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Best Winter Shirts for Men: A Warm Addition to Your Wardrobe

Although winter may not be everyone’s favorite season, it comes with plenty of opportunities to expand your fashion horizons.

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But what winter shirts for men are stylish and perfect for freezing temperatures? Where can you find the best winter shirts online? Keep reading to find out! 

The Best Warm Winter Shirts for Men: Our Shortlist

Here are some of our favorite fashionable warm shirts for men. 

Wrangler Authentics Men's Long Sleeve Fleece Shirt

Best Flannel Shirt

This flannel shirt is an excellent casual option available in many different prints and colors. Not only is it comfortable and cozy, but it’s also a fantastic staple piece for any wardrobe.

And if you live in a milder climate, it can double as a winter shirt jacket (similarly, opt for a dedicated flannel jacket if that’s more your style).

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Indera Men's Traditional Long Johns Thermal Shirt

Best Thermal Shirt

Every man needs solid undergarments to protect him in the winter, and this thermal shirt does the job.

It features waffle pockets that trap body heat and a soft cotton blend that feels good against the body. Layer other garments over it to stay warm all day. 

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Gildan Men's Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Long Sleeve T-shirt

Long-sleeved t-shirts are another cold-weather staple, so it’s best to stock up.

This Gildan’s version comes in several different colors, and it has a classic silhouette that favors any body type. You can wear it anywhere–to the office, to hang out with friends, or to hang out at home. 

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Pendleton, Long Sleeve Classic-fit Board Winter Shirt for Men

Best Wool Shirt

Wool is a timeless winter material, thanks to its ability to trap warmth, and we like Pendleton’s wool shirts.

The fabric is odor, stain, and water-resistant, and they’re excellent for layering. Though a bit of investment, it’s worth it–especially if you can snag one during a men’s winter clothes sale.  

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Gildan Men's Fleece Shirt

Best Fleece Shirt

When it comes to buying men’s winter clothes online, you can’t go wrong with this Gildan’s fleece shirt.

It’s a bit heavier than some of the other shirts on this list, and it plays nicely with pretty much every other garment in your wardrobe. 

Hanes Men's Beefy Long Sleeve Henley Shirt

Best Knit Shirt

Henley shirts are another excellent neutral, and you’ll find yourself reaching for this one from Hanes again and again.

Hanes’ henleys feature a durable construction that’s comfortable for all-day wear, whether you’re out with friends or dressing for casual Friday at the office.

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Wrangler Authentics Men's Long Sleeve Sherpa Lined Shirt Jacket

Best Sherpa Shirt

If you want to take your flannel shirt to the next level, a Sherpa version might be the answer.

This Wrangler Sherpa shirt features shearling lining for added warmth, and it’s amazingly versatile. You can wear it alone on warmer days or layer it with other pieces when things get cold. 

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Legendary Whitetails Men's Navigator Fleece Button Up Shirt

Best Fleece Button Up

We like fleece so much that we had to include a second fleece option.

This heavyweight button-up will keep you warm all winter long, and we like that it comes in several different colors and prints. No matter what you like, there’s an option to suit your style.

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Wrangler Men's Rugged Wear Unlined Denim Jacket

Best Denim Jacket

This denim jacket from Wrangler can be worn alone, or if you prefer, you can layer it with warmer pieces.

It comes in a few different washes, which work in a variety of settings and look good with practically any outfit. It’s also highly durable and warmer than other denim jackets. 

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Carhartt Men's Loose Fit Heavyweight Long-Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt

Best Work Shirt

Finally, if you’re looking for a shirt to keep you warm on the job, this option from Carhartt is excellent and durable.

These shirts are available in two fits, original and loose, and have no neck label to avoid scratching. 

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Men’s Winter Clothing Essentials

Now let’s take a look at a few other winter essentials. 


Some men worry that they can’t pull off a stylish turtleneck, but we’re here to tell you that you can. They look good on just about everybody, and they eliminate the need for a scarf while still keeping your neck warm. You won’t regret putting one in your winter rotation. 

Cashmere Sweaters

Casual winter wear is fantastic, but for some settings, a more mature cashmere sweater is a better choice. It’s an investment, but there’s a reason for the higher price tag. You won’t have to deal with itchy fabric or wrinkles, and you’ll love the soft feel and elegance of this piece. 

Wool Coats

Wool coats are the ultimate men’s winter fashion item. A well-tailored wool coat is sleek, stylish, and offers excellent protection against the elements. This timeless piece will never go out of style, so it’s worth investing in one. 


They’re easy to overlook, but a thin, lightweight vest looks amazing when paired with pretty much any of the winter shirts mentioned above. Not to mention, it adds a bit of extra warmth no matter where you are. 

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Materials That Keep You Warm

It’s vital to keep in mind that not all materials are created equal when it comes to warmth. Some do a much better job of keeping you comfortable in cold conditions without having to put on excessive layers. 

man wearing cool winter shirt

When shopping for winter clothing, these are the best materials for your winter wardrobe: 

  • Wool
  • Down
  • Nylon
  • Fleece
  • Polyester
  • Synthetic blends
  • Silk (when worn as an inner layer) 

Leather has always been a wardrobe staple, and you may already have a leather jacket in your closet.

winter trends

But this winter, we’re pushing the boundaries and seeing men’s leather pants making a splash among those bold enough to try them. 

Of course, leather pants aren’t for everyone. Puffer jackets have been popular for the past few years, and that shows no signs of changing this winter.

The same can be said for investing in quality knitwear, which continues to be on-trend. 

Final Thoughts

Cold weather can be a drag, but it also comes with plenty of opportunities to mix up our wardrobe.

This winter, take advantage of the cool weather to expand your style horizons with a daring new piece, or invest in some timeless capsule wardrobe staples like the different winter shirts for men that we have proposed.

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