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15 Best Men’s Fashion Rings to Elevate Your Style

The first rings were likely made about 5,000 years ago. Initially, people wore these pieces of simple jewelry to venerate the gods and show social status. But by the time the Ancient Egyptian civilization burst onto the scene, rings were worn for decoration and to show marital status.

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Nowadays, rings are worn for a wide variety of purposes and reasons. And while some guys may only don a wedding band during their lifetime, many men enjoy wearing fashion rings. These are attractive pieces of jewelry that can elevate your style and confidence.  

Our Shortlist: Best Men’s Fashion Rings

To find the best possible fashion ring, you’ll want to browse from among the available options until something grabs your eye. Fortunately, we’ve got a diverse selection of top picks that might suit your fancy.

Matthew Williams' Studded Ring Set

Best Ring Set

Are you looking for a matching ring set that can make your hands shimmer and sparkle? This four-ring set from Matthew Williams could be exactly what you’re looking for. Featuring a combination of silver and gold plating, these men’s fashion rings can elevate any man’s style.

John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Silver Band Ring

Best To Match Your Chain Necklaces

Do you enjoy wearing chain necklaces? If so, you might want this chain ring by John Hardy. Though it’s not made of chains, it features a chain design that goes well with chain necklaces and bracelets. 

Custom Engraved Men's Tungsten

Best for Personalized Engravings

Custom Men’s Tungsten & Titanium Ring is a perfect gift for just anyone who is looking for a special kind of gift.

Many rings arrive just the way they are, without any options to have them engraved or customized before purchase. 

Men that would instead write a message in the interior of their ring can struggle to find an appropriate option. However, this tungsten and titanium ring is customizable, making it a solid choice for engravings and personalized messages.

Medusa Ring

Best Classical Greek Style

This band boasts a classical Greek Men’s Medusa Ring style that’s rarely found in rings for guys. It’s probably one of the most unique men’s fashion rings we’ve ever seen. With a silver border and a gold-toned Medusa staring out, this ring makes a striking impression that you won’t soon forget.

Midnight Rose Collection Tungsten Wedding Band Ring

Best for Simple Elegance

When you need something simple yet elegant, the Midnight Rose Collection has you covered. This tungsten ring is a mix of jet black and bright gold, a self-complementing piece that’s sure to charm.

Sometimes, a heavy, gemstone-encrusted ring just isn’t the right accessory to make your look complete. 

Metal Masters Co. Tungsten Carbide Black Wedding Band Eternity Ring

Best Paired With Black Suits

The best men’s suits often come in black, and it’s a great idea to own at least one solid black ring to complement them. Metal Masters Co. Tungsten Carbide Black Ring carbide option is a startlingly dark shade of black, but it glimmers in the light thanks to its inlay or black cubic zirconia stones.

Silly Kings Jewelry Rose Gold Tungsten Wedding Ring

Best for A Great Wedding Band

Silly Kings Jewelry Rose Gold Tungsten Wedding Ring is an option worth exploring for your big day.

Getting married is one of the most momentous occasions in any person’s life. But if you’re unfamiliar with men’s wedding bands, choosing the best ring can be tricky. 

Still, this tungsten-and-gold option is an elegant option that’s bound to elevate your style and communicate your passion for your significant other. It’s a gold unique men’s ring with a little bit of a dark side.

Konstantino Men's Sterling Square Silver Pegasus Ring

Best for Equestrians

Whether you have Greek ancestry or you’re fond of horses, Konstantino Men’s Sterling Silver Pegasus Ring could be a fitting addition to your jewelry collection. It has a design that harkens back to ancient times but the durability that’s only matched by modern rings.

Heavy Solid Sterling Silver Wedding Band

Best for Tactile Guys

Hammered rings have a distinct artisan style, and this option from LANDA JEWEL Hammered Sterling Silver Ring is no exception. With a textured sterling silver exterior and a smooth, polished interior, this is an excellent choice for those that enjoy tactile pleasures. It’s also one of the heavier men’s silver rings.

Gucci Ghost Ring

Best for Men Who Love Fashion

Gucci is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. As such, men with discerning tastes may want to invest in this Gucci Ghost Ring. It might not be embedded with gemstones or plated with gold, but it screams style, fashion, and exceptional tastes.

Davis Sterling Silver Signet Ring

Best for Simple Styles

This cloudy white Men’s Classic Signet Ring looks like it is made of pure moonstone, even though it’s actually covered in luminous silver plating. Its simplicity makes it a smart everyday option, as well as a fantastic addition to any outfit.  

Men's Domed Band Ring

Best Ring for Tight Budgets

If you’re looking for budget-friendly men’s fashion rings you may want to check out this Men’s Domed Band Ring beauty from Nordstrom. It might not be the flashiest option, but it is simple, minimalistic, and neutral enough to pair with any ensemble. This ring could be the perfect fit for your fingers and your budget.

Ulan Moron Custom Engraved Rings

Best for Men With Rustic Styles

If you’re someone who enjoys working with your hands, you may appreciate this custom Ulan Moron Custom Wood Sleeve Ring. Combining natural elements to form something unique is the trademark of any crafter or artisan. It has a slightly rustic look that goes well with dress-downed styles, well-groomed beards, and roughed-up jeans.

Men's Geometric Band Ring

Best for Contemporary Styles

For men with a modern and minimalistic style, there’s this textured Men’s Geometric Band Ring. This ring looks like something created with a 3D printer and is a remarkable men’s ring that drips with undeniable style. However, its popularity can be a drawback, as this option is often on backorder.

Where to Wear Men’s Fashion Rings

You can wear men’s fashion rings anywhere and at any time. Men’s rings are currently in style, and they’re suitable for nearly any occasion. All you need to do is think of Harry Styles and rings to know that they’re in vogue right now.

That said, larger rings with several gemstones may be better suited to special events or parties. Smaller, more straightforward rings could be the better choice for everyday wear. That’s because hefty rings can be challenging to manage when performing manual tasks, such as washing the dishes.

Still, fashion rings are one of the essential pieces of men’s jewelry. Alongside innovative necklaces and watches, rings might be the things that complete your ensemble and add a little extra style and elegance to your look.

How to Wear Men’s Fashion Rings

Rings are definitely in fashion. In fact, many male celebrities and fashion icons wear rings regularly and we doubt there will come day when rings for men will be ruled out in the fashion world.

Men can wear fashionable rings any way they’d like. They can wear a single thumb ring or place multiple rings on each finger. The right amount of rings you should wear depends on your personal preferences, comfort level, and style.

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Naturally, the kinds of rings you choose can influence how you decide to wear them. The heavier and more ornate the ring, the more challenging it will be to pair with other rings. The more straightforward the ring, the less noticeable it’ll be.

Wear your self expression with pride and slide on as many rings as you like. Even if a large majority of guys opt for one to three rings daily – why not do what works for you and your personal style?

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