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10 Best Monk Strap Shoes for Men: Professional and Comfortable

Monk strap shoes are the staple of a professional shoe wardrobe for men. They also provide a stylish way to express your great taste in fashion that will leave a lasting impression on others.

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Bruno Marc Men’s Dress Loafer Shoes
  • True-to-size for a great fit
  • Cushioned latex for optimal comfort
  • Highly durable rubber soles
Dunross and Sons Men’s Dress Shoes
  • Hand-stitched design
  • Made with premium Italian leather
  • Also available in Leon Black
La Milano Men’s Winter Ankle Dress Boots
  • Perfect for attending casual or formal gatherings
  • Come in half sizes
  • Durable outer rubber soles

Whether single or double monk strap shoes appeal to you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best monk strap shoes for men.

Our Shortlist for Best Monk Strap Shoes

Bruno Marc Men's Dress Loafer Shoes

Best Monk Strap Shoes

Bruno Marc Men's Dress Loafer Shoes

Best for: Looking professional at a job interview, attending church, or any casual or formal events. 

Star rating: 4.4 out of 5 (Amazon).

Color: Come in 3 colors (camel, black, and brown). 

Fit: Fit great and conveniently slip on your feet to quickly get ready for your function. 

Comfort: Cushioned latex for optimal comfort

Durability: Rubber soles are highly durable to last long. 

Value: High value for how long it will last due to durability from rubber insoles and how well they fit.  

Made with 100% vegan leather, the Bruno Marc Men’s Dress Loafer Shoes are ranked as our #1 pick for the best monk strap shoes. These monk strap shoes are more updated and modern-looking to fit today’s formal style no matter what occasion you plan to attend.

Touted as a “must-have for businessmen” by the Bruno Marc company, you can pair these slip-on loafers at a casual gathering with jeans or in a formal setting with a dress shirt and ironed dress pants


  • The rubber outsoles keep you safe from slipping if you are walking in the rain.  
  • The double monk strap shoes’ buckle is prominent in design, so it stands out. 
  • True-to-size for a great fit. 


  • Only go up to a size 13. 
  • Made with vegan leather, which does not last as long as true leather. 

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Dunross & Sons Men's Dress Shoe

Best Double Monk Strap Shoes

Dunross & Sons Men's Dress Shoes

Best for: Giving a presentation in the boardroom or going on a date. 

Star rating: 4.3 out of 5 (Amazon).

Color: Come in Leon Black and Leon Espresso. 

Fit: Come in half sizes for a more secure fit as needed depending on your foot size. 

Comfort: The traction grip, made of rubber, and the uppers made of real Italian leather give you great comfort while wearing these shoes. 

Durability: The non-slip outsole made of rubber ensures the shoes keep up over time and provide safe travels on all ground surfaces. 

Value: For the real leather material you get, this is a great value!

We consider Dunross & Sons leather shoes the best men's double monk strap shoes because they're made with premium leather and calfskin lining for long-lasting quality professional footwear.

In addition, the ortholite footbed reassures that your feet are fresh and comfortable throughout the day. So whether you are doing office duties or attending an after-work formal event, these Dunross & Sons Men's Dress Shoes will look and feel great.


  • The lining crafted from tanned calfskin makes the shoes shine in style and more breathable. 
  • Hand-stitched design for a professional look. 
  • Made with real leather for the most premium formal look. 


  • More expensive than other brands featured on this list. 

La Milano Mens Winter Ankle Dress Boots

Best Single Monk Strap Shoes

La Milano Men's Winter Ankle Dress Boots

Best for: Dressing for work and attending casual or formal gatherings.

Star rating: 4.5 out 5 (Amazon).

Color: Come in a variety of heel styles and colors such as black, brown, and tan. 

Fit: True to size monk strap shoes with multiple layers for a comfortable fit. 

Comfort: Insoles made of 3 layers instill a highly comfortable wearing experience. 

Durability: Outer rubber soles and genuine leather make them very durable.

Value: Good.

La Milano knows how to style professionally, even for the treacherous winter weather. These Winter Ankle Dress Boots are the best single monk strap shoes featured on our list.

The non-slip rubber outer sole makes it easy to travel on slippery surfaces when walking from the car into the office. With many custom colors and styles, you can grab multiple in one transaction so that you can have versatile matches for your outfits. 


  • More color and style options than other brands on this list. 
  • Come in half sizes. 
  • Many different styles to accommodate winter travel. 


  • Not true to size, according to some customers. 
  • The winter boots dress-up styles typically aren’t suitable for spring or summer.

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La Milano Mens Double Monk Strap Slip on Loafer

Best On-Trend Monk Shoes

La Milano Men's Slip-on Loafer 

Best for: Attending any casual party or formal function for work. 

Star rating: 4.5 out of 5 (Amazon).

Color: Come in 6 different colors, including burgundy, black, and brown. 

Fit: The fit is great as long as you have sized them up properly to accommodate for running small. 

Comfort: The comfort insoles help you get through your workday. 

Durability: Block heels design makes for good durability. 

Value: Not as high in value because of the synthetic lining.

The men's La Milano Slip-on Loafer shoes are the best on-trend monk strap shoes that we picked to feature.

The upper has an airbrush technique that is on-trend as of now, which means you will stand out in the crowd at your next office meeting. Moreover, you can have dress shoes that match all of your professional outfits, thanks to La Milano's many colors for this type.


  • A special airbrush technique on the upper enhances the shoes’ look. 
  • Trendy because of the upper’s unique look. 
  • Designed with Argentinian leather. 


  • Run small, so you must order a half size larger than your normal shoe size. 
  • Synthetic lining means they may not last as long as other monk strap shoe brands. 

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Asher Green AG1101 - Men's Dress Shoes

Best Cap Toe Design Monk Shoes

Asher Green Calf Leather Shoes

Best for Sophisticated events such as weddings.  

Star rating: 4.5 out of 5 (Amazon).

Color: Come in 11 colors such as teal, cognac, black, and more. 

Fit: Able to slide on your foot and be easily removed because of the adjustable straps. 

Comfort: More for looks and not comfort. 

Durability: Can be worn daily according to the company.

Value: High value because of the genuine leather material. 

Asher Green Calf Leather Shoes are the best men's double monk strap shoes with a perforated cap toe design.

With 11 different colors to choose from, you have many more design options when it comes to pairing your Asher Green shoes with your professional outfits than other brands featured on this list. Made with genuine leather, you are receiving the highest quality wear money can buy!


  • 11 colors to choose from for versatile wear. 
  • Easy wearing. 
  • Classic design. 


  • The comfort feature is not mentioned in the product description. 
  • Designs in the upper may not be accepted at certain workplaces. 

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Rui Landed Men's Party Boots

Best British Style Monk Shoes

Rui Landed Men's Party Ankle Boots

Best for: Attending cocktail parties, weddings, or date nights. 

Star rating: 5 out of 5 (Amazon).

Color: Come in gold or black. 

Fit: Come in only regular sizes and not half sizes, so the fit could be off for some people. 

Comfort: More on the style side than the comfort side. 

Durability: Hold up because of the Seiko fine work put into these shoes. 

Value: The most careful craftsmanship makes these shoes highly valuable. 

The men’s Rui Landed Party Ankle Boots are the best monk strap shoe option for displaying noble British style. You will feel more dapper when wearing these shoes because the snakeskin design works well for formal or casual events.

Even though they don’t mention a comfort feature in the product list, the shoes look so great we have an inkling that detail won’t be an issue for many. 


  • A high ankle design is great for keeping warm in the winter. 
  • Black can be accepted as casual for parties or formal for work. 
  • Stylish for all personal and formal gatherings. 


  • Gold option may not be accepted as a wearing option at work. 
  • More expensive than most brands mentioned here.  

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Moodeng Men`s Monk-Strap Loafer

Best Lightweight Monk Shoes

Moodeng Men's Leather Casual Shoes

Best for Shorter distance walks, working in the office, and attending banquets and parties. 

Star rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (Amazon).

Color: Come in 6 colors, including khaki, brown, and black. 

Fit: Lightweight shoes that are true to size improve the fit. 

Comfort: Being made with cow leather enhances the comfort level because of its lightweight features.  

Durability: Hand-stitched design reinforces durability. 

Value: The burnished finish integrates a higher value. 

Moodeng Leather Casual Shoes for men are the best lightweight double monk strap shoes. The classic design is great for casual and formal events with high-quality cow leather and rubber soles that make the shoe easy for walking, especially if you have a job in the city. 


  • Look professional without the heavy square heel of other monk strap shoes. 
  • Lightweight shoes that make you feel like you are wearing your favorite slippers at home. 


  • Not comfortable enough to walk long distances. 

Lethato Men's Wingtip Brogue Kiltie Monk Strap

Best Custom-Fit Monk Shoes

Lethato Men's Wingtip Brogue Kiltie Shoes

Best for Attending parties, interviews, and date nights. 

Star rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Color: Come in 3 colors, including brown, black, and navy. 

Fit: Wearing the shoes regularly will custom mold to your foot’s special shape for a better fit. 

Comfort: Can be worn for many hours, which means they’re made for comfort. 

Durability: TPR patch placed on the sole gives the shoe more grip to keep the shoes intact. 

Value: 100% handmade for quality craftsmanship and high value. 

Lethato Wingtip Brogue Kiltie shoes are the best custom-fit monk strap shoes. The insoles eventually mold to the unique shape of your foot as you repeatedly wear the shoe. This is great because some dress shoes do not do this, making for an uncomfortable fit. Hence, this feature makes the Lethato brand more valuable. 


  • The gold buckle makes the shoe look fancier. 
  • Hand-painted to give them a premium look.


  • The fringe makes them almost look like cowboy shoes. 

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Florsheim Men's Belfast Plain Toe Single Monk Oxford

Best Versatile Monk Shoes

Florsheim Men's Belfast Plain Toe Oxford Shoes

Best for: Any casual or formal gatherings or events. 

Star rating: 4.2 out of 5 (Amazon).

Color: Come in black and cognac.

Fit: True to size and breathable because of the leather linings. 

Comfort: Footbed is cushioned for long hours of comfortable wear. 

Durability: Hold up in all types of weather. 

Value: Since they are made of synthetic leather, the value is not as high. 

Florsheim manufactures the best versatile single monk strap shoes that are perfect for any occasion where you want to look good. The Belfast Plain Toe Oxford shoes’ design holds up in all types of weather; you can wear them year-round, to a winter wedding or for a job interview in the summer. Plus, the breathable leather linings keep your feet fresh no matter the season. 


  • Can be worn for long hours. 
  • Calfskin leather upper increases durability. 


  • Value is not as high because of the synthetic leather. 

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Anthony Veer Men's Roosevelt II Monk Strap

Best Craftsmanship Monk Shoes

Anthony Veer Men's Roosevelt II Leather Shoes

Best for: Looking professional at a job interview or semi-formal gathering. 

Star rating: 4.4 out of 5.

Color: Come in 6 colors, including brown, black, and even red tan. 

Fit: The fit is great because the shape remains intact for the long term. 

Comfort: Insole is lined with leather, so more long-lasting comfort. 

Durability: Retain their shape so that you can wear the shoes longer. 

Value: High-quality craftsmanship means great value. 

The Anthony Veer Roosevelt II Leather Shoes have the best craftsmanship for double monk strap shoes. Multiple features are combined to make this the best craftsmanship among the monk strap shoes we have selected.

The wooden heel is stacked along with a cork bed in the shoe’s middle sole. The shoes are also hand-stitched to reinforce quality craftsmanship. 


  • Imported design.
  • 100% leather. 
  • Constructed with Goodyear Welt. 


  • Soles are made of synthetic rubber. 
  • Certain color options cost more than others. 

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Are Monk Strap Shoes Professional & Comfortable? 

All the monk strap shoes featured on our list are professional and comfortable.

man wearing monk strap shoes

They are designed with both formal and informal settings in mind as well as your comfort.

When and Where to Wear Them

You can wear your monk strap shoes to formal events such as:

  • Work. 
  • After-work parties. 
  • Work meetings. 
  • Board meetings. 
  • Cocktail parties. 
  • Date nights

You can also wear them to informal events such as:

  • Birthday parties. 
  • Family dinners. 
  • Church. 
  • Other types of personal celebrations with family and friends. 

Final Thoughts

Monk strap shoes fit the bill for any professional or casual events that you wish to attend. 

If you want to have one of these shoes for work, be sure they are built for comfort and long-lasting wear.

And if you desire a shoe style that will grab attention at a party, pick your favorite pair from our list that impressed you the most.

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