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6 of the Best Jackets for Men: From Essential to Indulgent

The right jacket can make a strong statement about a man’s style and character. Think Indiana Jones in rugged leather or James Bond in a lightweight sport coat. Even seasonal jackets to shield against the winter cold or spring chill can be more than merely functional. 

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best jacket for men

We review the best jackets for men and share tips on where to wear each one off and how to style it. Whether you want to replace a worn-out favorite or experiment outside of your comfort zone, we make it easy with our six quality picks. 

What Are the Best Jackets for Men?

We round up six of the best men’s jackets for all occasions. Find out what makes each one unique and how to show it off to its best advantage. 

winter best jacket for men

1. Men’s Winter Jacket – Wantdo Men’s Winter Coat

Winter coats don’t have to turn you into the Michelin man to keep you warm. This slim-fitting model by Wantdo contains polyester fiber to provide insulation without bulking the jacket out. 

There are 15 colors available, including attention-grabbers like fire engine red and arctic white. 

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Despite the loose fit, it’s appropriate for tough outdoor winter pursuits such as skiing, hiking, snowboarding, and more. It’s waterproof and equipped with a windproof buckle skirt, and it has five pockets in total!

This is the sort of flexible coat you can wear to a casual winter bonfire in your backyard or a long day hitting the slopes on your skis. If you’re not wearing it with sports gear, pair it with corduroy slacks and a pair of hiking boots. 

levis best jacket for men

2. Men’s Casual Jacket – Levi’s Washed Cotton Military Jacket

When we say casual jacket, you’re probably visualizing a hoodie that looks like it’s seen better days. However, you can opt for outerwear that looks appealing while remaining comfortable. 

This casual washed cotton military jacket by staple brand Levi should fit the bill. It comes in 10 colors to match most aesthetics: classic brown, olive, black, and even camouflage. 

Full disclaimer, it does have a zip-out jersey hoodie. However, the military-style and washed cotton keep it looking neat. You can dress up your gym outfit with this casual jacket, or wear it for everyday outings like trips to the grocery store, grabbing takeout, etc. 

It includes a sherpa lining to keep you cozy during the colder months, and practical pockets inside and out make it easy to carry your essentials. 

puffer best jacket for men

3. Men’s Designer Jacket – Tommy Hilfiger Puffer Jacket

Every man should invest in at least one designer jacket: you can either wear it all the time as your signature look or for special occasions like an outdoorsy first date. 

This trendy puffer coat by upscale brand Tommy Hilfiger is lightweight and stylish without being too flashy. It comes in over 50 colors and patterns to fit any style and preference, including camouflage (white and navy).

A standup collar and the small Tommy Hilfiger logo on the breast of the jacket make it fashionable enough to wear with dress shoes, slacks, and chemise, but not too formal that you can’t pair it with sneakers or a t-shirt. If you get it in a vivid shade (e.g. yellow, orange, or green), watch out that you don’t clash your shirt or sweater with it. 

It also comes with a drawstring bag for convenient storage. 

wrangler best jacket for men

4. Men’s Lightweight Jacket – Wrangler Authentics Quilted Flannel Jacket

Wrangler’s quilted flannel jacket can hold up to brisk weather but be wearable indoors without working up a sweat. You can pick from five flannel patterns, from traditional Biking Red to modern-looking Total Eclipse with Heather. 

You can wear this jacket on outings where you’ll be both indoors and outdoors, like a trip to a brewery or walk in the park with coffee later. The polyester padding will keep you cozy outdoors, and the flannel exterior can complete your look indoors. We recommend styling it with jeans and a plain, simple sweater for the best effect. Wear your favorite fashionable boots to dress it up. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t a substitute for a proper winter coat if the temperatures plummet below zero.

leather best jacket for men

5. Leather Jacket – FLAVOR Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Leather jackets are one item that will almost certainly never go out of style. This hip-length genuine leather jacket by FLAVOR looks slightly broken-in without being overly worn. It’s available in brown, black, and dark brown and comes with a removable zip-off hood. 

Regardless of what color you pick, leather jackets are best for that casual bad boy look. For an on-trend look, wear skinny jeans, a t-shirt (bonus points if it has your favorite band on it), and heavy motorcycle boots. You can make it your trademark look for almost any outing that isn’t formal. 

A total of seven pockets, internal and external, make this jacket practical as well as fashionable.

Although leather outerwear is rarely summer-friendly, this jacket can’t be worn all year: it has cotton filling and a polyester liner for extra warmth. 

fleece best jacket for men

6. Smart Casual Jacket – Columbia Mountain 2.0 Fleece Jacket

A smart casual jacket should be something comfy and laid back that won’t break your company’s dress code policy. At the same time, you should be able to wear it on top of dressier outfits (say, a date to a moderately fancy restaurant) and still look smart.

Columbia Sportswear presents this simple imitation-fleece jacket, available in 27 different patterns and colors. The flat colors (e.g., Collegiate Navy, Carnelian Red) are better if you’re after something that won’t clash with your workwear.

The simple cut of this casual jacket with a high collar can work equally well with your office dress shirt and shoes or a designer t-shirt and jeans. Avoid zipping up the collar all the way unless you want to go for a more laid-back look.

The soft polyester-fleece fabric is warming without being too suffocating. Two discreet zippered pockets are available for your phone, wallet, and keys.


We hope you’ve found the right outerwear to suit your style in our review of the best jackets for men. Before you invest in one, consider how and where you’ll be sporting it – you want to ensure it suits your style and won’t sit in your closet gathering dust. 

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