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Best Drop Crotch Pants for Men: Stylish, Comfortable & Trendy

Drop crotch pants are one of the more dramatic fashion trends for men. Sometimes controversial, you either love or hate these pants

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ONTTNO Loose Fit Stretchy Waist Pants
  • Relaxed fit
  • Machine washable
  • Versatile
Low-Crotch Sweatpants from H&M
  • Clean
  • Stylish
  • Ideal for lounging at home
COOFANDY Men’s Harem Pants
  • Relaxed
  • Breathable fabric
  • Moderate-high durability

In this review, we will walk you through our favorite picks featuring different styles, colors, and patterns to find your perfect pair.

Our Top Picks For Drop Crotch Pants

If you’re here, we’re assuming you love them as much as we do. So today we’ve gathered our favorite drop crotch pants to help you expand your wardrobe. 

INVACHI Slim Fit Mens Cotton Jogging Pants

Best Casual Drop Crotch Pants: INVACHI Slim Fit Cotton Low Crotch Sweatpants

Rating: ⅘ Stars

Fit: Relaxed to the knee, fitted below the knee

Comfort: Soft, relaxed fabric for a comfortable fit

Durability: Cotton construction with moderate durability

Value: Good value for the price

The INVACHI pants are the perfect everyday drop crotch pants. Made from soft fabric, they are incredibly comfortable. Additionally, these pants come with draw-string closure and a large selection of sizes.

Pros: Comes in a wide variety of sizes, versatile fit

Cons: Lower durability than linen or polyester options

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ONTTNO Men's Loose Stretchy Waist Casual Ankle Length Pants

Best Versatile Drop Crotch Pants: ONTTNO Loose Fit Stretchy Waist Pants

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Fit: Loose, fitted at the waist and ankle

Comfort: Extremely comfortable, loose fit

Durability: This cotton blend fabric is moderately durable

Value: Great value for the price

If you are looking for traditional drop crotch pants the OTTNO Loose Fit Stretchy Waist pants are for you. Whether you are going to the gym, to the bar, or lounging at home, you can wear these pants and look stylish.

Pros: Relaxed fit, machine washable, versatile

Cons: Limited color options

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Low-Crotch Sweatpants from H&M

Best Modern-Style Drop Crotch Pants: Low-Crotch Sweatpants from H&M

Rating: ⅗ Stars

Fit: Fitted, drawstring closure

Comfort: Soft, structured fabric

Durability: Moderate-Low durability

Value: A little expensive

If you want modern drop crotch pants, look no farther than the Low-Crotch Sweatpants from H&M. These sweatpants have simple, sleek lines and a simple drawstring closure. This comfortable design makes them ideal for lounging at home.

Pros: Clean, stylish design with many pockets

Cons: Less dramatic design, very fitted

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COOFANDY Men Hippie Harem Pants

Best Harem-Style Drop Crotch Pants: COOFANDY Men’s Harem Pants

Rating: ⅘ Stars

Fit: Very loose, fitted at waist and ankle

Comfort: Made from cotton-linen blend fabric for maximum comfort

Durability: Moderate-high durability

Value: High value for the price

These pants take a relaxed fit to a new level with tons of excess fabric pooling and draping along the legs. The dramatic design of these drop crotch harem pants makes it easy to put together a stylish drop crotch pants outfit.

Pros: Relaxed, breathable fabric

Cons: Limited size selection compared to others on this list

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virblatt - Harem Pants for Men

Best Dramatic Drop Crotch Pants: Virblatt Parachute Pants

Rating: ⅘ Stars

Fit: Extremely loose fit

Comfort: Made from cotton for a breathable wear

Durability: 100% cotton, moderate durability

Value: A little expensive

Do you want to add a little drama to your wardrobe? Look no farther than the virblatt Parachute Pants. These pants are truly eye-catching, with a large exterior pocket perfect for storing your phone and the lowest crotch on our list.

Pros: Dramatic design, comfortable fit

Cons: More expensive and less versatile than other pants

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LucMatton Men's Harem Pants

Best Performance Drop Crotch Pants: LucMatton Linen Harem Pants

Rating: ⅗ Stars

Fit: Relaxed fit

Comfort: Relaxed, breathable fabric for high comfort

Durability: Cotton-linen blend, moderate durability

Value: Affordable

If you want to make a statement with your drop crotch pants you need the LucMatton Men’s Linen Baggy Pants. These drop crotch pants are made in the harem style from very breathable fabric. The result is a super comfortable fit perfect for everyday wear.

Pros: Comfortable, machine washable

Cons: Loud patterns may not suit every style

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Low Crotch Joggers

Best Alternative Drop Crotch Pants: Hsumonre Low Crotch Harem Pants

Rating: ⅗ Stars

Fit: Moderate drop crotch, fitted over the calf

Comfort: Designed for dancing, super comfortable fit

Durability: Cotton-linen blend, moderate durability

Value: Affordable

For those looking for an alternative, stylish look, the Hsumonre Low Crotch Joggers are a must-have. These unique pants feature straps along the thighs and are fitted up through the calf, which gives them a distinctive look that makes a statement.

Pros: Unique design, comfortable for performance and everyday wear

Cons: Limited size and color options

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URBANJ Men's Stretch Twill Drop Crotch

Best Jean Drop Crotch Pants: URBANJ Men's Stretch Drop Crotch Pants

Rating: ⅘ Stars

Fit: Moderate drop crotch, fitted through the legs

Comfort: Stretch twill for a moderately comfortable fit

Durability: Cotton-linen blend, moderate durability

Value: Affordable

If you want everyday pants that happen to have a drop crotch, we recommend the URBANJ Stretch Twill Drop Crotch Pants. These jean-style pants are made from stretch twill, which combines the look of jeans with the relaxed fit of traditional harem pants.  

Pros: Jean-style makes them easy to wear

Cons: Not very dramatic design

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ASOS DESIGN oversized drop crotch pants

Best Cargo Drop Crotch Pants: ASOS DESIGN Oversized Drop Crotch Pants

Rating: ⅘ Stars

Fit: Oversized, fitted at waist and ankles

Comfort: Relaxed fit makes for super comfortable wear

Durability: Poly-blend with cotton for moderate durability

Value: Expensive

Cargo pants meet drop crotch pants from ASOS. These pants are the perfect choice for any man who wants functional pants with style. With a wide range of sizes, multiple pockets, and an oversized yet tapered design that’s bound to look great on any frame.

Pros: Easy to style, versatile sizing, machine washable

Cons: Expensive, difficult to dress up

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Gafeng Mens Yoga Capri Pants

Best Cargo Drop Crotch Pants: Gafeng Yoga Capri Pants

Rating: ⅘ Stars

Fit: Oversized, loose fit

Comfort: Cotton-blend for soft, comfortable construction

Durability: Moderately durable

Value: Affordable

Looking for summer pants with a drop crotch style? These capri pants from Gafeng are for you. With oversized pockets and a draw-string waist, these pants are the peak of summer comfort.

Pros: Light, breathable design, adjustable length

Cons: Limited sizing options

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Drop Crotch Pants – Story Behind the Trend

According to the Business of Fashion, the design for drop crotch pants comes from harem pants which grew in popularity in the west around the early 20th century. These unique, dramatic pants have been woven in and out of style ever since.

How Comfortable Are Drop Crotch Pants Exactly?

Man wearing drop crotch pants

The biggest appeal of drop crotch pants is easily their comfort. The loose fit combined with soft fabric makes these pants great for lounging away the day in.

How, When, & Where to Wear Drop Crotch Pants

The drop crotch pants of today are one of the trendiest pieces to have in your wardrobe and can be dressed up and down with ease. 

A simple t-shirt makes these pants great for everyday wear or lounging. Need to dress them up? Try a nice button-up shirt and suit jacket or vest. 

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in adding drop crotch pants to your wardrobe, we say go for it! Harem pants make looking stylish easy. On top of that, they are versatile, so no matter what your plans are, you can create a stylish drop crotch pants outfit.

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