Houndstooth Sweater

Nanushka Houndstooth-Print Knitted Jumper

A houndstooth pattern on this knit sweater creates a two-tone appearance.

In order to establish a new unofficial definition of beauty, Nanushka offers a contemporary, adaptable, day-to-night outfit for the modern person or so called modern bohemian.

Luxury Materials

An upgrade to wool, cashmere feels lighter, softer, and less itchy and, at the same time, provides the same amount of warmth and moisture resistance. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Cashmere Sweater

Polo Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Cashmere Sweater

This design inspired by fishermen’s ropes takes on a classic character that’s been elevated with full Italian cashmere construction for peak softness and warmth. 

cashmere jacket

Burberry Cashmere Bomber Jacket

Attesting to the possibilities of knitwear, this bomber from Burberry has it all – an athletic silhouette and luxurious cashmere construction. 

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