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12 Best Informal and Dress Plaid Shirts for Men

12 Best Informal and Dress Plaid Shirts for Men

Plaid shirts aren’t just for hipsters anymore! These versatile shirts come in tons of styles and fits. 

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Whether you’re looking for a new look or something special for date night, plaid is the way to go. We’ve rounded up our favorite plaid shirts for men so you can look your best. 

What is a Plaid Shirt?

Simply put, a plaid shirt is a shirt patterned with plaid. Plaid is a broad term, though, and describes a plethora of designs. The basic definition of plaid is a pattern of colors that intersect to form squares. 

man in a cool plaid shirt

These squares can vary in size. Not every plaid shirt is in the same print, but the lines have to connect eventually to be plaid. Now that you know more about plaid – let’s get to the fun part! 

Our Shortlist 

Read on for our favorite informal and dress plaid shirts for men. 

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Best for Smart Casual: Long-Sleeve Oxford Shirt

Are you looking for a day-to-night plaid shirt for men that will take you from the office to the bar? This Oxford shirt is your best bet. Featuring a ton of patterns and roll-up sleeves, you can go from casual to classy in seconds.

We call this look smart casual because of the long sleeves. It works well under a suit or with dark jeans for casual Friday. It’s made of thick fabric so you can wear it all year. 

Best for Chilly Fall Nights: Alimens & Gentle Men’s Button Down Flannel Shirt

When you hear plaid, this is what you think of – warm, thick flannel in bright colors. And, yes, that’s what this shirt is! There’s nothing wrong with a classic, and this style is famous for a reason: it looks great. 

This flannel plaid shirt for men is informal, so maybe don’t wear this in the office unless it’s casual Friday. Otherwise, this is ideal for bonfires and other outdoor adventures.

Best for Traveling: Van Heusen Men’s Big and Tall Wrinkle Free Shirt

If you’re a world traveler, this is for you. With wrinkle-resistant fabric that’s not stiff and a big and tall fit, you’ll be traveling in style. 

This shirt requires no additional ironing and is ready to wear straight from the dryer – no more rushing to catch a flight because you had to iron your shirts! It has long armholes and fuller sleeves for maximum comfort.

Best for Snow Days: Rothco Extra Heavyweight Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt

Buffalo plaid is one of the most common variations of the pattern, and you usually see it on flannels like this. The heavyweight fabric will keep you warm and easily layers over undershirts. 

This shirt is definitely for casual wear and works best in Winter. Pair it with a white shirt for stylish layering. 

Best for the Dog Days of Summer: Long-Sleeve Linen Shirt

The complete opposite of number 4, this shirt is best suited for the sweltering summer months. Linen is lightweight, breezy, and soft – pretty much the perfect summer fabric. We love this plaid pattern for its bright colors. 

This shirt is another one you can dress up or down with a tie or your favorite jeans. Be warned, though: linen wrinkles, so make sure to starch accordingly.

Best for Outdoorsmen: Mossy Oak Flannel Buffalo Plaid Shirt

Another member of the buffalo plaid family, this shirt will keep you warm and layers perfectly under jackets. What sets this shirt apart from the other buffalo plaid shirts for men on this list is that the pattern is small. 

This shirt is not as bright as the others, and the small pattern is easier to match. Its cotton fabric and brushed outside make it perfect for camping. You can place a jacket over it for cold weather. 

Best for Old Souls: GoodThreads Slim Fit Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt

If you love a vintage moment, this shirt is for you. With soft, brushed flannel and a slim fit, it won’t overwhelm slender builds.

This shirt is our favorite flannel pick because of its unique cat-eye buttons. This flannel shirt is also nice enough to be paired with a light jacket for date night! Try some men’s rings if you want a stylish look. 

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Best for Work: Legendary Whitetails Buck Camp Flannel Shirt

When it comes to flannel, this is as work-appropriate as it gets. This shirt has a corduroy lining that’s color-blocked from the plaid, giving it a layered appearance. 

Under a nice jacket and some khakis, you’re office-ready and warm. 

Best for Hunting: Staghorn Men’s Realtree Long-Sleeve Flannel

Available in low-key, muted colors, this flannel is ideal for hunting. This oversized plaid shirt for guys is best suited for mild climates, so if you’re doing some intense winter hunting, you’ll want to layer it up. 

We love the olive green color of this shirt. It looks good on everyone. 

Best for Keeping it Classic: Wrangler Authentics Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt

Do you like your no-frills classics? This Wrangler shirt is your new best friend. It’s way lighter than the other flannels on this list and even looks great over your favorite t-shirt.  

This red plaid shirt for men is traditional, not super monotonous, and will match almost anything you have in your closet. 

Best for Pretty Much Everything: GoodThreads Slim Fit Long-Sleeve Oxford Shirt

We adore this shirt. From brunch-ready colors to subtle, desk-friendly shades, this shirt can take you anywhere. 

Our favorite color scheme is the blue and red plaid. It blends flawlessly and works well for all skin tones and shapes. The slim fit ensures a streamlined, fitted look without being too tight.

Best for Comfort and Class: Regular Fit Men’s Poplin Shirt

Ever wanted to wear your PJs to work? This shirt will make that dream a reality. Made from wrinkle-resistant poplin and in many patterns, you can have a different plaid for every day. 

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Since this shirt has a regular fit, you won’t have to worry about sizing up or down. You can pair it with a men’s necklace for a classy and modern mix vibe.  

Plaid Shirts: Man’s Best Friend 

Plaid never goes out of style. Seriously, it’s been around since the 17th century and hasn’t lost its mojo yet – although flannel can be polarizing depending on your climate.

man wearing red plaid shirt

If you’re trying to decipher the difference between plaid and flannel, you aren’t alone. The easiest way to tell them apart is to remember that plaid is a pattern, and flannel is a fabric. 

Plaid fits any budget, style, and body. There are plaid shirts for men with short sleeves, long sleeves, and many color options, so you can find one that fits your style. Check it out this fall for a new look!

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