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Smell Like a Man With These Best Floral Colognes for Men

What is a floral fragrance?

Most men aren't crazy about smelling like a rose or a lilac, so it makes sense that florals aren't the most popular scents in the world of men's fragrances. But, if you stick to a strictly anti-floral fragrance collection, you're definitely missing out on some complex, unique scents.

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Top Picks At A Glance

Best Floral Colognes for Men

Kenzo Power
Complex but classy and understated. A perfect floral scent for spring or summer.
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Best Floral Colognes for Men

A perfectly blended fragrance with rose and citrus notes for a clean, fresh scent. 
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versace the dreamer

An irresistible combination of tobacco and rose to deliver a warm, floral quality.
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Today's florals blend traditional flowery notes with notes like musk, tobacco, cedar, and citrus (just to name a few) to create florals that are light and fresh or spicy and woody. 

There are two traditional floral fragrance families. Single floral, called soliflore in French, contains fragrances that are dominated by a scent from one particular flower. In today's fragrance world, these are tough to come by. Most often, floral fragrances will combine scents from several flowers, bringing us to the second floral fragrance family: floral bouquet. These fragrances combine several flowers into a single scent.

Below is a list of my favorite floral colognes to give you an idea of just how varied and unexpected these fragrances can be. 

Best Floral Fragrances for Guys


Best Floral Colognes for Men

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower EDP

If you've never heard of tuberose, consider this bottle your introduction. Tuberose is a mysterious flower - one whose scent is tough to define.

It's somewhere between a sweet gardenia and tobacco scent. Carnal Flower has the largest dose of pure tuberose of any other fragrance, so it's definitely worth checking out if you have an interest in exotic florals.


Best Floral Colognes for Men

Kenzo Power for Men EDP

Kenzo Power takes you on a ride from floral to woody to spicy all in a single fragrance. The opening is very floral, but as the scent dries down, the cardamom, bergamot, and coriander kick in, giving it a spicy finish.

Base notes of cedar, tolu balsam and labdanum add a woody component. Even though it has such a complex profile, Power remains classy and understated through the dry down, making it a perfect floral scent for the spring or summer.


Best Floral Colognes for Men

Serge Lutens A La Nuit EDP

In A La Nuit, jasmine is the star of the show. Parfumier Christopher Sheldrake blends three different types of jasmine: Indian, Egyptian, and Moroccan. The fragrance opens with intense notes of jasmine and clove and eventually dries down to a lighter, greener scent. This fragrance isn't for the faint of heart, though. Even with its light dry down, it's still an intense experience.


Best Floral Colognes for Men


Take one look at the deep red Lyric bottle and, even before smelling it, you'll know that it pays tribute to the rose. As expected with Amouage, this is a perfectly blended fragrance. On the opening, rose blends with citrus notes for a clean, fresh scent. As it dries down, rose mixes with musk, giving it a more masculine finish. 

Rose, Carnation & Geranium:

Best Floral Colognes for Men

Dreamer by Gianni Versace For Men EDT

Dreamer for Men combines tobacco and rose to deliver a warm, floral quality that many find irresistible. Top notes include lavender, mandarin orange, and sage. The heart contains floral notes of carnation, rose, and geranium, as well as tobacco. The base includes notes of fir, tonka bean, vetiver, and cedar. Like most of the Versace fragrance line, it's a quality cologne at a moderate price.

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Best Floral Colognes for Men

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