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The Best Scented Candles by Ritual: A Review

The Best Scented Candles by Ritual: A Review

I am a candle addict and love to get my hands on as many candles as possible. However, I often find that a lot of candles can be overly sweet and cloying which is why I typically burn incense when I light a candle to cut the sweetness and add a smoky complexity. 

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When I got Rituals Incense candle I was extremely excited to try it out and I was not disappointed. 

Rituals Candles Review

Rituals Private Collection Incense Candle

Rituals describes the scent as oriental spices wrap themselves around the seductive facets of incense and slowly descend on a sweet base of smooth sandalwood and golden amber. A rich and precious perfume permeates the air and fills your home with embracing warmth.

The top notes of the scent are lightly woody and smoky, it conjures the feeling of glamping in a yurt in Marfa, Texas. It has the air of a luxury resort without being overly fussy. The middle notes of the fragrance move into a rich spiciness that mingles with the sweet amber bottom notes rounding out the scent.

Rituals Incense is perfect to burn on a warm, late summer evening sipping a chilled red wine and reading a book.

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Rituals Candles Review

Rituals Private Collection Tangerine Tea Candle

When I received Rituals Tangerine Tea from their Private Collection I was even more excited. As I’m a huge fan of woody, smoky scents, a tea scented candle piqued my interest.

Rituals describes the scent as citrus bergamot blended with fresh apples and green accords of violet leaf and freesia. Perfectly balanced combination of dry woods and vetiver and cedar with amber completes this graceful harmony. 

Initially, I was concerned with a fresh apple note but was pleasantly surprised that the top notes of Tangerine Tea are more true to the grassiness and fresh-airedness of freshly picked apples in an orchard rather than the sugary sweet apple scents we typically see.

The vetiver punches in almost immediately giving you more grassiness and then fades into the middle notes of violet leaf giving you a kiss of floral. The base notes of cedar anchor all of these intermingling scents. Tangerine Tea evokes the first days of summer turning to fall.

The packaging on Rituals is beautiful. Each candle comes in a beautiful box with foil stamped text and sealed with a gold foil embossed closure. These would make a phenomenal housewarming or birthday gift.

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